Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
CFC-143 Bug

CFC: Retains declared as VAR_INPUT CONSTANT RETAIN don't work

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
If a VAR_INPUT_CONSTANT in also decorated with the REATAIN Keyword, the CFC will now priorize retain values over the ones that can be defined within the "parameters" dialog.
This will require a CleanAll on existing projects to force generation of the new languagemodel.
If parameters with the additional RETAIN keyword are found the "Edit Parameters" Dialog will add a "(RETAIN)" to the comment of the parameter when opened.
CFC-136 Bug

CFC: __Initialize_Parameters_POU() not implicitly generated when FB is in a Library

CFC-133 Bug

CFC: Compile errors and Assertion Failed if CFC-parameter (VAR_INPUT CONSTANT) is used with encapsulation of FBs in a library

CFC-124 Improvement

Use nuget package for Newtonsoft.json and update to latest version 13.0.1

CFC-118 Bug

Refactoring: changing a variable in a GVL under the POU area are not included in derived elements

CFC-108 Bug

CFC: PLCOpen XML Export/Import is not working correctly for Enable In-/Output

CFC-107 Bug

CFC Page Oriented: Page Numbers above 100 not correctly displayed

CFC-106 Improvement

PLCopenXML CFC: Parameters list is not processed

CFC-105 Bug

CFC: incorrect visualization of instances in on-line mode

CFC-104 Bug

CFC: Wrong pins are inserted for derived FB

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Was CDS-48999.
Cannot be reproduced in
CFC-102 Improvement

CFC online view elements overlay functionblock

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
In CFC, new commands were added to collapse or expand individual or all of the watch boxes. The user can easily toggle the visibility and adjust the amount of displayed information without the need of re-arranging the watchboxes at all. Therefore, this issue will not be fixed.
CFC-98 Bug

CFC: The lines of bit outputs with the value TRUE are not displayed in blue

CFC-83 Bug

CFC: Connection between EN/ENO cannot be deleted

CFC-41 Improvement

CFC: Old non-shortened display of variables at input and output elements, only after user interaction