CODESYS is used around the globe. We now also offer our standard CODESYS trainings several times a year at various locations worldwide.

CODESYS V3 Intensive Training - USA 2020

The goal of this training is to give participants a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of CODESYS. It utilizes intensive hands-on learning techniques to combine basic and advanced modules into one 4-day training experience. After these classes you will be ready to bring the power of CODESYS to bear on your next industrial controls programming job.

CODESYS V3 Essentials Training - USA

This 2-day class is targeted for individuals who are new to CODESYS and need to get started with a good foundation. Through a mix of lectures and hands-on exercises, this training teaches the basics of the CODESYS Development System, the IEC 61131-3 languages, data structures, and debugging.


CODESYS V3 Softmotion Training - USA 2020

The goal of this 3-day class is to familiarize the participant with CODESYS SoftMotion. The training targets device manufacturers who want to build motion framework libraries or support their customers in building motion applications.

CODESYS Training V3 Essentials - Riga

The three-day training is intended to teach the participants the handling of the CODESYS V3 programming system, the interaction with a CODESYS V3 controller and the general creation of an application according to IEC61131-3. This training is aimed at beginners in the CODESYS world, but is also suitable for those who are changing from CODESYS V2.3.

CODESYS Training V3 Advanced - Riga 2020

The three-day training is intended to familiarize the participant with the CODESYS Object Oriented Programming language features according to the IEC61131-3 3rd edition and enable the creation of device-independent libraries with extensive documentation. The training targets device programmers, application developers, and software engineers in the automation industry.