Fully Automated Brochure & Book Binding

Sigloch Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG / Gerabronn / Germany

Sigloch Maschinenbau offers special machines for binding brochures and books. This ranges from gathering machines, adhesive binding machines, endpapering machines, to bookback gluing and back-lining machines, drying conveyors, nippers and ribbon inserting machines.

The automation is done by the modular controller XC200 from Moeller. Programming environment: CoDeSys. A Moeller XC200 is connected with several Xi/ON Remote I/O devices. Within the machine CANopen is applied to the communication of the field modules. The intelligent drives are connected via CANopen, too. The connection between PLC and operation unit as well as the connection of the machine is realized via Ethernet. The touch panels XVH300 and XV400 from Moeller are used for the human machine interface.

Controller XC200

  •     512 KB program memory, 256 KB data memory
  •     eight digital inputs
  •     six digital outputs
  •     optional two inputs as 50 kHz counter, two as interrupt inputs, one as Incremental input
  •     local extension of the controller by up to 15 XIOC-modules
  •     slot for MMC cards
  •     integrated battery backed real time clock
  •     up to 32 KB remanent data
  •     freely programmable RS232 interface
  •     CANopen fieldbus interface
  •     Ethernet interface
  •     OPC server
  •     integrated web server

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