Accelerated development cycles with new CODESYS version

Kempten, November 2016: At the SPS IPC Drives exhibition, 3S-Smart Software Solutions presents a CODESYS service pack with attractive innovations for end users.

With CODESYS – the leading IEC 61131-3 system on the market – application developers create automation solutions of different degrees of complexity. Currently, PLC programs have increasingly large code sizes of several megabytes which result in longer compile and download times.


Coding an IEC 61131-3 program, compiling the application, downloading to the controller and testing it there can be time-consuming. The latest version of CODESYS significantly reduces the time required for such a development cycle. For this purpose, the makers of the development system introduce the "device application". This application includes code that typically does not change during programming, for example for I/O configuration, global variable lists, and project-specific libraries. Therefore, the actual user program is compiled and downloaded to the controller much faster than ever before. Moreover, the device application allows different users to simultaneously edit the user program and the visualization.


Many new improvements also help to save valuable development time, for example in the IEC 61131-3 editors or library management. With integrated language localization, CODESYS projects can be translated easily in different languages. CODESYS generates translation files in portable object format (*.po). Then, translation agencies can use standard tools to edit these texts into different target languages.


Communication between the CODESYS Development System and the controller can now be encrypted for securing user expertise and machine functionality. Encryption and signatures are also possible for the boot application and downloads. X.509 certificates used for this purpose are managed directly within CODESYS.


The visualization integrated in CODESYS also has a host of new elements and functionalities. With CODESYS HMI SL, the automation specialists in Kempten offer a new display variant for visualizations running in Windows. The simplified project engineering and linking to different controllers as data source allow for a wide range of use. Beginning December 2016, CODESYS HMI SL can be downloaded from the CODESYS Store and licensed directly within the development system.


3S-Smart Software Solutions presents all innovations at the SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Hall 7, Stand 750.


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