Efficient energy management with the goQ-Controller!

Janz Tec AG / Paderborn / Germany

The goQ-Controller is a system regulator for modern heating technology and enables integrated energy management and monitoring of HVAC systems in buildings of all types. The controller and the software are based on the needs of equipment manufacturers, facility managers and OEM customers.

The hardware basis for the goQ-CONTROLLER is the Janz Tec AG emPC-A500. The CODESYS automation platform offers a high standard of flexibility and reliability with regard to hardware and software.

The goQ-CONTROLLER, in addition to the regulation processes based on IEC61131-3, comprises a variety of expanded system functions built upon the CODESYS development environment.

These functions enable the equipment to be highly configurable and flexible. The performance can be easily adjusted to each individual casing size using the flexible interface options. For example, in smaller buildings with up to ten closed loops, controllers like emPC-A500 can be used. In contrast, in larger buildings with a much higher number of closed loops, the same controller can be used with expanded interfaces without having to change the goQ-CONTROLLER's software.

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