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When renovating older buildings, the question always arises whether to improve their energy efficiency. This is particularly the case when renovating the building shell and replacing the heating system by increasingly using biomass instead of fossil fuels. Such considerations here are also increasingly including the different systems for using regenerative energies for electricity generation. However, smaller systems, such as for private homes are mostly only offered as stand-alone systems. As a result, the control systems of different manufacturers are distributed and their subsystems used independently of each other. In this respect, a consideration of the overall energy generation would offer clear benefits, both from an ecological and also from a financial perspective. as automotion AG is a company based in Bern, Switzerland, that has specialized in its Energy Technology business unit in developing automation solutions for the central plant and energy management of multiple systems. For many years the company has relied here on the systems and components of Eaton.


As system integrators, as automotion AG provides the full range of services from planning, development, project engineering, right through to mounting, startup and maintenance – even for large scale solar installations. "For us it‘s mainly a matter of achieving maximum efficiency for the particular application with the selected components," explains Martin Fröhlich, project manager and closed-loop control specialist at as automotion. However, renovation projects are often implemented in sections and over several years, not infrequently on account of the costs involved. Systems for using regenerative energy or alternative heating technologies are relatively new sectors in comparison. They are being further developed very quickly and have as yet had little standardization. "The protocols to the controller are therefore often proprietary," Martin Fröhlich explains and adds: "This is why we need an open controller solution that can utilize the different specialties of individual installation sections and is easy to expand for future applications."

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