Release Notes: CODESYS Automation Server

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
CAS-3916 Bug

[WebApp] Status not shown correctly

CAS-3902 Bug

VisuOnly User Requires Permission on Gateway

CAS-3895 Improvement

Remove chm files from package

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The Online Help as chm file is no longer included. The help is available via the web base online help -> https://content.helpme-codesys.com/en/CODESYS%20Automation%20Server/_cas_start_page.html
CAS-3884 Bug

Analyzer stops working

CAS-3883 Bug

Username with umlaut not valid

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
User names with special characters can now be created.
CAS-3858 Improvement

Update to Angular v17

CAS-3852 Bug

[Server] kontron arm gateways not connecting after edgeapi restart

CAS-3849 Bug

[Server] Update device identification of edge after successfull connection

CAS-3845 Bug

[Server] Cached parameter values not always loaded immediately

CAS-3826 Bug

QR code unreadable for scanners when viewed in Outlook with dark mode enabled

CAS-3788 Improvement

Allow file transfer using Automation Server WebVisu

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
File transfer using the WebVisu over the Automation Server is now possible.
CAS-3729 Epic

Remote application control: reset, start, and stop

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
It is now possible to start, stop and reset applications on PLCs that are connected to the Automation Server by using the WebApp.