A Device That Never Sleeps

Eaton Electrical Sector EMEA / Morges / Swiss


"The Doner Robot": This was the name by which the SCR-Vg 2.1 fully automated doner kebab slicing robot gained its popularity far beyond the borders of Germany. The inventor of the robot is Duran Kabakyer, general manager of Alkadur RobotSystems GmbH, and the device was programmed by Günter Huyer from HuyerSolutions. "The Doner Robot" is controlled and operated via the XV102 touch panel from Eaton.


In doner takeaways things are usually hot in the true sense of the word: Orders are taken, pitta breads are prepared and in the meantime, the meat is cut in the heat of the doner grill. This is mostly done by hand with a knife or with an electric doner cutter. This brought Duran Kabakyer to the idea of developing a fully automated doner robot: "I have worked as a doner chef myself for many years, and was always annoyed at the fact that, although I have a sausage cutting machine and an electric dishwasher, there is no fully automated doner cutting device. I then came to the idea of developing this type of robot myself," Duran Kabakyer explained.(...)

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