New license structure for CODESYS HMI SL

CODESYS HMI SL allows for the development of user interfaces for PCs or panel devices using CODESYS visualization. To do this, data from CODESYS V2 and V3 PLCs are used. New: A simplified license structure and more favorable prices when it comes to centralizing and displaying data from multiple controllers on a Windows-based computer, similar to a SCADA solution.

Overview of the essential features

  • Data collection of multiple CODESYS V2 and V3 PLCs in one system
  • Project-specific adaptations independent from the number of data points needed
  • Support of CODESYS WebVisu to display visualizations in an HTML5 browser
  • Engineering of the operator screens with standard CODESYS – the CODESYS Development System is available in the CODESYS Store free of charge

More details and download in the CODESYS Store: