Release Notes: CODESYS Control SL Extension Package

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
RTSL-1846 Epic

Support DNP3 protocol

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
A set of linux based SL products now support DNP3 protocol:
CODESYS Control for Linux SL
CODESYS Control for Linux ARM SL
CODESYS Control for Linux ARM64 SL
RTSL-1801 Improvement

Rename vendor of RTSL libraries according to new rules from 3S to CODESYS

All linux sl product relevant libraries are changed to Author "CODESYS Development GmbH" and Company "CODESYS" in Version
RTSL-1789 Bug

Linux X86/ARM/ARM64 SL: Update CodeMeter to latest version 7.60c

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2023-10, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=17809&token=c3b4e3ec4956099de26f0c6caf194d1ba341040a&download=
RTSL-1776 Improvement

Update to SP19 P2 SDK

RTSL-1614 Improvement

CODESYSControl SL: reactivate License_Upgrade and Runtime_Upgrade Jenkins tests

RTSL-618 Improvement

CODESYS Control for Linux SL: Possibility to remove Softmotion General Axis Pool

Devices for CODESYS Control Linux ARM SL (ARM/ARM64) and Virtual Control SL dont ship with Softmotion General Axis Pool by default anymore. The Softmotion Axis Pool can be added via context menu "enable softmotion".