MOBA Grader Control HBM MPC-210

MOBA Mobile Automation AG / Limburg / Germany

The system was designed directly upon customer requests. Standard components of the MOBA Platform and our customer-specific components were merged to form a unit. This way the project work, the programming and commissioning could be realized within the shortest time. Working with the HBM EP Grader has become easier, more ergonomic and more economic. HBM Graders are used for surface leveling and for preparing road beds.

Functional principle:
The hydraulics, the leveling and the gear unit are operated via two joysticks integrated in the arm-rests. This way the driver can comfortably carry out his main activities in a sitting position.

Different sensors can be selected for the main leveling functionality. The driver can perform a touchless ground scan, track the ground along a wire or “simply” follow the slope. A great advantage is the connection of the MOBA 3D control.

The system also collects, stores and displays data from the motor management.

The controller MPC-210 has been programmed with CODESYS 2.3.

The controller’s main tasks:

  •     Activating the hydraulics
  •     Reading the joystick signals
  •     Operating the HMIs
  •     Disturbance management and motor data management
  •     Gateway (J1939, CANopen, MOBA-CAN, PWM inputs)

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