TREPEL high-performance aircraft tractors with emVIEW-Systems from Janz Tec

Janz Tec AG / Paderborn / Germany

TREPEL, the leading manufacturer in the cargo high loader market, introduced a new product line, the Challenger tractor. These new vehicles are able to handle pushback, maintenance towing and repositioning of any commercial aircraft, up to the new Airbus A380, and almost every military airplane. The Challenger fleet is designed to perform under tough working conditions as well as extreme climatic conditions. The ballasted version of Challenger 700 can handle weights up to 600 tons.

Instead of usual controls and instruments, the dashboard is equipped with a Janz Tec panel-PC. This is the main control center of the tractor and the display of all relevant data provided by the internal CAN bus. The project was started with an emVIEW-6T/A400, a compact, ARM-based panel PC with a 6.5’’ display. The decision to choose this system was primarily influenced by two factors: the full CAN support and the usage of the IEC 61131-3 SoftPLC CoDeSys V2.

Read the complete application report (PDF-1,5 MB)

A TREPEL aircraft tractor in action (YouTube video)

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