Release Notes: CODESYS Test Manager

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
TM-1362 Improvement

TestDrv, Monitoring: EvaluateExpression should be able to check against NaN

TM-1361 Bug

Library for IEC unit tests is not added automatically to projects

TM-1359 Bug

Change POU, Change Implementation: Curly brackets (e.g. compile pragmas) lead to error.

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot Reproduce: Curly brackets can be escaped by duplicating them, e.g. "{" -> "{{". This is however not described in the documentation, but will be fixed there.
TM-1354 Improvement

IEC Unit Test: Reduce stack footprint of assertion functions

TM-1352 Bug

Default Test Repository is created in an unsecure folder

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The "Default Test Repository" is now created under "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\CODESYS Test Manager\Test Repository\".
If there was already another Default Test Repository it won't be altered and another "Default Test Repository_1" will be created under "C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\CODESYS Test Manager\Test Repository\". This new location is considered more secure as it can only be write-accessed by the current user and not by any user on a system.

When choosing a location for productive repositories, you should also consider security aspects such as access rights.
TM-1348 Bug

Remote call may use wrong installer target

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Remote calls now have the possibility to specify an installer target that has to be used for the remote script.
TM-1340 Bug

Copy Commandline does not work with Installer target

TM-1335 Improvement

Log callstack of CODESYS when NullReferenceException occurs

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There's a new option for Test Manager that logs the callstack into the testreport, whenever a NullReferenceException occurs during the test run.
TM-1320 Improvement

Add PackageReference to Scripting in TestManager

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The Test Manager package will now implicitely install the Scripting package.
TM-1307 Epic

Switch to provider-agnostic licensing

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CODESYS Test Manager now uses the new "CODESYS License Provider" mechanism to obtain licenses. Existing licenses remain valid. The mechanism created the possibility for device manufacturers which use their own licensing system to integrate the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition into their systems. The following packages are required for proper functionality. If not using CODESYS Installer the user must install them manually:
* CODESYS License Provider (ID "CODESYS.LicenseProvider") or OEM equivalent
* CODESYS License Provider Enabler (ID "CODESYS.LicenseProviderEnabler") (mandatory)
* CODESYS Licensing Support (ID "CODESYS.Licensing.Support") (recommended)

This update requires minimum CODESYS V3.5.19.30.
TM-1291 Improvement

Update Newtonsoft.json to latest version 13.0.2

TM-1290 Improvement

Update System.Data.SQLite to most recent version containing sqlite 3.40.0