Release Notes: CODESYS Visualization Support

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
VSPRT-108 Bug

Visu, Datasource: "attribute textlistenumeration is unknown" warning

VSPRT-104 Bug

Textlist: Import of exported textlist leads to 'The object GUID '0000... is not valid'

VSPRT-90 Improvement

Texlist, Imagepool: Backtick identifiers should be forbidden for object names

VSPRT-86 Epic

Seperate Imagepool and Textlist from Visualisation

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates VSPRT-82
Text lists can be used without the visualization.

Image pools cannot be used without the visualization, since we are not currently aware of any use case.
VSPRT-82 Bug

OPC UA Server: Events do not contain message unless a TargetVisu or WebVisu is in project

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
In the object properties of the alarmgroup textlist in the tab textlist the download by application option can be set. Than the textlists can be used in the application without visualization.

This will be the new default when the following issue is implemented.
VIS-3283 - Alarmmanagement: Textlists for the alarmmanagement should be initialized with the option DownloadByApplication as default

For all text lists
- below Application
- POUs
- Libraries where the Download by Application option is set, these are downloaded via the TextList plugin. After that the texts can be accessed in the application using TextList Utils.

TLU.GetText(sTextList, sTextId, ADR(sText), SIZEOF(sText));
TLU.GetTextW(sTextList, sTextId, ADR(wsText), SIZEOF(wsText));

Important: The language must be set. e.g. "DynamicTextChangeLanguage('en');" to be able to access the texts. For the alarms this is relevant until the fix of VIS-3283 is available

This issue causes a little bit a changed behaviour: Textlist: Unicode character is not displayed as '?'
That issue will be fixed with VIS-3284.
The problem can only be solved with the Visualization Addon. Will be fixed with VIS shortly after VSPRT release.
An easy workaround is also to set the UTF8 Encoding in the compiler options.

Until the implementation of VIS-3590 within CODESYS Visualization, texlistst that are configured as "Download by Application" will not appear in the input assistant of visualization elements. Nevertheless, the names of the textlists can be entered manually.
This issue cannot be fixed in CODESYS Visualization Support. It will be fixed in the CODESYS Visualization by VIS-3590.
VSPRT-80 Bug

SVG-Renderer: Update to SVGRenderer latest version (