Product: CODESYS Visualization

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
VIS-3182 Improvement

Visu, Webvisu: Support Internet Explorer

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Microsoft officially ended the support for Internet Explorer in 2022 (e.g. see https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/announcements/internet-explorer-11-end-of-support).
This also prevents testing the functionality of the CODESYS WebVisu in the Internet Explorer browser.
Therefore this issue will not be fixed and support of the CODESYS WebVisu within Internet Explorer can no longer be guaranteed.
The CODESYS WebVisu will be e.g. working in Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge. For a detailed list of browsers please have a look at the datasheet of the CODESYS WebVisualization.
VIS-3150 Bug

Visu: Elements in template with relative movement (resize of element) are not updated in a correct way

VIS-3139 Bug

Visu: Bad performance in offline visu editor with a lot of frames

VIS-3138 Bug

Visu, Combobox, Datetimepicker: PAADialog must be handled client specific

VIS-3131 Bug

Visu, Multitouch, Combobox Array: Touch move in the box area stops all input in overlay mode

VIS-3110 Improvement

Visu, ComboboxArray, IV: the values in the box should use the same format like the columns, also with template

VIS-3016 Bug

Visu, IntegratedVisu: Table type error despite correctly configured array types

VIS-3011 Bug

Visu: Offline painting is slow with a lot of frames when another element is moved

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates VIS-3139
VIS-3007 Bug

Visu, Multitouch: Credential fields not editable in Webvisu login page

VIS-3001 Bug

Visu, Switch frame per Slide: Close PAA-Dialogs when swiping to next frame

VIS-2991 Bug

Visu, Trend: In some cases a variable recording cannot be stopped by the record condition variable

VIS-2990 Bug

Visu, Switch frame per slide: Alarm table is shaking

VIS-2980 Bug

Visu, Overlay: In overlay mode the combobox gives a too large touch rectangle

VIS-2946 Bug

Visu: Statically rotated image rotates every time it is displayed

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates VIS-2606
VIS-2943 Bug

Visu, Overlay, Multitouch: Flickering in table without scrolling

VIS-2925 Bug

Visu, Overlay: Static image vanishes online when demo mode icon appears

VIS-2921 Bug

Visu: The offline painting must be improved.

VIS-2918 Bug

Visu, Webvisu, Multitouch: Touchscreen detection in webvisu not working

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix because there isn't a real use case for moving a webbrowser from a non-touchscreen to a touchscreen. Furthermore the touch detection in Chrome is not reliable enough.
VIS-2915 Improvement

Visu Element: Adding colour settings in the element creator

VIS-2914 Improvement

Visu: Localization improvements

VIS-2909 Bug

Visu, HTML5ControlEditor: No longer working in SP19

VIS-2896 Bug

Visu: Exception in VisuElemBase

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]] Project error, the call of VisuElems in PageVisu_Base.CallPrioLowStart must come from the VISU_TASK
VIS-2893 Bug

Unit Conversion: Adding methods from several Unit Conversions - FBs via Input Assistant to CFC or FBD/LD not possible

VIS-2874 Bug

Visu, VisuManager: Copying the device does not clone the visumanager correctly

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix, described behaviour is as intended. The overlay setting is set globally.
VIS-2873 Bug

Visu, AppBasedLicences: INDEX Variable for combobox array must not be counted

VIS-2872 Bug

Visu, Filetransfer: Activating dialog box leads to compile errors from code generation

VIS-2859 Bug

Visu, Filetransfer: Activate dialog box should provide no build errors

VIS-2857 Bug

Usability: Incompatibility leads to unclear error messages

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Libraries must be created with the minimum version of CODESYS with which they are then to be used in a project. This refers to CODESYS and all used addons.
VIS-2845 Bug

Visu, Targetvisu, Touchinput, XYChart: deactivated settings seem not to be evaluated correctly, pan and zoom can still be executed

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Using multi-touch, the concept of "panning" is "incorporated" into that of "zooming".
Using two fingers, both panning and zooming can be performed simultaneously.
So when we talk about "variable" we mean the zoom one.

The rectangle that is drawn with the mouse (or touch) to determine the zoom size must have a minimum size of 5 pixels to be valid.

Projects using "Target Visu", "Web Visu" with multi-touch, and the zoom enable variable may have to be adapted to the new mode.
This is due to the fact that now in "Web Visu" with multi-touch, the zoom is enabled by the variable.
VIS-2843 Bug

FindAndReplace: Exception occurs on executing find

VIS-2832 Bug

Visu, DateTimePicker: In a multitouch device the DateTimePicker crashes during entering a date

VIS-2827 Bug

Enum with Textlist Support generates Compiler error C0032

VIS-2824 Bug

Some images are not displayed

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Note: This "problem" only relates to some Toolbox visu images that were meant for internal use only. These images are not downloaded by the visu.

These images will no longer be suggested by intellisense or the input assistant anymore.
VIS-2823 Bug

Search, Find: 'Object reference not set...' error. when using 'Find All' or 'Find Next'

VIS-2810 Bug

Memory Leak with activated Overlay-Visu

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The problem could not be reproduced with Linux-ARM
VIS-2806 Bug

Project Compare: Differences shown in Visualization Manager, although it should not

VIS-2795 Epic

Visu, Frame-Interface: Possibility to get access to the coordinates of the parent frame element

VIS-2769 Bug

Visu, Button: Drawing issues with configured image

VIS-2768 Bug

Visu, Targetvisu, Button: Static image not drawn online

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates VIS-2824
VIS-2766 Bug

Visu: Exception when searching for visualizations

VIS-2765 Bug

Trend: Exception when selecting a variable for maximum value of Y-axis (Display Mode Fixed)

VIS-2763 Bug

Visu: Text input Ignores overlay and dialogs that are displayed on top of it

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue will not be fixed as the described behavior is as designed. Clicking beyond the dialog is possible in the project because the dialog is opened in a non modal manner. If this is not the intention of the customer, then the dialog must be opened in a modal way.
The idea of having a write variable configuration is to enter a value and therefore the according input box is displayed on top and thus even on top of the non modal dialog.
VIS-2755 Bug

Visu: Crash which comes from the frame GetVisuIndex during switching visualizations with several clients

VIS-2753 Bug

Visu, Combobox Array: Floating point format definition does not work in Integrated visu

VIS-2747 Bug

VISU: Corrupted database due to frequent pressing of a button

VIS-2745 Bug

Visu, Usermanagement: locked users are not automatically released again after the time lock.

"User lockout" behaviour is adjusted because it was unintuitive to the user.
- Permanent timeout: Users with "Permission to Change User Data" have a fixed lockout time of 10 minutes (info added to the GUI).
- Temporary lockout time: Applies to all users.

Users with "Permission to Change User Data" had a fixed lockout time of 10 minutes regardless if the permanent or temporary lockout options were configured.
VIS-2744 Improvement

Visu, HTML5-Controls: Coordinates should be available in constructor

VIS-2741 Bug

Warning on download if the svg images are converted to png

VIS-2712 Bug

Visu, XYChart: Overlapping curves are not updated

VIS-2687 Bug

Visu, TextListSupport: issue with text representation - only first symbol

VIS-2686 Bug

Visu: File transfer services not 100% compliant client to protocol

VIS-2684 Bug

Visu, HTML5 Controls: Color passing to HTML5 control not working

VIS-2680 Improvement

Visu, VisuUserMgmt Itfs: Add EditUser to the interface library

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Extended interface IVisuUserManagement4 with method EditUser
VIS-2672 Bug

Visu, Trend: it should be possible to clean reset the shown trend

Duplicate [[GENERAL]] Duplicates VIS-2479
VIS-2654 Bug

Alarm Manager: Event RaiseAlarm does not consider max. number of records

VIS-2652 Bug

Visu, Image: No image is shown offline when an image id variable is configured

VIS-2648 Bug

Visu Text Editor: Wrong file content after subsequent delete and save operations

VIS-2633 Bug

Visu, Overlay, WebVisu: In overlay mode a scrollable frame cannot be scrolled on child objects

VIS-2608 Improvement

Visu, Numpad/Keypad: Implement switching client input type in VisuUtils

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates VIS-2535
VIS-2607 Bug

Visu, Dialog, Combobox Array: Exception using array of a funciton block in combobox array

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue duplicates VIS-2530
VIS-2606 Bug

Visu, Overlay: A rotated image (.svg) is not displayed correctly

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
At the moment, rotated background elements that don’t use orthogonal angles might be drawn inexactly rotated by +/- 1 degree. If this should cause a problem, the background behavior of the element can be disabled by assigning a transient configuration value like “State variables -> Invisible := FALSE” in the properties and therefore getting the exactly rotated view of the element.
VIS-2601 Bug

Visu, Filetransfer: Deactivated dialog box should display a warning in legacy mode

VIS-2585 Bug

The touch input under the webvisu sometimes stops working with active overlay setting

VIS-2584 Bug

Dialogs above the XYChart cannot be operated with touch inputs if 'Open dialog modal' is not set

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The bug is fixed with VIS-2584 for the webvisu. To fix the bug for the targetvisu the runtime issue CDS-85792 must be implemented.
VIS-2581 Bug

Visu, XY Chart, multi client: Changes bleed into other ClientID

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
This new functionality is conditioned by a compilation define: GENERATE_XYCHART_MULTICLIENT

This feature works when the element XYChart is in a 'frame' and the frame is passed data from an array using 'CURRENTCLIENTID' as an index.

As this is a very special requirement, not all functionalities have been validated but only the "main" ones.
These features were not checked:
- overlapping of curves
- curve programming.
- zooming/panning
- some display features like "zero line" and "levels line".
VIS-2580 Bug

Visu: Fix newly appeared sonarqube error

VIS-2578 Bug

Visu, Input Configuration: window partitioning does not remain on next use

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates VIS-2414.
VIS-2561 Bug

Visu: Text property is no longer shown for vertical Iine element

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix, the expected behaviour is that the element should not draw beyond its bounds which are limited by its width and height. The background for this is that otherwise the evaluation of overlapping and moved elements is very hard to implement. With CDS-64468 in SP16 this was adjusted to have a uniform behaviour in all clients.

Furthermore if drawing text on a vertical line is desired as workaround an additonal Label or Rectangle element with a text can be used.
VIS-2556 Bug

Visu, overlay, performance: grouped elements are redrawn in each cycle

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
This item also fixed the bug that the deactivated state of the child elements was not updated in a group in overlay mode.
VIS-2553 Bug

Visu, Scrollbar: Possible visibility problem in dialogs using Overlay

VIS-2545 Bug

Visu, VisualizationCollector: It should be possible to find all visualizations

VIS-2535 Improvement

Visu, Keypad: Allow Switching input type during RunTime

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
This feature is only supported for input type "Default" within "Write a variable"

The following code can be used in an input action f.e. OnMouseDown "Execute ST-Code"

VU.Clients.Current.InputType := VU.VisuInputType.Keyboard;
VU.Clients.Current.InputType := VU.VisuInputType.Touchscreen;

to switch the input type during runtime.
VIS-2530 Bug

Visu: Exception in table element when selecting a data array

VIS-2495 Improvement

Visu: Implement app based licensing with software metrics which are checked during download

VIS-2486 Improvement

Visu, Text Alignment: Margin should be configurable for both sides

The text margin is now considered on all sides when auto line break is configured.
E.g. Text-Margin-Horizontal = 5 --> the minimum margin left and right is always 5
Without autoline break only the side of the alignment is considered.
VIS-2481 Bug

Visu, Refactoring: Histogram variable not refactored

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
To use the fix do the following:
- a change in the visualization with the histogram has to be done. E.g. move the element by one.
- then "Generate code".
VIS-2479 Bug

Visu, Trend: Clearing SQL data of a trend can lead to artifacts still being displayed

VIS-2477 Bug

Visu, Alarmtable: Text alignment in AlarmTable always centered

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
When inserting a new alarm table the problem will not occur anymore. For existing alarm tables the column can be reconfigured once as workaround.
VIS-2458 Bug

VISU: Text editor in visu does not work for large log files

VIS-2424 Bug

Visu, Html5 Controls: Cannot download HTML5DemoImage element because of wrong hash value

VIS-2423 Bug

Visu: opening the visualisation in a separate window in the editor leads to an exception when going online

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
This issue could not be reproduced with Visu 4.3 nor 4.4.
Apparently the exception is thrown from the integrated CEF browser, that isn't in use anymore since Visu 4.3. With the integrated WebView2 browser such a problem couldn't be seen.
VIS-2414 Improvement

remember (re-)size of Visu "input configuration" window

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The input configuration dialog remembers its position and size after closing.
VIS-2411 Bug

Visu, HTML5 Controls: CSS files not working due to CSP

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The Chrome browser allows using inline and dynamically created styles, like in the attached HTML5 elements.
In Firefox however, dynamically created style elements cannot be used due to its CSP. The only possibility is to use inline styles in this case.
VIS-2406 Bug

Visu: DropDownMenu is displayed as textfield

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
As the visualization style is selected in the Visualization Manager, there is no obvious way for deriving the effective visualization style when a visualization is located in the POUs section.
By default, CODESYS tries to find out the style by evaluating the visualization manager(s) in a project. In the given project there are several visualization managers using different styles and so no unambiguous derivation of a style is possible. In such a project, the style for POU visualizations can be configured in the Options: Tools -> Options -> Visualization styles
VIS-2398 Bug

Visu, Frame-Interface: Attribute 'parameterstringof' is not supported

VIS-2395 Bug

Visu: Undo does not change the property values

VIS-2383 Bug

Flickering font size when scrolling

VIS-2382 Improvement

Visu User Management: Extend example UserMgmtFromApplication for runtime based user management to modify/change/add/remove a user

VIS-2381 Bug

Visu, Trend: Only one trend recording when using interval based mode

VIS-2379 Improvement

Visu: Setup version

VIS-2373 Bug

Visu: Exception when searching

VIS-2362 Epic

Visu Editor: Support of snap lines to position elements against each other

VIS-2356 Bug

Visu, Overlay, Webbrowser: Multiple webbrowser elements/PDF not usable

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Not a problem with multiple Webbrowser elements, but URLs using placeholders like e.g. '$$PlcLogic$$//Application//help.pdf' are not supported. Actual issue was caused by an incorrect handling of the current language by CODESYS in the overlay visualization.
VIS-2351 Bug

Visu, Login visualization: login visualization crashes on PPC device

VIS-2349 Improvement

Visu, Tooltip: the look,font of the tooltip should be like the current used style

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
- Requires Visu Profile Version >=, TargetVisu will be supported with CDS-83311
- Following visu style entries can be used to customize the tooltip look:
<Font name="Tooltip-Font">
<Color name="Tooltip-Font-Color"></Color>
<Color name="Tooltip-Border-Color"></Color>
<Color name="Tooltip-Fill-Color"></Color>
<Value name="Tooltip-Border-Width" type="udint"></Value>
VIS-2348 Improvement

Visu: Update help links and support F1 in Style editor / HTML5 Control Editor

VIS-2251 Improvement

Update System.Data.SQLite to most recent version containing sqlite 3.40.0

VIS-2250 Improvement

Update WibuCmNet to latest version 7.51

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
This issue cannot be reproduced as there is no direct reference in source code to the mentioned components.
Indirect references (CodeMeter -> WibuCmNet) are hard to fix as these are based on the used SDK and the current distribution scheme of GAC components does not allow dedicated updates of parts.
VIS-2248 Bug

Visu, Table: Error "Array requires exactly 2 indexes"

Cannot Reproduce
VIS-2243 Bug

Visu, Alarm Table: Sort column selection not working as expected

Cannot Reproduce
VIS-2241 Bug

Assertion when assigning array from visu interface to table element

VIS-2229 Bug

Visu: OnValueChanged is not called in specific project

VIS-2228 Bug

Visu, Overlay, Online: Not correctly operable if zoomed

VIS-2227 Bug

Visu, HTML5-Controls: Show error message when installing a Html5 element with invalid paths

Cannot Reproduce
VIS-2223 Bug

Alarm Exception when alarm condition is a string compare

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
STRING and WSTRING variables cannot be used as triggers for an alarm. An error will be generated during compilation.
Since this error caused the application to be impossible to use, it is very likely that no client has ever used STRING variables, so there should be no compatibility problems
VIS-2214 Bug

After reset warm in simulation mode, client id not present or no longer valid

VIS-2208 Improvement

Visu: when copying Elements use already named by user names and add a counter

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Elements that are copied and pasted into the editor will have continous end numbers at their names.
Elements starting with "GenElemInst_" will get an increased number at the end.
All other element names will end with a unique number, if there are two with the same name.
VIS-2176 Bug

Visu, Trend: better placement of objects around trend

VIS-1993 Improvement

Visu, Frame-Interface: Possibility to get access to the coordinates of the parent frame element

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue duplicates VIS-2795
VIS-1966 Bug

Visu, Editor, Bitmap: Image disappears in editor when dynamic Bitmap Id is added

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
duplicates VIS-2652
VIS-1926 Epic

Visu, Frame: Slide to next frame visualization by pan or flick gesture

VIS-1909 Bug

Visu, XYChart: Exception messages shown when uses in Integrated Visu

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The visualization element XYChart is not supported by the integrated visu. An according warning will be displayed online.
VIS-1882 Bug

WebVisu Smartphone: When "support client animation" is activated, the smartphone keyboard is only displayed for a few seconds

VIS-1842 Bug

Alarms target settings - No historical view after some hour

VIS-1701 Improvement

Visu, Webvisu: Speedup login procedure

VIS-1571 Bug

Table: Error message despite correctly configured array types

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]] Won't fix, because project error (ambiguity between library and project)
VIS-795 Bug

Overlay, Library: It should be possible to activate overlay properties from a library

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Introduced a new setting in "Tools -> Options -> Visualization -> Global Settings" to activate or disable overlay properties for library visualizations. This setting is active by default.
VIS-660 Improvement

Visu, Refactoring: Reduce complexity of method HandleMouse in VisuEditor

VIS-323 Improvement

Trend: Limiting database by file size should be more or less exact