CODESYS Depictor

Creation of of three-dimensional scenes of machine or manufacturing processes

Integrated 3D Visualization

The CODESYS Depictor add-on allows for the depiction of three-dimensional scenes of machine or manufacturing processes directly in the CODESYS Development System. These depictions help developers and trainers understand functional dependencies directly in the CODESYS Development System. Moreover, they can be used as attractive presentation material.


  • Collection/animation of scenes in machine processes
  • Creation of scenes through „poses“ describing the position and orientation of the assigned 3D elements
  • Pool of basic 3D elements available such as boxes, profiles, cylinders
  • Import/use of complex 3D elements
  • Import formats: dae (COLLADA), 3ds (3D Studio 3D Scene), obj (wavefront), stl (stereo lithography or standard triangulation/tesselation language) and ply (polygon file format or Stanford Triangle Format)
  • Animation of scenes by means of rotation, translation, and scaling of elements depending on variable values of the IEC 61131-3 application
  • Convenient realization and preview of dependent movements
  • Numerous further setting options: colors, paths, camera positions and movements, lighting, bird's eye view, etc
  • Display in the CODESYS Development System

Typical Use Cases

  • As a functional study or for process optimization in machines/plants
  • Presentation material for project or sales meetings
  • For educational purposes and training courses


  • Easy handling for users of automation technology without knowledge of 3D design
  • Virtual function test of the real IEC 61131-3 application (contrary to 3D simulation tools no subsequent implementation of the function)
  • Attractive three-dimensional depiction for presentations and meetings
  • Ideal for the 3D visualization of complex CNC and robotics movements for example with CODESYS SoftMotion CNC+Robotics

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As of CODESYS V3.5 SP6, CODESYS Depictor can be seamlessly integrated in the CODESYS Development System. The integrated add-on tool can be purchased in the CODESYS Store. The free trial version (selection via license type) allows for the display of prepared Depictor objects (scenes).

To obtain the full version, a workstation license is necessary. Licensing is done via the CODESYS Key (USB dongle) or SoftContainer directly on the workstation PC.

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