Release Notes: CODESYS Git

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
GIT-908 Bug

Toggling Git Licenses while using network license

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot Reproduce: After using CODESYS License Provider the behaviour could not be reproduced anymore (GIT-925)
GIT-877 Epic

Switch to provider-agnostic licensing

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CODESYS Git now uses the new "CODESYS License Provider" mechanism to obtain licenses. Existing licenses remain valid. The mechanism created the possibility for device manufacturers which use their own licensing system to integrate the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition into their systems. The following packages are required for proper functionality. If not using CODESYS Installer the user must install them manually:
* CODESYS License Provider (ID "CODESYS.LicenseProvider") or OEM equivalent
* CODESYS License Provider Enabler (ID "CODESYS.LicenseProviderEnabler") (mandatory)
* CODESYS Licensing Support (ID "CODESYS.Licensing.Support") (recommended)

This update requires minimum CODESYS V3.5.19.30.
GIT-710 Improvement

[Implementation] Enable deleting remote branches (git push --delete)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Added command "Git Remote Branch Delete" to allow the user deleting branches in a remote Git repository.
After deleting a remote branch, local branches do no longer track the remote branch, if they did this, before deleting the remote branch.
The command behaves like the Git command "git push --delete".