General Overview

CODESYS - The complete Software Suite for Automation Technology

CODESYS is a software platform especially designed to fulfill the many different requirements of modern industrial automation projects. The IEC 61131-3 programming tool CODESYS Development System is the heart of CODESYS. It offers integrated, user-friendly solutions to support the user in developing his task.

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All you need for your automation task is fully integrated in CODESYS: the development system, the fieldbus and I/O configuration, the visualization, a motion control tool and much more. Even your own plug-ins!


You can fully adapt CODESYS to meet the requirements of your system using profiles, plug-ins, customized libraries, extensions, external libraries etc.!


You can embed CODESYS into virtually every system structure with interfaces to standards like OPC, to other automation technologies like FDT, with your own drivers!


Integrated compilers, object-oriented programming, 3D CNC interpolation, alarm management, add-ons from the IT world like UML or SVN integration are only a few of the many highlight features that make CODESYS a powerful, groundbreaking tool.


Freely select the CPU platform or the operating system for the controller you are developing.  Or the device type or device manufacturer for your new machine or plant.

For Device Manufacturers

Overview for Device Manufacturers

Do you manufacture programmable automation components?

Then you can profit from an IEC 61131-3 Development System your customers are well familiar with and like to work with. CODESYS is a development tool which has been especially designed to be connected to your devices. CODESYS will allow you to promptly market and competitively position your device in the market.
The development task, the communication and the device connection are divided up into different layers which you, as a device manufacturer, can take separate influence on: with customized  drivers, plug-in components, bus protocols and the like. CODESYS is a product you can adapt to best suit your needs without leaving the standard. You customer will love it!


Which CODESYS Version?

Today, the entire development, all product extensions and product innovations at 3S-Smart Software Solutions are based on CODESYS V3. However, many devices that are programmable with CODESYS V2.3 are being used daily.

To be prepared for modern machine concepts and future demands, CODESYS V3 was developed on a new technological basis and is the core of an extensive product portfolio. In addition to the established programming options, object-oriented programming (OOP) is supported as a programming option. This makes the CODESYS Development System the first programming tool that implements extensions to OOP according to the newest release of the IEC 6113-3. Furthermore, the entire CODESYS Development System is modular in design. For users, this means that they can integrate suitable plug-in components into the tool. Such components can be found e.g. in the CODESYS Store. Device manufacturers have the possibility to use the established editors, compilers or configurations to seamlessly extend their own, device-specific software.

The automation manufacturers deliver the CODESYS version fitting to your device. Devices that are based on CODESYS V2.3 cannot be programmed with CODESYS V3, due to the technological innovations mentioned above. CODESYS V2.3 will be maintained with bug fixing until end of 2019, future Windows versions will be supported until end of 2016.

In the following document, the functions and properties of both CODESYS versions are compared and elucidated shortly.

Comparison CODESYS V2.3 vs V3

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