CODESYS Users Conference Russia

Date and venue

Date and venue for the CODESYS Users Conference 2020 will be announced soon.

Information und contact:
Prolog Co.
Tel. +7-481-2-38-29-31

Agenda 2020

... coming soon!

Agenda 2019:

Welcome & company news
Igor Petrov / Dieter Hess

CODESYS V3.5 SP12, SP13 and SP14
Boris Schuster

CODESYS Compiler Technology: Multicore, new Profiler version and other new features
Dieter Hess

CODESYS Engineering: New features and their benefits
Boris Schuster

CODESYS Runtime Core: New features and road map, e.g. OPC UA, Device User Management
Mikhail Shvetsov

CODESYS Fieldbus / Communication: New fieldbus products & features and their benefits
Igor Petrov

CODESYS Visualization: Preview: Overlay and other new features
Maksim Sirotkin

CODESYS Support: Recent support cases and their solutions
Mikhail Shvetsov / Maksim Sirotkin / Igor Petrov

Quality assurance.
Testing and optimization of the application 

CODESYS Automation Server: Product demonstration, roadmap and outlook
Dieter Hess