CODESYS: KNX integration for Raspberry Pi and other platforms

Kempten/Germany, January 2019: KNX can now be used via software in CODESYS-based building controllers such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone or IoT2000.

In industrial automation, CODESYS is the market-leading, manufacturer-independent development system according to the international standard IEC 61131-3. Powerful functions, such as developing logic, user interfaces, and data exchange, are the reason why this software is already used thousands of times in building automation, e.g. for intelligent control of temperature, lighting, and room climate. In addition, device and unit manufacturers implement the system as an application development interface for their devices, thus enabling users to exploit savings and optimization potential themselves.

The integration of KNX, presented for the first time at "Light+Building" 2018, is now available for device manufacturers as well as for users planning to implement powerful building control based on standard platforms. CODESYS is particularly suitable for this because the runtime system can be easily installed on different hardware platforms and subsequently extended by KNX. These can be intelligent Linux systems such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, IoT2000, or emPC A/iMX6, as well as the widely-used PFC100 / PFC200 platforms and standard PCs with Windows or Linux. After the installation of the runtime system, all the user has to do is download and install an add-on package for the CODESYS Development System. This package contains a configurator for I/O channels, a KNXnet/IP protocol stack, a data exchange function with the ETS5 configuration system, as well as the required plug-in for ETS5.

Alternatively, this plug-in can also be downloaded free of charge directly from the KNX web shop. A CODESYS-compatible device extended in this way acts as a KNX participant, can communicate with KNX I/Os, and can be configured immediately as a building control system.

Integrated data channels of the CODESYS controller are completely transferred to ETS5 and generate corresponding "associations" in the CODESYS runtime system. The input and output data used can be conveniently provided with intelligent logic functions in CODESYS. At the same time, users can transfer data into other bus protocols such as BACnet or OPC UA. Thanks to the Industry 4.0 features of the tool, the building automation can be easily connected with SmartFactory or SmartEnergy systems or extended by web-based services in building control.

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