HMS Interfaces now supported by CODESYS

With the release of version of CODESYS Control Win SL, 3S-Smart Software Solutions now also supports the Ixxat-PC/CAN interfaces by HMS. So only the installation of the VCI-V4 driver is necessary to use all Ixxat interfaces under CODESYS.

With the new PC-CAN adapter Ixxat® simplyCAN, HMS Networks enables an easy and economical way to diagnose, configure and commission devices and systems on CAN. simplyCAN is easily integrated via a straightforward API without driver installation.

simplyCAN from HMS is a modern CAN adapter for mobile and stationary use with a galvanically isolated CAN High-Speed interface and a Sub-D9 CAN connection. simplyCAN is connected to the PC via USB 1.1 Full Speed and supports all standard CAN bit rates defined by CAN in Automation e.V. (CiA).

Under Windows 10 and Linux the adapter is automatically detected as a USB-COM port, requiring no driver installation to operate the hardware. Customer-specific applications based on the simplyCAN, e.g. for diagnosis, configuration or commissioning, can thus be used directly without a preceding driver installation.

Integration of simplyCAN into customer-specific programs can be done by using simple functions which are provided within a compact API. Supported programming languages are C, C# and Python.

In addition to the API, simplyCAN comes with a simple monitoring tool, which can be used for commissioning of the adapter as well as for displaying messages in raw format and for sending individual messages.

The easy commissioning without driver installation, along with an attractive price-performance ratio, make the simplyCAN the ideal basis for customer-specific tools used for diagnosis, configuration and commissioning of devices and systems with CAN connection.

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