Your fast way to a SIL2 controller with AurixTM MCUs

Kempten/Germany, January 2020: CODESYS PSP for Infineon TC29x allows device manufacturers to implement SIL2 safety controllers according to IEC 61508 much faster.

About 1,000 different, intelligent device platforms can be programmed with CODESYS. This makes CODESYS the market-leading IEC 61131-3 IDE, for example for ECUs, embedded controllers, gateways, or PLCs - especially for the automation of mobile machines.

For several years now, the CODESYS Group has been offering an additional product pre-certified according to IEC 61508 SIL2. Device manufacturers benefit considerably from this pre-certification. Numerous validated software extensions in the IDE or the runtime system further speed up the development and certification of safety controllers and safety ECUs.

The Platform Support Package (PSP) for the Service Pack 16 of CODESYS V3.5, which will be released in spring 2020, makes the implementation even faster and more effective: For the AurixTM TC29x microcontroller from Infineon, which is popular in the field of mobile machines, the safety extensions have been upgraded to a significantly higher implementation level. The entire runtime environment for the AurixTM platform has already been adapted and pre-certified in advance - including the interfaces for specific extensions or drivers from device manufacturers. This eliminates a major part of the effort required to implement and certify the runtime environment. As a consequence, ECUs and safety controllers implemented in this way provide a considerably faster time-to-market. Due to the multicore architecture of the microcontroller, even functional and safety applications can be processed in parallel on one CPU ("Compound PLC").

Optionally, the system supports CANopen or CANopen Safety as a safe fieldbus. Therefore, safe and non-safe devices can be configured and used simultaneously within one and the same network.


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