Release Notes: CODESYS Visualization Support

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
VSPRT-158 Bug

Texlist, DownloadByApp: Not working in Linux environments

VSPRT-157 Bug

GlobalTextList: Link (F1) to Onlinehelp does not work

VSPRT-152 Bug

TextList: Text missing after project compare

VSPRT-135 Bug

Textlist: Error message when logging in due to an invalid file path

Duplicate [[GENERAL]] This issue duplicates VSPRT-128
VSPRT-133 Bug

Visu, Properties for Textlist element: within the 'Textlist' tab entries are not shown correctly, when using other then English as IDE language

VSPRT-128 Bug

Textlist: Download of local temp files can lead to access violation errors

VSPRT-126 Bug

Find: does not find comment within enumeration with text list support

VSPRT-125 Bug

SVG-Renderer: Update to SVGRenderer latest version (

VSPRT-123 Bug

TextList: Row not replaced with Import Replacement File

VSPRT-120 Improvement

TextList: Create command to only ex-/import one TextList

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue duplicates VSPRT-79
VSPRT-119 Bug

strange unexplained behavior for 'Export only text difference' in the text list menu command 'Import/Export'

VSPRT-106 Improvement

Visu, Textlist, hidden Export All Command per default

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The Textlist commands "Export All .txt Text List Files" and "Export All Unicode .txt Text List Files" are now hidden from the menu by default, because they aren't relevant to all users.
They are still available via Tools -> Customize command.
Note: These changes become effective once CDS-89209 has been resolved.
VSPRT-99 Bug

ImagePool: Deleting an imagepool does not remove all embedded images

VSPRT-79 Improvement

Option to export/import multiple selectable textlists into an editable, readable format f.e. CSV

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
When you open a text list, you can import/export with the command "Import/Export Text Lists" text lists in a readable .csv format, which can be used for the translation department. It is now also possible to select the text lists to be imported/exported.