Release Notes: CODESYS Visualization

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
VIS-3805 Bug

Visu, Styles Editor: Assertion failed when moving style entries

VIS-3662 Bug

Visu: WebVisu EXCEPTION [AccessViolation]

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
VisuUtils should be used to open dialogs from the application.
However, the reported bug has been fixed.
VIS-3649 Bug

Visu: Possible exhaustive memory consumption with many textfield elements

VIS-3601 Improvement

HMI Project Wizard: Compile Options: Enable UTF8 Encoding for Strings for new projects by default

VIS-3599 Improvement

Visu, Alarm Configuration: Adding an Alarm Group should not create redundant Textlists

VIS-3595 Bug

Visu, Alarms: Exception with filtering and limited alarm storage size

VIS-3591 Improvement

Visu: SonarLint Migration to v7.x

VIS-3590 Improvement

Visu, Textlists: Input assistant should also display Textlists "downloaded by application"

VIS-3583 Bug

Visu, Alarmtable: Filter by latch (string) not working with active property handling

VIS-3581 Improvement

Support relative path in RepositoryLocations.ini

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The paths should be specified relative to the CODESYS root folder. Below this folder, all interface, plug-in, and system plug-in components, as well as profile descriptions, are installed.
VIS-3557 Improvement

Visu: Remove dependency to Installer Integration

VIS-3544 Bug

Visu, Datasources: Variables not released in Overlay mode

VIS-3518 Bug

Visu: Compile errors (SP20) when using XYCharts with arrays based on constants declared in FBs

The change has no impact on the application in terms of runtime.
It works correctly for SP19 (and earlier) and SP20.
VIS-3511 Bug

OnValueChanged will not be exectued if inside a Frame

VIS-3508 Bug

Using input option "OnValueChanged" cause PLC to crash

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue duplicates VIS-3355.
VIS-3504 Bug

Visu, Overlay, Combobox Array: Values are not displayed changed immediately if values changes externally

VIS-3449 Bug

Visu, Snapline of elements in groupbox

VIS-3435 Improvement

Visu: Performance optimization for integrated visualization regarding caching InputConfigurationImpl in online mode

VIS-3431 Bug

Visu, Combobox Integer, Textlist: Filtering missing text entries is not possible when the textlist comes from a variable

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
1. It is important that the textlist name is set correctly (this is not caseinsensitive).
2. The bug occured when the combobox and the textlist are in a library. This is fixed by this issue.
VIS-3430 Bug

Crashes to the desktop when running a project and opening a Visu live in Online Mode in the IDE

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
There is a problem in the provided project. A Function Block is not automatically instantiated, if it is declared in the declaration part of the ST editor. It must be called explicitly.
VIS-3429 Bug

Crashes to the desktop when running a project and opening a Visu live in Online Mode in the IDE

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue duplicates VIS-3430
VIS-3427 Improvement

Visu: Adjust project info in libraries (part 2)

VIS-3409 Improvement

Visu, Webvisu: Improve diagnosis (legacy)

VIS-3408 Bug

Visu: Touch-Performance worse than Mouse-Performance

VIS-3396 Bug

Visu, Overlay: For a static image the clipping is not considered

VIS-3365 Bug

Visu, LoginPage, Test: Webvisu test driver should support LoginPage

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue duplicates VIS-3202. The problem in the webvisu was fixed in the other issue.
VIS-3356 Bug

Visu: Some elements are not drawn in customer project

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The problem could not be reproduced and the navigation within the Visualization looked fine.
This fix only contains a very small fix of a unnecessary message in the device log that has no effect on the Visualization.
VIS-3355 Bug

OnValueChanged Event in Combo Box Integer causes exception

VIS-3343 Bug

Selection Manager: More than one selection rectangle in customer project

VIS-3329 Improvement

Visu: Possibility to set the Multitouch feature by default

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New targetsetting visualization\targetsupport\supports_multitouch introduced which can be set in the device description:
<ts:section name="visualization">
<ts:section name="targetsupport">
<ts:setting name="supports_multitouch" type="boolean" access="visible">
It requires Visu package version >=
VIS-3315 Bug

Selection Manager does not work with Combobox inside Frame

VIS-3314 Improvement

Visu: Better heap diagnostic in case of overwrite situations

VIS-3302 Bug

Targetvisu, Overlay: High load in certain customer project

VIS-3301 Improvement

Visu: Backtick identifiers should be forbidden for object names

VIS-3288 Improvement

VISU : Trend : Option to free trend handles after leaving the trend view

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The issue as originally described could no longer be reproduced.
Nevertheless the trend element in the visualization does keep file handles open by default to deliver the best possible performance when switching to according visualizations.
For PLCs that have problems with this behaviour due to a limited number of files that can be open in parallel,
the behaviour can be changed by adding to the device description
<ts:section name="trendrecording">

This new setting:
<ts:setting name="remove_notvisible_handle" type="integer" access="visible">

Using this targetsetting, the trend element in the visualization will close their file handles when the visualization containing the trend element is left. This modified behaviour allows to use more trend elements on such restricted devices than before. The file handles required for recording the trend data will be kept open independently of this targetsetting value.
VIS-3285 Bug

Table use a struct with ENUM with option template has compile error

VIS-3284 Improvement

Visu: Also the textlists with new option "DownloadByApplication" should be listet for dynamic text configuration

VIS-3283 Improvement

Alarmmanagement: Textlists for the alarmmanagement should be initialized with the option DownloadByApplication as default

VIS-3279 Bug

Visu, Histogram: Does not completely support backtick identifiers

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Bug cannot be reproduced with CODESYS V3.5.20.0.
VIS-3278 Bug

Visu, Table: Does not completely support backtick identifiers

VIS-3277 Bug

Visu, HTML5-Element: Does not completely support backtick identifiers

VIS-3241 Bug

Visu elements as Grouped elements are not grayed out when disabled

VIS-3240 Bug

Visu: As per manual with the placeholder %t[hh], we can display the time in 12-hour format (01-12) but indeed it is not 01-12 but 00-11

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Using the 12h format with e.g. %t[hh] the values are shown correct now. The hours range is 1 - 12.
VIS-3237 Bug

Visu: Input Assistant shows local variables of abstract function block marked with „conditionalshow_all_locals”

VIS-3232 Improvement

Visu, AppBasedLicences: Uniform naming for visualization tags

VIS-3229 Bug

Visu, ST Snippet Editor: Exception in Codesys when opening ST code in input configuration

VIS-3227 Bug

Visu, Targetvisu, Selection: Paint buffer can be overridden by SelectElement

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
With the new compiler define VISU_PAINTBUFFER_ASSERT there is an assertion when paint commands cannot be added to the paint buffer when it is busy.
VIS-3202 Bug

WebVisu: Browser does not display max nbr of vis clients with active user management

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
After a successful login using the login page, there is a check if the maximum number of clients has been reached.
In this case a according message is shown.
VIS-3201 Bug

Visu Editor, Snap lines, move element out of group, element jumps by one pixel

When moving elements out of group boxes with active snapping, unexpected snapping and therefore position adjustments by few pixels might occur. If disturbing, this can be prevented by disabling snapping by holding the ALT key while moving out of the groupbox.
VIS-3196 Bug

Visu, Utils: Fix RemoveAction behaviour

VIS-3180 Epic

Visu, Alarms: Possibility to define alarms to a functionblock in a library

VIS-3173 Epic

Visu: Provide an animation blink or pulse for visualization elements

First of all the blinking is only available within the CODESYS WebVisualization
VIS-3164 Bug

WebVisu: webvisualization stops working if you use a label with automatic pagination

VIS-3162 Improvement

Visu: Setup version

VIS-3161 Bug

Visu, Licensing: Variable counting also counts variables of visus, which are excluded from build

Cannot Reproduce
VIS-3157 Bug

Visu, Filetransfer: Wrong warning when overlay active

VIS-3151 Bug

Alarm Table: Property 'Invisible' does not work

VIS-3124 Bug

Visu, IV, ComboboxArray: Values in one column are not shown

Cannot Reproduce
VIS-3119 Bug

Not displayed visuelement if it comes from a library

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Unfortunately, the customer project was missing. With own created libraries and project according to the description the described case works as expected.
VIS-3008 Bug

Trend: Exception when monitoring properties

VIS-3006 Bug

Visu, Multitouch: In the customer project, in a special case, the visualization can no longer be operated on a touch device

VIS-2963 Improvement

Alarm Manager: Do not delete text in text list for existing IDs if message text is empty

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
As this suggested improvement does not solve the original customer problem, the issue will not be be fixed. Another improvement will resolve the situation in a more user-friendly way: VIS-3421
VIS-2961 Improvement

Add new target setting for maximum_number_of_visualization_clients

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There is a new targetsetting to limit the number of maximum visualization clients. Any value lower than the client limit will be accepted. There will be a compile error if a bigger one is configured.
Setting: visualization\\targetsupport\\maximum_number_of_visualization_clients_limit
VIS-2919 Improvement

Visu: The elementname should be available in the iec application

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The name of the element can be set in the property 'Element name' and must not begin with 'GenElemInst_'.
The 'GetElementName' method for obtaining the element name is in the 'VisuElems.IElementNameProvider' interface, which is derived from the 'VisuElems.IVisualElement' interface.
The interface 'VisuElems.IVisualElement' is e.g. passed into the variable 'IVE' during an 'Input' activity on the element or by instantiating an FB that implements the 'VisuElems.IValueChangedListener' interface.

If non default element names are used in existing visualizations, the amount of required memory of the visualization might increase a bit as each non default element name has to be downloaded and stored by the according visualization in order to provide it at need.
Of course this applies only if Web-, Target- or Remote Targetvisu are used.
VIS-2852 Bug

IECVisualization: "VisuFbFrameBase.SetInputPositionData: The element id for the input position cannot be determined"

VIS-2835 Improvement

Visu, HTML5 Controls: Accessing provided APIs should be possible in constructor

VIS-2774 Improvement

Visu: Upgrade requirements to SP18

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of VIS-1161
VIS-2758 Improvement

Datasource: Improve perfomance for arm devices

VIS-2653 Bug

Visu: Crash in webvisu on element with write variable input configuration on mouse leave

VIS-2543 Bug

Visu: Improve the dynamic memory allocation for specific project

VIS-2492 Bug

Visualizations are changed on load project if connected to a git repo

VIS-2046 Bug

Visu: Bad compile performance with many library visualizations

VIS-456 Improvement

Visu, Editor: An auxiliary line should be displayed when aligning the elements

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
This issue cannot be reproduced because the feature was already realized as VIS-2362 in CODESYS Visualization