Release Notes: IIoT Libraries SL

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
IIOT-60 Improvement

IIoT Libraries SL: Change library and compatibility version to

IIOT-59 Improvement

Web Socket Client SL: Change library and compatibility version to

IIOT-58 Improvement

MQTT Client SL: Change library and compatibility version to

IIOT-55 Bug

Mail Service SL: IONOS provider is not working as expected

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced -> IONOS requires START TLS (in Server) and xStartTLS requires Net Base Services > V3.5.17.0
IIOT-54 Bug

IniFile: INI_Reader, INI_Writer: Wrong mapping from CBM.error.time_out to error.Time_Out

IIOT-50 Improvement

IIoT Libraries SL: Change company name in all libraries

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The company name of the libraries has been changed to 'CODESYS'. When upgrading to version, the old libraries (< must be removed via the Library Manager and the new libraries must be inserted.
IIOT-46 Bug

CSV: NewFile(): Error does not occur if you use a wrong filename

IIOT-33 Bug

MQTT V5: error handling is incorrect for some error messages

IIOT-32 Bug

MQTT: max topic level is one less as set

IIOT-31 Bug

SNTP: If INIT_Error in SNTPGetUTCTime no ip address can be changed

IIOT-29 Bug

CSV Utility SL: Wrong result if reading an element bigger than 32000 Byte

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
If element is bigger than Constants.gc_udiBufferSize, then error 'MAXIMUM_ELEMENT_SIZE_EXCEEDED' is thrown.
IIOT-27 Bug

MQTT Client SL: Retain Will Message not received

IIOT-26 Bug

MQTT: When MQTTClient is stopped an positive flag of xExecute must be required for MQTTPublish

IIOT-25 Bug

JSON Utilities SL: Missing call-after-init for license check

IIOT-24 Bug

MQTT: missing error if CorrelationData exceeds CorrelationDataSize limit

IIOT-13 Improvement

Remove empty translations from IIoT Libraries (de)

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The libs will be localized
IIOT-11 Improvement

CSV Utility SL: CSVReaderInit reset file handle after closing file

IIOT-1 Bug

Azure IoT Hub Client SL, Example project: Update device twin does not work