Release Notes: CODESYS Control for Raspberry PI

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
RTSL-2166 Bug

Raspberry Pi: compile error with SPI MCP3008_IO

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Accident caused by RTSL-1801
RTSL-2018 Bug

Raspberry PI: should be possible to run on RaspberryPI OS (Bookworm) lite & Bookworm

RTSL-2015 Bug

Linux X86/ARM/ARM64 SL: Update CodeMeter runtime to latest version 8.0

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Generic Linux SL products (Linux SL, Linux ARM SL, Linux ARM64 SL) are now shipped with codemeter-lite_8.0.5967.500
RTSL-2007 Improvement

Support Raspberry Pi5

RTSL-2005 Bug

CODESYSControl SL: cmact_license folder must not be created before runtime start

RTSL-2002 Bug

CODESYSControl for Raspberry PI SL: Raspi 64Bit broken container after (first) restart of runtime

Existing softcontainers (created with older runtime version) on "CODESYS Control for Raspberry PI 64 SL" cannot be used any more.
RTSL-1998 Improvement

Control SL: Clean the list of network license server on installation

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Default configuration of Wibu runtimes change. On default, the Wibu codemeter runtime does not scan for Wibu license servers with broadcasts
RTSL-1865 Improvement

CmpRtDiag - new command for show kernel info

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New PLCShell command "rt-get kernelinfo" to retrieve kernel information.
RTSL-1861 Improvement

Set dma latency setting for Linux based sl product by default

RTSL-1829 Improvement

CODESYSControl SL: reactivate License_Upgrade and Runtime_Upgrade Jenkins tests

RTSL-1816 Improvement

Update to SP19 P3 SDK

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
As SDK SP19 P6 is used in, no update to SP19 P3 is required.
RTSL-80 Improvement

Logger: all SL products should log ms