Release CODESYS V3.5 SP10

15. December 2016
CODESYS V3.5 SP10 was released and is now available for download in the CODESYS Store.

The new version is now available for download from the CODESYS Store.

OEM customers (device manufacturers who offer devices programmable with CODESYS) can download the corresponding release document from the CODESYS Customer Portal or get the release information (inlcuding release notes) in the CODESYS JIRA database.


Overview of the main features:


  • Security manager as central component for configuring the available security features of the runtime system
  • Easy management of self-signed or CA-signed X.509 certificates Encryption and signing of download and boot application
  • Library for establishing encrypted TLS connections from the application
  • Runtime system component for supporting hardware watchdogs for monitoring vital functions of the PLC, for example clock speeds, memory integrity, and status transitions
  • Improved network scan
  • Other detail improvements

CODESYS Engineering

  • New security screen for encrypting and signing applications, projects, and communication pathways
  • Device application: Faster development cycles (compile and download) by logical separation of global and application-specific IEC 61131-3 code
  • Numerous performance improvements
  • Crash recovery: Restore of CODESYS projects after a crash
  • Numerous improvements in the generators of the CODESYS Application Composer
  • Call tree view as supplement to the cross-reference list
  • Numerous improvements in the symbol configuration
  • Numerous scripting expansions

CODESYS Visualization

  • New product in the CODESYS Store: CODESYS HMI SL – remote visualization of different CODESYS PLCs (V3 / V2.3) on Windows PCs
  • Scrolling by means of swipe gestures inside of tables
  • Improvements in the alarm and recipe management
  • Performance improvements as well as numerous other details


  • Continuous Path (CP) – Interpolation on a path in robotics
  • Other PLCopen for MotionControl components (Part 4)

CODESYS Fieldbus

  • Export of device descriptions from the device repository
  • Different CAN protocol stacks parallel on one physical CANbus
  • New functions in CODESYS EtherCAT
  • Search function in the "Add device" dialog
  • New product: CODESYS PROFINET Device now with its own protocol stack as a CODESYS library
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