CODESYS Training for Groups

We offer all Standard Training Courses for groups of max. 8 persons. Courses can be scheduled according to your needs at the CODESYS Group headquarters or at your premises.

You can select from the course modules available to assemble your individual training course.

Contact our CODESYS trainers to match training contents exactly to your special needs.

Typical duration of CODESYS training courses

Training course


CODESYS V2.3 Basic

2.5 days

CODESYS Training V3 Essentials

3 days

CODESYS Training V3 Advanced

3 days


2 days

CODESYS Training V3 Library Development & Documentation

1 day

CODESYS Training V3 Application Composer

1 day

CODESYS Training V3 SoftMotion

3 days

CODESYS Training V3 Visualization

3 days


1 day

CODESYS Training V2 to V3 Skill up

2.5 days


Please note:


  • Prices for training courses at the CODESYS Group headquarters include lunch and conference drinks.
  • Group training courses are quoted individually. All prices are subject to applicable VAT, shipping costs of training materials, and any additional costs incurred for duties or customs.
  • Travel costs for order fulfillment are reimbursed to the CODESYS Group.
  • Travel costs include the following:


    • Day of arrival and departure
    • Overnight stay / hotel
    • Travel costs (train, bus, taxi, rental car, mileage)
    • Flight costs
    • Miscellaneous (parking fee, car tolls, fuel, etc.)


  • We recommend that each training participant is provided with an individual PC.
  • Please provide a projector for your training (resolution at least 1200 x 800).