Release Notes: CODESYS Redundancy

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
RDNCY-66 Bug

Redundancy : SFC FB - DataSyncAlways active leads to access violation (Passive)

RDNCY-52 Bug

Redundancy SFC FB DataSyncAlways leads to access violation after 12 cycles in passive controller

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
To change the created language model and activate the fix the plc device in the existing project must be updated (also same version possible) or the redundancy node must be removed and added again. With existing projects the created code is not changed until these steps.
If a new project is created then there is nothing to do as the new language model is automatically active.
RDNCY-45 Improvement

Improve usability of Redundancy Setting editor

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For reading and writing of the new settings also a new runtime is required which supports the services.
See CDS-84919
RDNCY-37 Bug

Redundancy Settings: InvalidSessionID

RDNCY-33 Bug

Reduncancy: Compile error if redundancy configuration is used in project

RDNCY-32 Bug

Redundancy Configuration: Editor is not shown

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Error is caused by exception in CODESYS essentials. The error was already fixed in version 3.5.18 Patch 4 and there is no possibility to change anything in redundancy module
-> Won't fix

Redundancy: Registered Area size not correct for persistent data

Due to changed language model a download is required if a persistent variables object is used in the project file and the persistant variables are used in redundancy. With the old code the calculated size could be wrong.
RDNCY-1 Improvement

Rdcy: Add library RedundancyDataTransfer to AddOn (Visu)