Product: CODESYS SAE J1939

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
J1939-137 Bug

Precompile check causes slow project open performance

J1939-136 Improvement

Add Pg Dialog: Support hexadecimal PGNs

J1939-125 Improvement

Precompile Checks: Update immediately after changing a parameter group or signal.

J1939-124 Improvement

J1939: Usability Improvements for PG Editor when working without database

J1939-123 Bug

DBC Import: ParameterGroups with multiplexer signals lead to overlapping signals.

J1939-122 Improvement

J1939: Copy & Paste for PGs and Signals

J1939-121 Bug

J1939: Signals with same SPN and Name causes exception in PG editor.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Caused by CDS-72175
J1939-120 Bug

IoDrvJ1939: CheckSignalPosition is not working correctly for big endian signals.

Cannot Reproduce
J1939-119 Improvement

J1939 Implementation of improvement SIL2-1025

J1939-116 Improvement

J1939 Unsafe lib: Adapt according to J1939-115

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Already done!
J1939-115 Improvement

J1939 Safety: ParameterGroupNumber struct is difficult to use.

J1939-113 Bug

Arbitrary Address checkbox does not work anymore.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Caused by CDS-67512.
J1939-108 Improvement

J1939: Code review rework

J1939-107 Bug

IoDrvJ1939: Signal check does not detect signals with position > PG length.

J1939-106 Improvement

J1939: Adapt interface and library names

J1939-103 Improvement

Update CANbusDevice placeholder to

J1939-84 Improvement

Update System.Data.SQLite to most recent version containing sqlite 3.40.0

J1939-82 Improvement

Optimize I/O Performance

J1939-81 Bug

Exception when inserting custom signal

J1939-68 Bug

ParsePGN returns wrong P2P PGN

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For P2P messages the PDU specific field is the destination address. So it does not really matter for the PGN.
This is why ParseCANID sets PDU specific to 0 to get a normalized PGN. Then it's easier for comparing the PGN with the database because the database also sets PDU specific to 0.
Note: The destination address is a separate output of ParseCANID.
If CANID 16#C030A00 will be parsed by ParseCANID, dwPGN 16#300 (PDU specific set to 0) and destination address 16#A will be returned. This is as designed and cannot be changed.
J1939-66 Bug

J1939 TP.CM_CTS messages have the 5th byte set to 0 but should be FF

J1939-65 Bug

J1939 - TP.CM response messages are sent with the J1939 priority field set to 0

J1939-62 Improvement

J1939: Too much mailbox full log messages, if no slave connected with J1939

J1939-61 Improvement

J1939: Support Safety extensions - create CANdriverMockup for message transport chain autotest

Won't Fix
J1939-60 Improvement

J1939: Compile check for inconsistent ParameterGroups

J1939-57 Improvement

Support Error Passive and Autorecovery settings

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Already fixed with CANOPEN-46.
Use CANbus Device >=!
J1939-31 Bug

J1939: P2P and Broadcast messages are not working with dynamic addresses.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Not solvable in stack because source address and destination address which is set by the configurator is not unique. For this the stack would need the NAME to identify the ECU correctly. But this can't be configured in configurator.
J1939-25 Epic

J1939: Support Safety extensions

J1939-23 Improvement

DBC: Support importing of exponential notation

J1939-22 Bug

System.Data.Sqlite: Broken function if assembly is present in Windows Global Assembly Cache

J1939-17 Bug

P2P/Broadcast filter in Add Parametergroup dialog does not work anymore.

J1939-15 Bug

J1939: TP protocol does not work correctly for 64 bytes

J1939-13 Bug

Wrong "Invalid signal size" error message is shown in logger for big endian signals.

J1939-12 Improvement

Update System.Data.SQLite.Core to most recent version containing sqlite 3.35.5

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Due to the architecture of System.Data.SQLite only a single version can be used in an application. Due to incompatible changes between 1.0.113 and an update will cause problems in other plugins using SQLite.

Therefore, an update to will currently not be implemented.
J1939-11 Bug

J1939: ChangeAddress method does not work properly.

J1939-9 Improvement

J1939: Remove IoDrvUtilities Placeholder

J1939-6 Improvement

J1939: Remove IoDrvUtilities Placeholder

J1939-5 Bug

J1939: Local ECU goes into operational even if there is an address conflict detected.