CODESYS Development Services

Customer-specific software for the IEC 61131-3 programming system created by experienced developers, e.g. plug-ins, drivers, adaptations, libraries

We adapt CODESYS to your needs

CODESYS, customized for you: Decoupled from the main development process, we can adapt and extend the standard development system CODESYS to meet your specific requirements.


  • Many years of experience with different platforms (CPU, operating system, fieldbus etc.) – no training required on your side
  • Exact cost and time estimation based on considerable past experience
  • Customer-specific developments are easy to plan as the customization is decoupled from the main development process.
  • No impact on your internal project schedule
  • Realization also of very large development projects, for example projects requiring several man-months of effort
  • The project management and the overall responsibility lie with 3S-Smart Software Solutions.

Development services

  • Driver development:
    - For (field)bus support (e.g. adaptation of modified chip sets, protocol stacks etc.)
    - For fieldbus cards (customized/special cards)
    - For drive protocols (in particular for CODESYS SoftMotion)
  • Adaptation / adaptation support: 
    - Implementation of the CODESYS Control Runtime System on embedded systems
    - Implementation of the CODESYS WebVisu and the CODESYS TargetVisu on customer hardware
    - Adaptation to operating systems not available in our standard product portfolio (e.g. ThreadX, SMX, µCOS, INTEGRITY)
  • Customer-specific modification of products
    - e.g. CODESYS OPC Server, Download/Service Tool, PLCHandler
    - Branding of the Development System
    - Extensions in CODESYS V2.3
  • Creation/adaptation/extension of libraries
    - For fieldbus diagnostics
    - For system access
    - In combination with plug-ins for CODESYS V3
    - For communication protocols
    - For redundancy
  • Software tests with customer devices
    - The release tests for the customer-specific CODESYS versions are conducted at the manufacturers' premises.
    - Test resources sourced out
  • Plug-ins for the CODESYS Automation Platform
    - Special configurators and editors
    - Market-specific, industry-specific, customer-specific or application-specific add-on tools 
    - Integration of existing stand-alone applications