CODESYS Control for IOT2000 SL

CODESYS meets Siemens: CODESYS Control for IOT2000 (Siemens)

For the first time, a Siemens device can be operated with a standard CODESYS product from the CODESYS Store. Install CODESYS Control for IoT2000 SL, engineer the device with standard CODESYS and benefit from all functions and fieldbuses available in CODESYS, such as EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT.

Overview of the essential features:

  • SoftPLC for SIEMENS IOT2000 devices as a CODESYS product, e.g. IOT2020 and IOT2040
  • Support of CODESYS WebVisu to display visualizations in an HTML5 browser
  • Comprehensive support of fieldbus systems including EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Profinet and Modbus
  • Integrated CODESYS OPC UA Server
  • Programmable with standard CODESYS – the CODESYS Development System is available in the CODESYS Store free of charge
  • Complete function range incl. access to add-on products in the CODESYS Store, such as CODESYS SVN, CODESYS Static Analysis or CODESYS Profiler
  • Support of numerous digital and analog in- and output modules from Wago

More details and download in the CODESYS Store: