Working in the CODESYS Group

CODESYS is the most widely used IEC 61131-3 programming tool in the automation industry. It covers classic control technology as well as modern Industry 4.0 and IIoT architectures.

Our customers include international companies, such as ABB, Robert Bosch, Schneider Electric, Hitachi, WAGO, and Festo. We work closely and cooperatively with many of them. After all, CODESYS has a strategic importance for them all.

Software development in the CODESYS Group

The heart of the CODESYS Group beats in software development.

We develop products that we design with a great deal of expertise, using state-of-the-art tools and hardware for development. To make our work even more efficient, we work in SCRUM teams.

Who are CODESYS developers?

Mainly computer scientists and engineers, but also mathematicians or talented career changers from every conceivable background.

What exactly does development work at CODESYS look like?

The broad CODESYS product portfolio results in a wide variety of development areas:

  • Modern programming tools, with graphical and textual editors, and configurators based on our own .NET/C# framework
  • Our own native code generators (compilers) for the most popular industrial CPU platforms: ARM/Cortex, x86, Power Architecture
  • Runtime system core with different functions: Communication, IT security, and multicore support
  • Implementation of the runtime system core on customer hardware with different operating systems, including Linux, Windows, VxWorks, and QNX
  • Hardware-oriented development of drivers or data exchange mechanisms
  • Integrated product landscape for graphical user interfaces (visualizations), consisting of editors and elements as well as the display of engineered user interfaces on different platforms, such as devices with integrated display or in any HTML5-capable web browser
  • Different communication standards for Industry 4.0 applications (MQTT, Web Client, and OPC UA) and classic bus communication (EtherCAT, PROFINET, or KNX)
  • Control of coordinated motion (CNC, robot) directly in the programming tool, including implementation of mathematical models for kinematics and transformations
  • Software for certified safety controllers, closely based on standards and requirements of relevant institutions
  • Documentation of all products and functions in the form of online help, whitepapers, and development documents
  • Development and execution of automated tests for quality assurance, partly with extensive hardware permutations
  • 1st and 2nd level support

The broad range makes it possible for employees to further develop their interests and skills individually. We support changing to other development areas and teams, such as sales or product management.

The people behind the CODESYS Group

So far, we've only talked about our developers. Of course, the CODESYS Group also has experts in organization, finance, marketing, and sales. Regardless of which team they work in, our employees are:

  • Clever minds with extraordinary skills in their respective fields who are looking for a challenge.
  • Teamplayers who know that they can solve even the most demanding tasks together with their colleagues.
  • Individuals who are confident enough to challenge what they have achieved in order to continuously improve processes and products.
  • People who enjoy going to work and doing their job with enthusiasm because they are proud of what they have achieved with and in their company.

Continue your development in the CODESYS Group

Would you like to accept technical responsibility? Or even responsibility for employees? Do you like traveling? Or do you prefer to develop software in peace and quiet?

Contact us. Together we will find the right job for you. A job that challenges you. A job that captivates you. A job that allows you to grow.

Ongoing staff training ensures your professional and personal development. As a special service, we offer weekly English, French, and Italian courses for employees.

Why it's just plain fun to work in the CODESYS Group

  • We are an independent and market-leading software manufacturer for automation technology. We decide for ourselves the direction that CODESYS should go. With high technological expertise and market knowledge. This is ensured by the exceptionally qualified employees of the CODESYS Group.
  • Transparency is not just a fancy word for us – it is one of our corporate pillars. Both of our CEOs are directly accessible for all our staff members and have cultivated a culture of open and direct communication.
  • Flat hierarchies also account for a direct and effective communication.
  • Everyone in our team is a unique individual and not just a number on the payroll assigned to a certain task. One of our annual highlights is our company summer party where we all get together with our families for an evening of food, fun, and music. Outdoor fans who enjoy exploring the mountains on their bikes or on cross country skis will always find enthusiastic companions for adventurous undertakings. Those more into rackets and team sports regularly come together to play badminton.
  • We want our employees to feel comfortable at work. So we also cater to their physical well-being by offering a warm lunch on Tuesdays through Thursdays in our luxurious bistro.
  • For good work, we offer our employees not only a good salary, but also attractive additional benefits as part of an offer to optimize remuneration, as well as a company pension scheme.
  • We believe that even desk junkies like us need some relaxation once in a while. Therefore, a professional physiotherapist drops by once per week to help shape us up again with a relaxing back massage. Our yoga team enjoys strengthening and mobilizing after a long working day.
  • People who work have to rest sometimes. For the power nap from time to time, we have set up a quiet room where our employees can revive body and mind.
  • We are all on a first-name basis. This means we are close enough to talk about our family or our plans for the next holiday but our relationship is always of a respectful and professional nature.
  • We want to accompany our employees through their different stages of life. Therefore, it has been perfectly normal practice for many years already that we offer our employees a workplace that fits their life plan. Together, we develop smart and sensible working time models that are oriented towards the individual needs of our employees and their families.