EtherCAT Update in CODESYS

Kempten/Germany, September 2019: The CODESYS Group extends diagnostics and further functions of the integrated EtherCAT solution in the market-leading IEC 61131-3 tool.

Manufacturers of automation devices and users of these devices benefit from the seamless integration of EtherCAT in the IEC 61131-3 automation software CODESYS. This allows for the development and commissioning of I/O systems or drives in parallel with PLC programming - without the need for external tools.

The functional scope of the integrated EtherCAT solution has been significantly extended: Users can now check communication, status, and configuration of the network employing general and EtherCAT-specific methods directly in the tool. Communication problems can be analyzed in detail on a special logger page. Information, for example on sporadic and self-healing faults, is displayed directly in the device tree. In the event of a fault, causes and solutions can thus be found more quickly. Another important feature: Users can now configure redundant EtherCAT networks in CODESYS. This means that no external tools are required for controller and cable redundancy.

Regular updates of the IEC 61131-3 platform also provide users with updates of the integrated EtherCAT solution. This also an advantage for users of the CODESYS SoftPLC systems as they all include the CODESYS EtherCAT integration.

CODESYS on the der sps Smart Production Solutions 2019 trade fair:

  • CODESYS Group: Hall 7 | Booth 570
  • EtherCAT Technology Group: Hall 5 | Booth 310

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