Release Notes: CODESYS Communication

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
COMM-724 Bug

IecSymbolPublishing: All BrowseNames have namespace index 0

COMM-719 Bug

IecSymbolPublishing: There is no typedefinition set for variables

COMM-709 Bug

DataSource: The reading of data is not performed using a different mapping.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The datasource within the project showing this problem is broken and it's not likely that many projects are suffering from a similar problem.
Therefore, such broken projects will not be fixed automatically. Instead the bugfix prevents that new such projects will be created. For datasources suffering from this problem, the easiest fix is to recreate the datasource.
COMM-707 Bug

New SymbolConfiguration: Exception while accessing a variable of packed structure (with pack_mode:1 attribute)

COMM-702 Bug

Comm, UA Server, IEC Symbol Set Editor: Exception when modifying Access Rights of Symbol Types

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Only the InvalidOperationException has been fixed

The 2nd problem cannot be fixed.
The editor uses a standard Windows control, whose behaviour considering the right mouse click cannot be changed (The Windows Explorer is also based on this control and has the same effect)
COMM-699 Bug

Symbol Set: Type from library is incorrectly displayed as not available

COMM-697 Bug

SymbolConfig: Variables get lost (unselected), after editing data type

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The symbol configuration object will be deprecated and only severe issues will be fixed. For the usage of symbol sets and OPC UA the new editors of the Communication Manager object should be used.
COMM-695 Bug

Datasources: Error on Update Variables with Enums and Arrays

COMM-676 Bug

OPC UA Symbols are not available when using boot project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
There are several bug fixes with Communication This issue cannot be reproduced using Codesys and Communication
COMM-673 Bug

Datasource: Dialog for configuration of opc ua datasource is sometimes to small

COMM-633 Bug

OPC UA Symbol Set: No uniform change of values for DUT

COMM-625 Bug

SymbolConfiguration: Exception while accessing a variable of packed structure (with pack_mode:1 attribute)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
A new error message is reported if a unaligned value is published in the symbolconfiguration on a device that does not support unaligned access to memory. The message has the pattern "Unaligned member <> of type <> cannot be published".
This error prevents the download of the potentially broken code, that might lead unpredicatable crashes of the controller.
Setting a application define "symbol_config_no_check_alignment" disables this check.
COMM-615 Bug

SymbolConfig, LicenseSoftwareMetric: License check slows down development system

COMM-609 Epic

Datasources: Types improvements

COMM-607 Bug

OPC UA Publishing: Structure with ALIAS as member can not be used. Leads to error message.

COMM-605 Bug

Symbol Set: If an array boundary is made with constant vars, this is not taken over in the symbol sets.

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates COMM-700
COMM-598 Bug

Symbol Configuration: GVLs are not displayed in the Editor if the name includes UTF-8 characters

COMM-596 Bug

OPC UA Symbol Set: some Datatypes (e.g. Util.YEAR) are not published correctly, BadDataUnavailable

COMM-580 Improvement

IecVarAccess, SymbolicVarsBase: Implement new API IecVarAccFindChildByName

COMM-546 Bug

Datasources, OPC UA Client: String is built up incorrectly

Cannot Reproduce
COMM-452 Bug

Information Model: Sorting of selected elements gets destroyed

COMM-430 Improvement

Datasources: Add support for enums in symbolic and application V3 datasource

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates COMM-609 Datasources: Types improvements
COMM-391 Bug

OPC UA Server (Communication Manager): Changing the AccessRights of the CommunicationManager doesn't show any changes

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates COMM-565