CODESYS Automation Server live: At the fair and for evaluation

Kempten, November 2018: The CODESYS Automation Server, the Industry 4.0 platform for CODESYS-compatible devices, will be shown live for the first time to the general public at SPS IPC Drives 2018. At the same time, the evaluation phase for the server platform will start.

The market-leading, manufacturer-independent IEC 61131 software CODESYS is regarded as one of the most important software platforms in the industrial 4.0 environment. This is not only due to the wide distribution of the tool with an estimated 100,000 users worldwide. Many features from IT software engineering are seamlessly integrated, such as object-oriented programming, additional tools for methodical application development, connection to an online store, web visualization, and communication protocols such as OPC UA, https, or MQTT.

With the CODESYS Automation Server the CODESYS Group will launch the third fundamental product line complementing the well-established engineering and runtime products. As a cloud-based server, it will significantly simplify typical tasks for automation engineers and enable machine builders and operators to commission, secure, monitor, manage, exchange and update the employed control systems effortlessly. The web-based operation of the server can be carried out equally by stationary or mobile browsers.

After the presentation of the CODESYS Automation Server in May 2018, visitors to SPS IPC Drives 2018 can now experience live the benefits offered by the Industry 4.0 platform. At the CODESYS booth, various controllers from different manufacturers will be integrated and operated live.

At the same time, interested companies can register to participate in the evaluation phase, which starts at the end of 2018. The aim is to implement the experience gained and to release the CODESYS Automation Server for sale in summer 2019.

SPS IPC Drives, Hall 7, Booth 570