Why work at 3S-Smart Software Solutions?

It is not only the fact that we are a successful and sound company that has turned us into a very popular employer for more than 140 people. It's the many small things that add up and make working at 3S-Smart Software Solutions more than just a job.

  • As a manufacturer of a highly complex automation software we offer challenging tasks in all corporate fields combined with a modern, pleasant and well-equipped workplace.
  • Transparency is more than just a fancy word for us but one of our corporate pillars. Both our CEOs are directly accessible for all our staff members and have cultivated a culture of open and direct communication.
  • Flat hierarchies also account for a direct and effective communication.
  • We do not judge our employees by their qualification but by their performance. Employees who discover new interests in the course of time and would like to change to another area of work or another department are encouraged to voice their ideas and are supported in their plans. Our CEOs are always open to changes and new ideas.
  • Everyone in our team is a unique individual and not just a number on the payroll assigned to a certain task. One of our annual highlights is our company summer party where we all get together with our families for a day of food, fun and music. Outdoor fans who enjoy exploring the mountains on their bikes or on cross country skis will always find enthusiastic companions for adventurous undertakings. Those more into rackets and team sports regularly come together to play badminton. Employees willing to polish up their English, French or Italian can join the professional courses offered several times a week during the lunch breaks.
  • We want to accompany our employees through their different stages of life. Therefore, it has been perfectly normal practice for many years already that we offer our employees a workplace that fits their life plan. Together, we develop smart and sensible working time models that are oriented towards the individual needs of our employees and their families.
  • We want our employees to feel comfortable at work. So we also cater to their physical well-being by offering a warm lunch on Tuesdays through Thursdays in our luxurious bistro. As an additional benefit, we subsidize all of our employee meals.
  • We believe that even desk junkies like us need some relaxation once in a while. Therefore, a professional physiotherapist drops by once per week to help shape us up again with a relaxing back massage -- needless to say at a special rate.
  • We are all on a first-name basis. This means we are close enough to talk about our family or our plans for the next holiday but our relationship is always of a respectful and professional nature.
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