Release Notes: CODESYS Recipes

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
REC-89 Bug

Recipe: Online Change updates wrong recipe

REC-88 Bug

Recipe: Recipe values are saved in a strange format

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue was already fixed with REC-12.
With the compiler define RECIPE_GENERATE_SIMPLE_STRINGREAL there is no hex number generation.
REC-87 Bug

Recipe Manager: Possible error 16#4006 after an online change

REC-84 Bug

Assertion failed exception when using 'Save current values to recipe' in Persistent Variables editor

REC-83 Bug

Recipe Management: Incompatible change of GetRecipeValues function leads returning less variable values than expected

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
GetRecipeValues from RecipeManCommands expects the length of one entry from the passed string array e.g. if it is STRING(100) then iStringLength := 100 should be passed. If it is expected that the passed length corresponds to SIZEOF then the new GetRecipeValuesSizeOf method should be used instead e.g. iSizeOfString := 101 in the same example.
REC-77 Improvement

ScriptEngine: Provide interfaces to create and edit recipe manager objects

REC-76 Improvement

Recipe: It should be possible to suppress the hexadecimal values from IDE

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Introducing in the application project the compile define
the F16# is not generated when Save recipe is called from the IDE
REC-73 Bug

Recipe: Structured view: Command "Add child" is not working

REC-65 Bug

Recipe: Error occurs, when trying to execute the command 'Update recipes from device' using absolute file paths

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue will not be fixed as there is no problem in the Recipes itself. The error message is caused by the runtime which prevents access to absolute paths by default. For more details see the following settings of the runtime system:
REC-64 Bug

Array ... of Array has compile error C0048

REC-62 Bug

Recipe: “Save recipe” with uninitialized REAL/LREAL variable values leads to error message

REC-61 Bug

Recipe: subrange type can't be add to recipe

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The subrange-borders will automatically be used as min- and max-values.

For a subrange with constant values, the constants will be resolved and literals are used for the min- and max-values.
REC-56 Bug

Issue when using 'Save current values to recipe' in Persistent Variables editor

REC-55 Bug

Recipe Definition: Adding a specific GVL with array of DUT needs several minutes

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The performance is now much better when an Array of Struct or Array of FB variable is added to a recipe definition.
Attention: When using a very large number of variables in a recipe definition (Array of Struct or Array of FB), no recipe should be created in CODESYS but should be created dynamically with recipeManCommands.CreateRecipe. Reason: Otherwise a big amount of code is generated which slows down the compilation.
REC-51 Bug

Static code analysis: compiler errors when using an empty 'recipe manager'