CODESYS Users Conference Italy


Date: 13 June 2017


Via Zaccherini Alvisi, 16
40138 Bologna (Italy)
Tel: +39 (051) 3940311

Information and Contact:
CODESYS Italia Srl
Tel. +39-02-84253341


All presentations and product demonstrations are based on the most recent developments and features.


09.00 a.m.


approx. 05.00 p.m.



Participation fee:

Participation is free of charge.
Registration is mandatory!

The conference is aimed at giving CODESYS beginners a detailed overview of the functionality available, and at the same time showing experienced users an easier and faster approach for their automation tasks.


Agenda CODESYS Users Conference Italia 2017

  • Welcome and overview of the agenda

  • Accelerate your programming –
    with usability improvements in the CODESYS Development System

  • Visualization made easy –
    with new features and products for every aspect of CODESYS Visualization

  • Secure data exchange with the PLC –
    with encrypted communication in CODESYS

  • CODESYS Softmotion: how to handle a robot

  • Using CODESYS as a fieldbus gateway –
    with integrated protocol stacks for different platforms

  • Optimize application development –
    with tips and tricks from an experienced CODESYS programmer

  • CODESYS library POUs –
    according to the standardized behavior model of PLCopen

  • Planning with the CODESYS roadmap –
    Preview of planned products and features

Speakers CODESYS Users Conference Italia 2017

  • Antonio Perri
    Head of Sales, 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH

  • Davide Gallesi
    Managing Director, CODESYS Italia

  • Fabio Filipponi
    Product Manager, CODESYS Italia

  • Giandomenico Girardelli
    Senior Software Engineer, CODESYS Italia

  • Luca Strabla
    Senior Software Engineer, CODESYS Italia
Table Top Show

Table Top Show

The Conference will be accompanied by a Table Top Show, where devices programmable with CODESYS are shown.
If you are interested in displaying your products at the Table Top Show, please write an email to italia(at)

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