CODESYS Store: Simplified use and new Linux SoftPLC

Kempten/Germany, September 2018: CODESYS users can now employ additional components much more easily. New: A SoftPLC for Linux-based industrial PCs.

Soft PLCs, libraries, sample projects, and additional components for increasing productivity have been available for years for the market-leading IEC 61131-3 development system CODESYS. The central platform for these add-on products is the CODESYS Store, an "App Shop", which can be accessed directly from the IEC 61131-3 interface. About 70,000 users are registered, downloading thousands of free or chargeable add-on packages every month.
Until now, additional components for the CODESYS Development System had to be licensed or protected with a USB dongle. With the recent Service Pack 13 of CODESYS V3.5, this is no longer necessary. As of now, all CODESYS add-ons can also be licensed via software. CODESYS users thus no longer have to wait for the delivery of a dongle to benefit from the additional offer. Of course, licenses can still be deposited on a dongle when required: A sustainable administration of license keys, the transfer of licenses to other workstations and the encryption of CODESYS projects based on Wibu-CodeMeter technology can be carried out as before.
New in the CODESYS Store is a SoftPLC for Linux-based industrial PCs. Like the other available SoftPLC systems, CODESYS Control for Linux SL supports CODESYS Web visualization, includes an integrated OPC UA server and enables fieldbus communication with established systems, such as PROFIBUS, CANopen, EtherCAT, and PROFINET.

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