MOBA Safety Software for Aerial Work Platforms (DIN EN ISO 13849, PL d’, Kat.3)

MOBA Mobile Automation AG / Limburg / Germany

What is special about the MOBA Software Package is that it combines two components: the MOBA Safety Software which consists of a safe CoDeSys Operating System and a CoDeSys Safety Library and permanently monitors the working basket’s stability, maximum load and tilt and the so-called Comfort Software which the customer can program with CoDeSys. This way, every manufacturer can save and develop his own controlling know-how without having to invest in extensive safety software and a DIN EN ISO 13849 certification.  

Individual functionalities of the MOBA Safety Software are the monitoring of the load torque depending on the rotating tower’s position, the type of brace support and the installation slope, the monitoring of the maximum boom angle and the potential wind load, the monitoring of a safe brace support, of the basket load and the basket’s tilt; furthermore the provision of different operating modes, such as standard mode, tunnel ride, offset ride and emergency operation.
In case the MOBA Safety Software detects an error which affects the stability, a safety shutdown is carried out. Via the emergency operation the user can bring the basket passengers safely back to the ground. Movements in dangerous directions which could cause the aerial work platform to tilt over are locked by the Safety Software.

The platform manufacturer can safely parameterize the Safety Software with a MOBA tool especially designed for this purpose. Different platform types with different configurations can therefore easily be commissioned upon delivery.

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