Mobile feed mixing plants from Th. Buschhoff GmbH & Co. KG with a Janz-sourced computer system

Janz Tec AG / Paderborn / Germany

In the agricultural market, the demands of grain and food processing, and automatic feed control are very varied and extremely demanding. Exact dispensing of feed formulations is essential for the safe feeding of domestic animals.

Th. Buschhoff GmbH & Co. is a company that has over 125 years of tradition as being a world leader in the manufacture of stationary and mobile feed mixing plants. Progressive customer requirements and the latest technology in food processing also require advanced control technology in this state-of-the-art mixing equipment.

In Paderborn-based Janz Tec AG, Buschhoff found not only a competent, well-known manufacturer of control systems, but also a company with product sustainability and expertise. At the Hannover agricultural machinery trade fair Agritechnica 2009, Buschhoff presented TOURMIX (TWINPOWER), its newest mobile feed mixing plant.

TOURMIX features a Janz-sourced computer system communicating with two displays installed in the vehicle. One 12.1“ touch-screen display is installed in the cab close to the driver to allow easy parameter setting at customer sites. From here, all control, service and maintenance work can be performed for the entire mixer. This information is also registered at the rear of the truck on an additional display, which makes the equipment extremely user-friendly.

Great care was taken in selecting and mounting the correct display for readability even in bright sunlight. This required the surface of the display to be especially treated with an anti-reflective coating.

CoDeSys - a soft PLC programming tool (IEC 61131-3) - was selected as the most convenient user interface, since this has proven ideal in similar applications.

A special feature is the presentation of two different display contents on the two monitors. This configuration was made possible by close cooperation with the Buschhoff staff. (...)

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