Document Printing and Conveying Paths for book wholesaler

Kontron AG / Eching / Germany

KNV Kock, Neff & Volckmar is the largest book wholesaler in Germany with locations in Stuttgart and Cologne. They chose a compact control system from Kontron consisting of the ThinkIO DIN rail PC (as central computing unit), the modular Wago I/O system and the IEC 61131-3-compliant SoftPLC CoDeSys to control their document printing and conveying paths.

The main task of this solution is to optimize routes, delivery and time schedules at a very high data throughput. Here, the ThinkIO is not limited to controlling the printers, but also handles the container transport around the printing stations. The container transport must occur simultaneously with the printing of the documents. This requires, for example, verification of whether all documents were printed correctly, whether printing has finished before the commissioning container starts moving, checking the printer status, whether there is an interruption, whether a container is waiting in the buffer space, etc.
All this information is transmitted to the ThinkIO via sensors, scanners and adjacent controls.

Therefore, the essential requirements of the Linux-based Kontron control consisted of easy expandability with additional interfaces (e. g. for scanners), availability of USB ports in order to connect the printers, networkability (Ethernet) for communication with the main computer and with adjacent controls, as well as easy programmability.

  • decentralized intelligent controller "ThinkIO" (Linux based) from Kontron
  • Intel Pentium MXX compatible 266 MHz-Processor
  •  Modular I/O System from Wago
  • Watchdog-Timer
  • Programmable with the IEC 61131-3 tool CODESYS
  • Standard PC interface: USB, DVI analogue and digital, serial, LANnetworkability (Ethernet)

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