Release Notes: CODESYS Recipes

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
REC-130 Bug

Recipe definition with TOD and array does change and becomes BOOL

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates REC-117
REC-126 Bug

Minimum and maximum checks do not work for array of struct optimization

REC-125 Bug

With ReadAndSaveRecipe with several recipes and arrays, writing to the variables can occur.

REC-120 Improvement

Recipedefinition: Backtick identifiers should be forbidden for recipe definitions and recipes

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For RecipeDefinition objects, backtick Identifier like "`" are not allowed in the name.
For Recipes, characters like "`", "\", "/" and all invalid File Name characters (from System.IO) are not allowed.
REC-117 Bug

Data type handling TOD at Recipes are not handled correctly

REC-114 Bug

recipe manager: Inconsistencies when assigning recipe values (Customer Projects, one specific under linux RT)

REC-109 Bug

For the new recipe scripting python stubs for the documentation are necessary