CODESYS Group: Excellent prospects for 2019

After a successful business year 2018, the CODESYS Automation Server remains in the focus.

The CODESYS Group concluded the past business year extremely successfully with a sales increase of 21.6 %. More than one million licenses were purchased by customers all over the world in 2018 alone. 25 years after its market launch, CODESYS is thus further expanding its position as the most frequently used manufacturer-independent IEC 61131-3 development suite.

The CODESYS Store also saw an extremely favorable development. Almost 30,000 new customers registered in 2018 to get access to add-on products around CODESYS. With an annual turnover of more than one million Euro, the CODESYS Store has become an important marketplace for software products offered by the CODESYS Group and third parties.

The CODESYS makers have set themselves many goals for 2019. The CODESYS Automation Server, the third fundamental product line in the CODESYS portfolio, is scheduled for release by the end of the year. This cloud-based solution significantly simplifies typical automation tasks, including the administration of the controller landscape or the rolling out of application software with Industry 4.0 technologies.

In addition to this major innovative step, the focus this year is on the maintenance of core products. Numerous bug fixes and product improvements will make working with CODESYS even more efficient.

Another important milestone for 2019 is the completion of the building extension, which offers 800 m2 of space for 56 additional employees. The offices of the CODESYS Group's more than 160 employees had become quite crowded in recent years. The new building also features spacious meeting and recreation rooms including a roof terrace with a view of the Alps. At the beginning of April, the new building will be ready for the employees to move in.