Release Notes: CODESYS SVN

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
SVN-1175 Bug

RepositoryBrowser: Objects inside a project can be renamed

SVN-1172 Bug

Remove PuTTY from SharpSVN bundle

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CODESYS SVN makes use of SharpSVN, which incorporates some sources of PuTTY into two contributing binaries (variants of PLink). With the CVE-2024-31497 affecting PuTTY itself we do not deliver these contributing binaries anymore. Since these were not used by CODESYS SVN anyway, this has no effect for product functionality.
SVN-1152 Bug

SVN: Unexpected error when opening specific project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce/Won't Fix: The project loads fine on several machines. Investigation showed, that the reporter's machine had a SVN configuration set, so that the ".svn" folder was expected to be named "_svn". This is a non-standard, unsupported configuration.
SVN-1151 Bug

Compare to base revision of added object fails with exception

SVN-1135 Bug

After renaming controller and commit some objects remain checked in commit window

SVN-1132 Bug

SVN: Content of meta.profile file is incorrectly changed

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix: This issue is an accident of SVN-914, which cannot be fixed without major rework, breaking compatibility. Since the issue does not occur unless in a corner case, we don't fix this. This issue will disappear with the new project compatibility paradigm to be incorporated with SVN-1006.
SVN-1127 Bug

SVN operations via scripting may fail because of missing license

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Fixed failing SVN operations in the scripting environment, because of missing license when a valid license is available.
SVN-1124 Bug

If a Project marked as Released, it cannote be saved, before remove released flag

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix: A project which gets marked as released, cannot be modified unless the released marking is removed. This is documented for the user by https://content.helpme-codesys.com/en/CODESYS%20Development%20System/_cds_obj_project_information.html and as designed.
SVN-1121 Improvement

ScriptDriver: Add connect_project to UnversionProject.

SVN-1120 Bug

Storageformat is not correct saved / committed with CODESYS update

Cannot Reproduce
SVN-1119 Improvement

Support UFC Feature for all PDE Add-ons: SVN

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix: Beginning with SVN version licensing strategy is subject to the ads-on "CODESYS License Provider", which supports UFC from version and newer.
SVN-1118 Bug

Single Object Commit with changed meta.profile does not trigger "Continue, I know what I'm doing"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]

Won't fix:
- to run into the issue, multiple hints and warnings have to be ignored
- any fix for the problem is highly prone to cause side effects
SVN-1107 Bug

SVN: Crash on Compare for non-versioned node

Fixed [[GENERAL]]

The command "Compare with head revision" is no longer available for objects with status "Added"
SVN-1092 Bug

Patch Protection Only failure leads to lost code

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce: Licensing of CODESYS SVN was changed to LicenseProvider with SVN, from there on neiter the CodeMeter GAC nor the PatchProtection code is used any more. Because of this, a missing PatchProtection does not prevent from execution SVN operations.
SVN-1090 Bug

SVN: Commit window shows locked files of other users

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix: All locks for all users are visible, this is as designed and corresponds to the behaviour of "svn status --show-updates". Changing this would make it harder to discover foreign locks (full information on locks is only available in the SVN Working Copy Explorer)
SVN-1082 Bug

Revert: Impossible to revert changes in project settings

The revert dialog for the command 'Revert project' now offers the option to revert the whole project. If this option is chosen, the possibility to select single objects is disabled.
The revert dialog for the command 'Revert' on single objects does not offer this option.
SVN-1079 Bug

SVN Working Copy Explorer: Foreign locks not shown

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The following changes were made to the working copy explorer:
* the command "Locks > Revalidate Locks" is always enabled, if svn is not in offline mode
* the columns "Lock" and "Lock comment" now show the lock info of remote locks, if available and no local lock exists
SVN-1071 Bug

Sporadic inconsistent SVN data when committing a project

Cannot Reproduce
SVN-1060 Bug

SVN Checkout sporadically causes IEC compile errors

SVN-1059 Bug

SVN: Copy and Paste of a long-char-folder-structure containing FBs leads to wrong Commit

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Fixed problem caused by long path in the work tree.
SVN-1058 Bug

SVN: Commit can lead to Update project in Online mode

While being online on a device no svn update is possible
SVN-1051 Bug

Child nodes are modified after steal lock recursively

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Steal lock recursively for an object now also cleans up remote locks of the object's children.
Additionally, there exists no selection verification hook for the relationship of an EtherCAT master and its IEC-Task. Therefore, the user has to steal the lock on the IEC-Task manually.
SVN-1026 Bug

Error on resolving a tree conflict using theirs

SVN-1022 Bug

Update SharpSvn to integrate security fixes in its dependencies

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CODESYS SVN now uses SharpSVN 1.14003.272.0, built against Subversion 1.14.3 and OpenSSL 3.0.13 (LTS).
SVN-1017 Improvement

Pending Changes View: Adjust Revert to SVN Revert Command

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't fix: implementations of 'Revert' for project and single objects match for menu command and 'Pending Changes' view
SVN-1016 Improvement

Pending Changes View: Adjust Update to SVN Update Command

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't fix: no difference between Update via 'Pending Changes' view and menu command
SVN-1015 Bug

Drag & Drop on itself sporadically deletes and re-adds object

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Accident by SVN-817
SVN-991 Bug

CODESYS crashes after selecting an entry in pending changes view

SVN-960 Bug

SVN Error in a loop after compare with revision window is canceled

SVN-921 Bug

Persist SVN_Version_Info option is not stored on SVN Import and can sometimes lead to an exception

SVN-919 Bug

SVN error when reconnecting to existing project with Persist SVN_Version_Info option

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Probably resolved with SVN-921
SVN-907 Bug

General axis pool cannot be inserted during svn update

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix: The algorithm to apply additions from the SVN working copy to the project cannot be extended to consider objects, that are implicitly created with addition of another object, such as fixed connectors. This systematic problem can only be fixed by substituting the complete synchronization algorithm, which we consider to high a risk.
SVN-896 Bug

SVN: Icons of custom toolbar are not displayed

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix: The visibility of CODESYS SVN's commands depends on several circumstances such as selection and current project state. Due to to high number of available SVN commands it's not feasible to always display all of them from a usability point of view. The current behaviour is as-designed.
SVN-894 Bug

SVN_VERSION_INFO: MaxRevision always shows HEAD revision of repository

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix: Changing the MINREVISION and MAXREVISION of SVN_VERSION_INFO will be a breaking change which we can't estimate the impact on customer projects are their respective usage of the object. For this reason this issue will not be dealt with.
SVN-885 Bug

SVN: Corrupted library after normal work in CODESYS

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix: Not enough information provided.
SVN-857 Bug

SVN Checkout Project contaning SVN externals fails

Cannot Reproduce
SVN-853 Bug

Pending Changes View contains cached modified objects from older project version

Cannot Reproduce
SVN-815 Bug

SVN: CODESYS crashes on "compare with head revision" on added POU

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce: The command no is disabled on added objects
SVN-757 Bug

SVN Working Copy Explorer: Unhandled Exception when updating selected nodes without a license

SVN-750 Bug

Repository Browser: opening the context menu for 2 objects leads to an exception

SVN-701 Bug

Automatic locking: Update option lacks selection verification hooks

SVN-666 Bug

Pending changes: Shows "offline" after opening a project

Cannot Reproduce
SVN-645 Bug

SVN: Authentication dialog doesn't appears as expected

Cannot Reproduce
SVN-571 Bug

Revert, Commit: Revert an added POU in the Commit dialog leads to assertion

SVN-570 Bug

Text of Revert conflict dialog truncated and not readable.

Cannot Reproduce
SVN-538 Bug

SVN error after delete and undo

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce, probably fixed with SVN-765.
SVN-515 Bug

SVN: InvalidObjectGuidException - Project cannot be committed or reverted.

Cannot Reproduce