Hydraulic Mining Excavators

Bucyrus HEX GmbH / Dortmund / Germany

Bucyrus HEX GmbH produces hydraulic mining excavators from 100 t operating weight with a 7m³ shovel up to the world's largest hydraulic mining excavator, the RH 400 with just under 1000 t operating weight and a 50m³ shovel.

These machines are mainly used by big surface mining companies to extract coal, gold, copper, platinum, diamonds, tar sands etc. but they are also employed in big quarries.
The hydraulic excavators work on all 5 continents in every climatic zone.
CODESYS is used in the PLC controlling the backup systems (lubrication, lighting, valve control).

More information on Bucyrus HEX under: www.terex-demag.com