Release Notes: CODESYS V3.5 SP20

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Note
CDS-89143 Bug

Reset Warm on RTE MC ends in deadlock

CDS-89053 Bug

RTE: incorrect PN-CIFX-Communication with Wago Slave

CDS-89033 Bug

CmpOPCUAProviderIecVarAccess: Array of ENUM can not be written

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-86257
CDS-88995 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Installer to 2.2.2

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Updated CODESYS Installer to 2.2.2
CDS-88994 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Installer to 2.2.2

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-88995
CDS-88983 Bug

RTE: Control RTE SL license is not working on the UFC Container

RTE runtime licenses are working now on WIBU UFC container!
If you use an older RTE version, you can only use a runtime license on a legacy cmact container (firmcode=5000304)
CDS-88957 Improvement

[RTS OnlineHelp] Update and correct manual

CDS-88915 Bug

TargetVisu: Security issues in Qt versions before 6.6.2

CDS-88847 Bug

[Setup] Problems, if CodeMeter Runtime 8.0 is already installed

CDS-88841 Bug

Crash while display constant

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue is a duplicate of CDS-86008. The exception is fixed with a compile error in such a special case.
CDS-88808 Bug

OPC Server DA: Sporadic exceptions during heavy connection tests with Gateway V2.3

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The issue was caused by the Gateway client V2.3 and is not a bug in the CODESYS OPC Server DA. See LCDS-420.
CDS-88789 Bug

RTE: Control RTE MC SL license not working any more

CDS-88764 Bug

VISU: Exception when using a constant in visualization.

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue duplicates CDS-86008.
CDS-88747 Bug

CmpApp: Improve license exception logmessage if DevDesc or CDS compiler is too old

CDS-88728 Bug

[RTS Online Help]: Endless recursion occurred after entering a search text

CDS-88625 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Installer to 2.2.1

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Updated CODESYS Installer to 2.2.1
CDS-88574 Bug

PLCHandler: Linux: Disconnect blocks for several seconds when exiting old update threads

CDS-88569 Improvement

VxWorks - QS target - make runtime smaller for VxWorks-X86-PacDrive-02

CDS-88559 Bug

CLONE - Wrong Code for x64 codegenerator for try-catch statement with CONCAT

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-88522 Bug

CmpCodeMeter: AppBasedLicenses are not released if last application is deleted

CDS-88519 Bug

Device, Login: Display issue with Device User Logon dialog for different languages

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-88489 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: include "CmpOpenSSLInternal.h" missing in OpenSSLMultitasking.c

CDS-87864 Bug

Fast online change is not executed when adding call to existing function block instance

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
duplicates CDS-86340
CDS-87850 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: Endless loop creating key pair on Linux ARM targets

CDS-87837 Bug

SysTaskLinux: Add missing SysTaskSetDeleted in SysTaskEnd

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Wont fix as the original problem will be solved in PLCHandler.
CDS-87829 Bug

OPCUA memory leak when connecting <-> disconnecting

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The observed behavior is as expected. The OPC UA Server allocates some resources upon the first connect or extends them if many connections are needed. The memory is not freed up, because it is reused by the OPC UA Server on new connections.
CDS-87824 Improvement

RTE: Update Windows target platform version to Win10

CDS-87801 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack - update to BACstack V25.1.42.1

CDS-87800 Bug

StaticAnalysisManager: Running SAN on Application with Visualization leads to SAN messages from Visu Manager

CDS-87786 Improvement

3SLicense: set demo time for features to 2h and harmonize it with the runtime demo time

CDS-87779 Bug

DeviceRepository: stack overflow with new ESI file

CDS-87774 Bug

CmpOPCUAClient: Crash if Subscription is deleted before CreateMonitoredItemsResponse is received

CDS-87768 Bug

Localization: License overage message window contains a typo

CDS-87766 Improvement

CmpOPCUAStack: Sort types and functions according to usage

CDS-87758 Bug

Linux / Arm64: AccessViolation and exception during shutdown or reboot of system

CDS-87754 Bug

Security issues in CodeMeter versions before 8.0

CDS-87752 Bug

Linux: SysTaskLinux: SysTaskSuspend/Resume remove valgrind warning about not initialized variable sigvalue

CDS-87743 Improvement

CmpCodeMeter: Find and occupy matching featurecode by firmcode+productcode+featuremap

CDS-87742 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: Security issues in OpenSSL versions before 3.1.4

CDS-87739 Bug

SVG-Renderer: Update OSS to latest versions (libcurl 8.4.0, libjpeg-turbo 3.0.1, libxml2 2.12.1)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Updated libcurl.dll to version 8.4.0
Updated libxml2.dll to version 2.12.1
Updated libjpeg-turbo to 3.0.1
CDS-87728 Bug

Compiler: Null reference exception from locator if using method with any type

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-87716 Bug

BACnet: BACstack (2) server side read of Device.Active_Cov_Subscriptions (and eventually other internally generated) properties does fail with BACET_STATUS_BACNET_ERROR

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-87714 Improvement

Create API SysSockGetFQDN

CDS-87706 Bug

Compiler: Result of __MAXOFFSET might be incorrect

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-87684 Bug

Warning Failed to load compile info.... Unknown tag Case2

CDS-87682 Bug

Compiler: GVL with the same name, the same variable but different initialization value in lib and project

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This behaviour is as designed, names from the pool are shadowed by application libraries, to access values in the pool the __POOL Scope qualifier can be used.
CDS-87664 Improvement

SysSem: add enhanced lock debug feature (log output) for SysSemEnter

CDS-87652 Bug

TextEditors, SmartCoding: Insert with Namespace leads to insertion of two dots

CDS-87649 Improvement

Include Pragmastatements in white parse trees

CDS-87644 Bug

Wrong code with attribute 'pack_mode' and variable index access

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
- Compilerversion >=
- RiscFrontend PlugIn >=

See also RISCFE-26
CDS-87642 Bug

Nullreference exception in precompile

CDS-87641 Bug

Wrong location in information dialog for licensed software metrics

CDS-87639 Bug

Runtime docu: CmpBlkDrvItf: Settings are not exported

CDS-87637 Bug

DeviceObject: Changing PLC settings results in an unhandled exception of CODESYS

CDS-87636 Bug

VFTable and FPVariables might not be initialized with enabled multithreading

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-87619 Bug

CmpIecTask: Crash can occur because IecTaskDelete2() is called twice with RSMUtility.library

CDS-87612 Bug

Compiler: Calcucations with REFERENCE TO DATE not possible

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-87599 Improvement

Enable Legacy Cross Reference List to ask about visibility of nodes

CDS-87598 Bug

LibMan: If some libraries are added, not all placeholders can be resolved

CDS-87583 Improvement

CAA Device Diagnosis: Update company name

CDS-87581 Improvement

UDP: Update company name

CDS-87571 Improvement

Project Settings dialog: change checkbox text

CDS-87567 Improvement

Linux: SysSemLinux should provide a debug mechanism for hard semaphore locks

CDS-87564 Bug

IoDrvSafetySP: Driver cannot handle Unaligned IO-Data

CDS-87553 Bug

X86-64 codegeneration: Internal error with c++_compatible attribute and enum data type

CDS-87550 Bug

DeviceObject: ChannelMapping for Safety-Exchange Variables invalid

CDS-87546 Improvement

NetVarUdp: Change author

CDS-87541 Bug

IecTaskCreate: Possible access violation in self created IEC-Task

Fixed [[COMPATIBILITY_INFORMATION]] The members 'bResult' and 'bDummy1' of the struct 'IEC_CYCLE_STRUCT' in the system library 'CmpIecTask' have been removed. The members of this struct, which is used to set up the task entry function of an IEC task in IEC code, were never evaluated, so their use was pointless anyway.
CDS-87537 Bug

CODESYSControl with CodeMeter Embedded: CmAct folder is not accessible via filetransfer

This change only affects runtime products using CodeMeter Embedded for Wibu licensing.
The folder "cmact_licenses" containing all license information will now be visible in the root folder of the CODESYS filetransfer in order to simplify the access for backup and restore of the licenses.
The old invisible ".cmact_licenses" folder will be moved to "cmact_licenses" at startup of the new runtime.
CDS-87536 Bug

CmpX509CertItf: Unions are described as structure in itf description

CDS-87535 Improvement

3SLicense: rename vendor to "CODESYS"

CDS-87534 Improvement

StringUtils: Change author

CDS-87533 Improvement

SharedData Utilities for MultiCore: Change author and company

CDS-87532 Improvement

RSM Utility: Change author and company

CDS-87531 Improvement

CAA Net Base Services: Change author

CDS-87530 Improvement

Change author of CmpOPCUAProviderAlarmConfiguration to CODESYS Development GmbH

CDS-87528 Improvement

Package Manager: Resolve REPOSITORY_LOCATION from RepositoryLocations ini

CDS-87513 Bug

CmpCodeMeter: Possible memory leak on CmEmbedded

CDS-87511 Bug

IntelliSense inserts "." twice

CDS-87456 Bug

Compile error C0536

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
No local variables of methods are allowed to be used for the initialization of instance variables. The variables are not known in the scope of the function block or the FB_INIT method but only within the method itself. This also applies to constants that are defined in methods.
=> Won't fix
CDS-87454 Bug

DeviceObject: creating task mapping list takes a long time

CDS-87453 Bug

Support rebranded libraries in unbound placeholder resolution

CDS-87443 Bug

FB in persistent memory leads to asymmetric calls of FB_Init/FB_Exit

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-87427
CDS-87436 Bug

Missing checkboxes in Project Information dialog

CDS-87434 Bug

Linux / SysEthernet: Global Tap device closed when any raw ethernet port is closed

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
It is now possible to configure which network adapter should be used for EoE communication through the setting


It not set, the first ethernet adapter will enable EoE, the last one disables it.
CDS-87429 Bug

NullReference Exeption LoadLiteral(...)

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-86612
CDS-87427 Bug

Call of FB_Exit for Retain FB Instance in Reset Warm

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The compiler will now produce a new warning if an FB_Exit is to be called on a function block instance in retain memory.
A fix of the problem would need a new FB_Exit with a parameter bExitRetain similar to the parameter of FB_Init and changes in the runtime to call the exit function with the correct parameter values. Such a change is not planned at the moment.
CDS-87409 Bug

CmpFileTransferSrv: FileTransferServiceHandler() doesn't handle result of BTagWriterFinish()

CDS-87408 Bug

CmpOPCUAStack Implementation: All functions have set the property "Link always"

CDS-87407 Improvement

Engine, AppBasedLicenses: Check the LicensedCodeExclusionFilter when providing metrics

CDS-87403 Improvement

LibraryManager: In the Placeholder dialog, a "Sort" option for each column should be possible to sort the entries

CDS-87401 Bug

data recursion and the {attribute 'enable_dynamic_creation'} may crash IDE

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduced with compilerversion
CDS-87400 Improvement

Update UA AnsiC Stack to latest versions of the UA Specification

CDS-87395 Bug

Device Object: No compiler warning when using Symbolic Access and IO mapping simultaneously

CDS-87393 Bug

Device, PlcOpenXML Import: Importing a module via context menu is possible, even the parent source and target device IDs are different

Fixed -
CDS-87386 Bug

Create new POU dialog: Crash when inserting an FB that expands itself

CDS-87382 Bug

BACnet: BACstack (2) - Calendar add wildcard date range (monday to friday or similiar) does fail

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-87375 Bug

Correct definition for CLASSID_IecCodeEnd

CDS-87372 Improvement

LanguageModelBuilderHelper in LanguageModelUtilities does not work with Backtick identifiers

CDS-87371 Improvement

PLCHandler: Add PLCHandlerDeleteFile() and PLCHandlerRenameFile() functions

CDS-87337 Bug

Project Inspection: Missing addon(s) dialog suggest SoftMotion for a project with EtherCAT Safety Module

CDS-87330 Bug

Exception on logout when using IControlledExternalEditorView2

CDS-87327 Bug

OPCUA Server: Error during initialization, if CmpUserMgr is missing, Crash during runtime

CDS-87317 Bug

CmpOPCUAStack: OpcUa_String_StrnCmp does not compare properly

CDS-87312 Bug

CAA Net Base Service: TCP client hangs with CAA_NETBASESERVICES_USE_ASYNCMGR enabled.

CDS-87307 Bug

VxWorks : Adaptions required for VxWorks 23.09

Only for VxWorks: function PlcStart now returns NULL in case of ERROR, or a valid task id in case of success.
CDS-87304 Bug

Device, TaskDeployment: Enable Symbolic Access for IOs is not considered by Task Deployment and IO Mapping

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The task deployment is correct as no mapping is set and therefore no existing variable neither the IEC address is used.
Only the symbolic access is used but this is not shown in the task deployment
-> Won't fix
CDS-87303 Improvement

CmpOPCUAServer: Make use of API CertStoreRegister2 to provide compatibility of Basic constraints are set to false

Self-Signed certificates of the OPC UA Server will have set the basicConstraints field to cA:FALSE by default. This takes only affect, if the certificates are recreated. However, this may be not compatible with all UA Clients. If such a situation occurs you can add the fields back using the security setting CmpOPCUAServer.CreateWithCAFlag
CDS-87300 Bug

Device Object: Symbolic Access leads to Compile warnings

CDS-87299 Bug

Compiler: Internal error during generate code when using property and check function

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-87298 Bug

Compiler: The pack mode 4 is ignored for 64-Bit processors

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-87295 Bug

Breakpoints: Breakpoint in subordinate library opens new editor when breakpoint is hit

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with compilerversion
CDS-87294 Bug

IDE Crashes without warning when testing a library with a breakpoint at an instance of a called function block

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-87293 Bug

Setup: Silent execution indicates success if an error during package installation

CDS-87288 Bug


Cannot Reproduce
CDS-87285 Improvement

[Setup] Sandbox light: install the repositories in a separate path

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
If the CDS_SEPARATE_REPO property is set to 1, the setup installs the repositories in a separate path. This path is deleted on uninstallation.
The default value for the property is 0, so the repositories continue to be installed in the default folder %PROGRAMDATA%\CODESYS.
For more information see the documentation "CODESYS Installation Extended OEM Adaptions" and CODESYS Installation OEM Adaptions"
CDS-87282 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack2 - update to BACstack V25.1.38.1

CDS-87281 Improvement

SysEthernetLinux: Add support for a custom QDISC bypass mode

CDS-87280 Bug

Compile: Compile errors (C0077 unknown type) with image pool in sub-library

CDS-87261 Bug

ProjectInfoEditor: 2 checkboxes not visible

CDS-87233 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack2 - update to BACstack V25.1.37.1

CDS-87232 Bug

VxWorks : New X86 micorarchitecture variant required (sysdefines.h)

CDS-87226 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack2 - update to BACstack V25.1.35.1

CDS-87223 Improvement

BACnet2: CmpBACnet2 - add BACnetLoopEnablePidAlgorithm

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-87213 Bug

[OPC UA SERVER] NVL list is not visible in UA Expert

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-87209 Bug

SysFileLinux: Linux SysFileCopy_ check dst for valid filename

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2023-11, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=18027&token=43109051cf95d3445bc616e4efb8414336ebcc47&download=
CDS-87207 Bug

BACnet: BACstack (2) - Global Group resize of Group_Members triggered by write to Group_Members[0] doesnt copy Group_Members to Present_Value

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-87205 Bug

ST: Missing Intellisense proposal

CDS-87201 Bug

Internal error on Online Change after Reload project

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CompilerVersion >=
CDS-87200 Bug

CmpOPCUAServer: Loading of intermediate certificates does only work after reboot, not on filetransfer

CDS-87198 Bug

Project Inspection create excpetion if no packages is selected to install

CDS-87196 Improvement

PlcHandler Linux Arm: Support SoftFloat

The linux arm (soft float) binary requires minimum march=armv6, as the atomic builtin "compare and swap" is required for proper functionality.
CDS-87178 Bug

DeviceObject: Mapping for safety device without safety mapping application does not work as expected with PN device

CDS-87176 Improvement

SysFileLinux: SysFileSetPos / SysFileGetPos unable to handle file offsets > 2^31-1 (2GB)

CDS-87143 Bug

ProjectRecovery: Recovery is not offered if there are several recovery files present

CDS-87141 Improvement

Improve codesize output message after Compiler

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-87137 Bug

Persistent variables: wrong error message for persistent variables

CDS-87134 Bug

SlotDevices: Moving a slot device may fail when using project structure API

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This behavior is as expected,. Slot devices must not be movable, as only devices are plugged or unplugged into a slot but the slot itself must remain in the device tree.
CDS-87132 Bug

BACnet: BACstack (2) - can't create Access Door with Audit_Priority_Filter existent

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-87122 Bug

Compiler: Display of the wrong tooltip for methods

CDS-87113 Bug

Compile error C0032 if use TO_LREAL with an input type POINTER TO TIME

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
There is no compile error for the statement "lrValue := TO_LREAL(pTime^)/1000.0;" when all other errors are removed.
CDS-87104 Bug

Force: Wrong current/prepared value are shown, when monitoring REAL data type through Address (without the use of a Variable Binding)

CDS-87100 Bug

IEC task does not restart when multiple breakpoints are held in a multiple IEC task

CDS-87087 Bug

OnlineCommands: "ShowCompileChangeDetailsCommand" displays exception for safety applications

CDS-87082 Bug

PLCHandler Interface ARTI: Login into PLC with Motorola byte order is not possible anymore

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Accident caused by CDS-81289.
CDS-87077 Improvement

CmpUserMgr: Fix typos in interface

CDS-87073 Bug

PLCHandler: Unknown access right 'n' reports if the variable is of type 'data structure'

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-86193
CDS-87070 Bug

Compiler: Internal error when using instance-path with a library that contain a variable with the same name as the library

CDS-87062 Bug

Compiler, Precompile: No type in local variable's initial value in pool

CDS-87061 Bug

'Go to definition' shows wrong content of gvl in online mode

CDS-87027 Improvement

[Technical Debt] LibManObject, Refactor LibraryLoader.GetCachedDependencies

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Already done with CDS-79915
CDS-87025 Improvement

LibManObject: Better handling of unknown objects in method GetCachedDependencies

CDS-87015 Bug

CmpDeviceSrv: Service GET_TARGET_IDENT doesn't update session timeout

CDS-87013 Improvement

CmpOPCUAServerItf: Inform user that only alpha-2 code is a valid country input

CDS-87004 Bug

Excluding an explicit connector from build may result in compile errors

CDS-86994 Improvement

Device Editor: Renaming of IEC Object should open refactoring dialog

CDS-86992 Bug

PLCOpenXML: DeviceObject.xsd does not fit with the real implementation

Fixed -
CDS-86989 Bug

OPC Configurator: Checkbox value of 'Motorola Byteorder' is not saved

CDS-86986 Bug

DeviceScan: Error "Axis could not be added" popup when scan and ‘Copy Before’ EtherCAT Slave with CiA402 Axis

CDS-86985 Bug

Compiler: "internal error" when re-opening an existing CODESYS project

CDS-86966 Improvement

Device-Information Dialog: display filename of native device description

CDS-86963 Bug

Force for Real value may not possible on devices

CDS-86959 Bug

CmpUserMgr: admin access rights get lost with update from 3.5.15.x to version >=3.5.18.x

CDS-86958 Bug

[Installer+InstallerAppDomainManager] Precalculated interface checksums are different with Czech OS

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Having a different culture set than de could lead to wrong checksums on plugins. The checksums are now calculated culture-independent.
CDS-86954 Improvement

Child applications: Disable the possibility to add child applications using the "Add object" command

CDS-86945 Bug

Licensed Software Metrics, CodeSize: Codesize calculation can be disabled with message_guid attribute

CDS-86943 Bug

SysProcessLinux: incompatible change of return value of SysProcessExecuteCommand function

SysProcessExecuteCommand returns the exitcode of the subprocess. SysProcessExecuteCommand2 also fills number of read bytes, even in case of error.
CDS-86937 Bug

misspelling in this message, "The default value for a VAROUPUT ...

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86934 Bug

SysModuleLinux: dlerror resets error string and must not be used several times

CDS-86932 Bug

PreCompile error "NetVarUDP library is not valid" is reported selecting a GVL

CDS-86931 Bug

Compiler: Global variable inside a library initialized by a calculation returns a wrong value

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-86929 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: Update OpenSSL to version 3.1.3

OpenSSL 3.1. has less performance for some functions then OpensSL 1.1. because of improved security algorithms. But it is better than 3.0.
CDS-86922 Bug

VxWorks : Function SysSockGetHostByName() returns error

CDS-86916 Bug

Device User Management: Import of user “Owner” leads to exception when entering several wrong passwords

CDS-86912 Bug

Context menu stops working sometimes

CDS-86911 Bug

Go to Definition: Jumps to wrong position in library manager

CDS-86910 Bug

Library Manager: Unhandled exception when opening the library parameter dialog

CDS-86896 Bug

Task Configuration: When adding a system event, libraries might be inserted with "*"

CDS-86893 Bug

IEC task does not start after online change, Task Monitoring Status not shown

Sleep time of freewheeling tasks are limited now, if cycle time is very high!
So we limit the sleep time to a maximum of:
5 * average cycle time * number of freewheeling tasks
CDS-86892 Improvement

CmpSIL2: Interface to read GUIDs from bootproject before startup (companion)

CDS-86891 Bug

Compile: C0032 Build Error in case of VAR_RETAIN array declaration on retain-in-cycle PLC

CDS-86890 Bug

NBS: Resetting of EventSet for background tasks, linux arm64, does not work

CDS-86879 Bug

Online Change: Project generates Internal Error 2 after adding a variable

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-86869 Improvement

Compiler: Cleanup the compile options dialog

CDS-86868 Improvement

Compile Options: Enable UTF8 Encoding for Strings for new projects by default

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
All templates used in CODESYS (Essentials) create a new project with the option UTF8-Encoding switched on.
CDS-86865 Improvement

RTS Online Help: Status task is missing in IEC task management chapter

CDS-86844 Improvement

[PackageManagement] OEM Customization to define list of packages which should not be migrated

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
OEM customers are able to define own package to retain within shared essentials during the migration process via OEMCustomization hook:
Section: PackageManager
Key: RetainPackages
Value: Tuple<Guid,Version>[]
CDS-86843 Improvement

CPLCComBase3::Login(): Log error more specific

CDS-86840 Improvement

DeviceRepository: Install missing devices by AP Interface

CDS-86763 Improvement

Licensed Software Metrics: MultiCore feature not shown

CDS-86758 Improvement

Compiler: Remove static variable s_unusedStatements in Services.Helper

CDS-86757 Improvement

Compiler: Extend ICompileHelper4.GetUnusedStatementPositions interface

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New interface ILMPreCompileSmartCodingService5 with method GetUnusedStatementPositions(Guid, ISignature, EPouScopeFlags)
New enumeration EPouScopeFlags with values
- Declaration
- Implementation
CDS-86741 Bug

PLC settings: Linux SL disable diagnosis for devices requires clean all

CDS-86738 Bug

CmpOPCUAProviderIecVarAccess: Too much memory is allocated for Array of STRING monitored Items

CDS-86737 Bug

DeviceEditor: sometimes editor pages are doubled

CDS-86735 Bug

Declaration editor: Variables grayed out in declaration part of SFC POU in offline mode

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Graying out code in the declaration part has been deactivated and will be reworked in SP20 along with CDS-86757.
CDS-86728 Bug

Device, Editor: Still inconsistent behaviour for upper and lower limits of range types

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Test with V3.5 SP19 Patch 2. The negative value is as requested automatically changed to the minimum value of the range. No window is shown.
Cannot reproduce
CDS-86727 Bug

Add device and simultaneously close the dialog generate an unhandled exception crash

CDS-86721 Bug

RTE: Change Operating Mode does sometimes leads to rejection by CM

CDS-86713 Bug

OnCodeChanged is wrongly triggered on every login

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
If the last generated code does not match the code on the device, but the content of the project matches the code on the device, and a login is performed. The last generated code will be changed to the code on the device and a OnCodeChanged event will be triggerd
CDS-86712 Improvement

Library Documentation: "Script your Documentation" reference to prerequisite installations needed

CDS-86711 Bug

switching simulation modes can lead do grayed out device name

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19 Patch2 and SP20
CDS-86710 Bug

Missing crossreference for FB called from POOL

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-86708 Bug

Compiler: Exception for the assignment of a property of type REFERENCE TO FB to a local reference variable

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The reference variable which is assigned in this project is not initialized. Therefore the exception is correct.
CDS-86700 Improvement

Licensed Software Metrics: add compile button to screen

CDS-86699 Bug

Compiler: Error C0230 when accessing a enum with the __POOL operator

CDS-86695 Improvement

BACnet2: IEC-lib CmpBACnet2 - change company and author of CmpBACnet2.library

CDS-86692 Improvement

Licensed Software Metrics: don't show 0 Bytes code size

CDS-86690 Bug

EasyUnit: Mock generation with const pointer leads to non compilable code

CDS-86687 Bug

OnlineHelp: Outdated Offline Help is triggered by using "F1", the Online Help is not opened

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The error could be narrowed down and a workaround could be found: It only occurs on the first call in connection with loading the CHM help. Once the help is opened from CODESYS, all subsequent help calls are jumped to correctly.

Additionally, the CHM help will not be triggered by "F1" anymore when CDS-86696 got implemented for SP20. Therefore, this issue will cannot happen anymore.
CDS-86683 Bug

Two renamed subdevices under separate parent devices cannot be committed individually

CDS-86671 Bug

Compiler: Unnecessary compiler warning (C0447) if a persistent variable is initialized with a constant variable

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
Changed the text of the message: "Only replaced constants can be applied as initial value for a mapped persistent variable".
This is because of: Persistent is even initialized before allocated constants, so the compile option "Replace constants" must be activated.
CDS-86667 Bug

RTE: SysEthernet-drivers: CmpEt1000Drv: The intel driver periodically scans for a link in case no cable plugged and blocks CPU too long.

CDS-86661 Bug

Device editor, Access Rights: Wrong Chinese translation in Access Rights tabs

CDS-86660 Improvement

DeviceRepository: Improve behavior for a broken device cache

CDS-86659 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: Update OpenSSL to version 3.0.10

CDS-86658 Bug

CmpRetain: free retain area if it is reserved for invalid application

CDS-86657 Improvement

Online: Password should be cleared if LoginDialog is idle for some time

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The Dialog to provide credentials for a authentication on a device will now reset the entered password after 2 minutes. The OK button will also be disabled in this case until the user reenters credentials.
CDS-86646 Bug

Compile: VAR GENERIC CONSTANT not working in METHOD

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Works now with Compilerversion >=
CDS-86645 Improvement

[Essentials] Check and remove references to Compression GAC

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Zip compression part has been removed from the essebtials code base. With the follow up issue CDS-87310 we move the CRC32 code from compiler into Utilities.dll to finally eliminate the Compression.dll
CDS-86642 Bug

DeviceEditor: prepared value does not check correct values for signed datatypes

CDS-86640 Improvement

Visu Utils: Extension that the header (reverse proxy setup, RFC7239, HTTP header "forwarded") is evaluated with the method GetIPv4Address

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The webserver now interprets the HTTP Header fields "X-Forwarded-For" and "Forwarded" according to RFC7239. If there are multiple IP adresses the first is retrieved.
The resulting IP address can be retrieved with the function VU.IVisualizationClient.GetIPv4Address() from the library VisuUtils.
CDS-86638 Bug

Libman: "Export Library Parameters" leads to unhandled exception if no value is defined

CDS-86637 Improvement

SVG-Renderer: Provide version information of submodules in OSS

CDS-86636 Bug

Compare: Unhandled exception after compare for different devices in tab "Backup and Restore" or "Log"

DeviceEditors opened from a ProjectCompare will no longer cause unhandled exceptions in the described szenario.
However if no online device for such an editor exists, it might have reduced functionality, show an error message or simply not show information for certain tab pages.
CDS-86613 Improvement

Online: User credentials have to be re-entered after automatic logout from PLC

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
When an automatic logout is performed due to inactivity the currently logged in device user will also be cleared.
CDS-86612 Bug

Compiler: Internal Error in x86 codegenerator with special declaration of initial value

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86603 Bug

Compile: C0072 generated in case of REF Property passed to VAR_IN_OUT of method

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-86602 Improvement

[Technical Debt] Rework CompilerPhase5_Codegenerator of compiler

CDS-86598 Bug

PLCHandler Interface Gateway3: delete[] / delete mismatch

CDS-86585 Improvement

ProjectCompare: Adapt interface to allow finetuning of comparison of MetaObject properties

CDS-86579 Bug

Update CodeMeter runtime to version V7.60c

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2023-10, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=17809&token=c3b4e3ec4956099de26f0c6caf194d1ba341040a&download=
CDS-86573 Bug

Templates CmpQtControl: cannot be loaded

CDS-86572 Improvement

Performance, Online Change: In case of compile errors the fast online change should not fall back to a full compile

CDS-86571 Improvement

SysTaskLinux: make use of pthread_sigqueue optional for old linux systems

CDS-86570 Bug

Const Generic type does not work with VAR_INST declaration

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86566 Bug

Targetvisu, Overlay: Possible crash during application restart

CDS-86565 Bug

SIL2: Delivery feature for AURIX PSP is incomplete

CDS-86561 Improvement

STM32: Improve TargetVisuLight Speed on STM32 board

CDS-86548 Epic

RTE Support AppBased Licenses

CDS-86530 Bug

FBD: Division by zero leads to an unhandled CDS exception

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
An OnlineExpressionException is no longer thrown in case of a division by 0.
The value NaN is returned in this case
CDS-86529 Bug

DeviceObject: refactoring with customer plugin does not work as expected

CDS-86528 Bug

Compiler: Using a reference to an enum with attribute 'strict' in a selection operator leads to a compile error

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-86527 Improvement

Remove the feature "implicit reference type"

With Compilerversion >=, the feature implicit reference type will no longer be supported
CDS-86514 Bug

TS_Runtime: execute single cycle takes very long after reset application

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Issue caused by CDS-73536
CDS-86506 Bug

IntelliSense: IntelliSense (list components) opens across two screens

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The position of the IntelliSense window now depends on the screen, CODESYS is displayed on. This leads to better handling of multiscreen setups.
CDS-86505 Bug

Create application from xml code file: Problem with FOR loop using BY with operator expression

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86503 Improvement

Linux, Targetvisu: Possibility to log Qt-Messages only to console

CDS-86495 Improvement

Package Manager/CLI: Inject user relevant environment variables

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Resolving environment variables now takes into account that the installation process can be an elevated process with different environment variables.
CDS-86493 Bug

FlowControl, IDE: activating the FlowControl leads to whiteout, the IDE does no longer react proper

CDS-86491 Improvement

Project defines dialog: improve feedback for error in project define list

CDS-86490 Bug

AppBased Licenses: Exception on Download after downloading an application with zero I/O data

CDS-86486 Bug

[RTS OnlineHelp]: Correct external library chapter

CDS-86482 Bug

Compiler: Wrong Compiler Message C0032 is created

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-86481 Bug

Generate Code: Compiler error because of global_init_slot after project update

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-82727
CDS-86480 Improvement

LacUtil: Checks for admin and access rights prevent plugin installation

CDS-86478 Improvement

LicensedSoftwareMetrics: Define a page identifier in LicensedSoftwareMetricPage

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
PageIdentifiert is now "LicensedSoftwareMetrics"
CDS-86476 Improvement

DeviceScan: improve number of subdevice levels in device tree

CDS-86472 Improvement

Compiler: New method GetExpressionInfo, that supports implicit code

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Starting with compilerversion a new interface ILMPreCompileSmartCodingService5 providing a new method GetExpressionInfo(ILMPreCompileSet, Guid, string, bool) (similar to ILMPreCompileSmartCodingService.GetExpressionInfo(ILMPreCompileSet, Guid, string)) is available
CDS-86445 Improvement

LibMan, Performance: Don't trigger PutLanguageModel of all projects on install/uninstall of library

CDS-86444 Bug

Library Manager: graphic of safety function block in library is not yellow if only SAFE[L]REAL is used

CDS-86442 Bug

DeviceEditor: No recompilation done when resetting a modified address in IO Mapping

CDS-86440 Improvement

DeviceObject: improve saving Parametercache files

CDS-86439 Bug

License: Unable to use the OPCUA Server SL and CODESYS OPC UA Client SL on the UFC Container

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Bug was located within the licenses. No Sourcecode was affected => Cannot Reproduce
CDS-86438 Improvement

LibMan, Exception: Remove various pointless exceptions in the LibMan

CDS-86437 Improvement

Compiler, Exception: Use TryParse in LanguageModelManager.ConversionException

CDS-86434 Bug

Remove compiler warnings in CmpBlkDrvTcp

CDS-86431 Bug

CmpDynamicTextSym: Unnecessary large memory allocation in HashtableOpen

CDS-86428 Bug

Compiler: No error C0268 in case of nested structures

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For compatability reasons a new warning C0572 was introduced for these new cases.
CDS-86420 Bug

LibMan: NullReferenceException in specific customer project when adding Visu Manager

CDS-86419 Bug

CmpUserMgr: Admin can not change password for user created with "Password can be changed by user" unselected (RTS-Part)

CDS-86417 Improvement

LibDev: Check Title in the project templates

CDS-86414 Bug

OnlineHelp: Outdated Offline Help is triggered by "F1" if PING is disabled by IT department

CDS-86412 Bug

DeviceScan: When Removing Device during 'Scan for Devices' the Configuration of Devices gets lost

CDS-86405 Bug

Control Raspi: PN-Controller and PN-Device on same application may create "Error Init RPC

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-86404 Bug

Remove Duplicate Section from DevDesc of STM32 board.

CDS-86401 Improvement

Package Manager: Prohibit the installation of older packages

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Prohibit the installation of older packages.
The installation of older packages must be explicitly allowed.
Either by means of the package tag "AllowOlderVersions" or an OEM customization.
CDS-86396 Bug

LibMan: Detail and documentation view windows do not work correctly after switching to another library

CDS-86395 Bug

STM32: Slow communication with higher execution

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-86391 Bug

Package Manager: Libraries and devices should be installed to system repositories

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Libraries will be installed into system repository during package installation.
CDS-86390 Bug

LibMan: Exception when deleting a repository location while Library Manager is open

CDS-86388 Improvement

Software license metrics: jump to Store and transmit metrics values

CDS-86383 Epic

Object Manager: Support alternative project formats

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Object Manager has been reworked to support alternative project formats.
CDS-86380 Bug

SysProcessLinux: possible endless loop in SysProcessExecuteCommand

CDS-86378 Bug

AuthZipArchive uses vulnerable version of Bouncy Castle libraries

CDS-86374 Improvement

Online Change: Complete application is retypified although only one FB is changed

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86372 Bug

Online change: Fast online change not done after opening project

CDS-86371 Improvement

Add functionality to scan libraries for project defines

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Too costly for too little result
CDS-86369 Bug

Rebuild before Login after online change

CDS-86368 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack2 - update to BACstack V25.1.33.1

CDS-86363 Bug

PLCHandler: Access violation occurs in ResolveIpAddressCallback after PLCComBase3 destruction

CDS-86351 Bug

InputAssistantCallback: wrong data is given to the eventhandler

CDS-86349 Improvement

Device Communication Editor: Update Wibu Gateways

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Device licensing has been ported to the new WIBU gateways.
CDS-86347 Bug

[RTS OnlineHelp]: Remove legacy CODESYS-Runtime-en.pdf

CDS-86341 Bug

PLCHandler VxWorks Source Delivery: Files are missing

CDS-86340 Bug

FastOnlineChange: no fast online change if call to instance is added

Fixed Compilerversion >=
CDS-86333 Bug

Compile errors with online change in customer project

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86325 Bug

Package Manager: GUID reference cannot be resolved when ID2 is used

CDS-86324 Improvement

[Technical debt] LMM: Separate source file for each expression/statement class

CDS-86313 Improvement

StringUtil: Improve library documentation

CDS-86311 Bug

LibMan: Documentation not shown on double click on function block from LD / FBD / CFC

CDS-86308 Improvement

Subscription license, expired: it would be nice if the developer get a warning when starting CDS

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
A new status filed will be visible if the 30 days subscription licenses will expire. The tooltip shows a detailed list of the affected licenses. Currently, only workstation licenses are considered. Different background colors visualize the require time to expire:
CDS-86304 Bug

Compiler: no error message for reference to property

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler error "C0141 Reference assign needs variable with write access" is now reported also for structured types by compile.
CDS-86295 Bug

Library Repository: Failed to organize library repositories

CDS-86292 Bug

[Communication]: CODESYS still sporadically sends illegal service requests to the RTS before the IOnlineDevice is fully logged in

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-86276 Bug

Linux: SysEthernetGetCapabilities returns wrong value for Auto-MDIX

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
SysEthernetLinux now supports 4 new events:
EVT_EthGetInterfaceCounters, EVT_EthGetMediaCounters, EVT_EthGetCapabilities, EVT_EthGetPortConfigAndStatus to make it easier to overload the ethernet statistics. There is also a new template component: SysEthernetLinux_Events that shows these events and an example project.
CDS-86270 Bug

CmpOPCUAServer: Semaphore missmatch within alarm handling

CDS-86269 Bug

License terms for Evergreen Webview2 installation are not complete

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime is no longer installed with CODESYS. The user has to download it from https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2 and confirm the license terms.
We have disabled Microsoft Defender SmartScreen as described by Microsoft.
CDS-86267 Bug

Error in IEC array addressing

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Allready fixed wih CDS-82162 for SP19
CDS-86257 Bug

CmpOPCUAProviderIecVarAccess: Writing ARRAY of ENUM does not work

CDS-86254 Bug

CmpIecVarTest does not load as dynamic component

CDS-86251 Improvement

PlcHandler, IecVarAccessBrowsing: Provide API functions to access Enum infos

CDS-86212 Bug

unbound placeholders are not set if an application is copied

CDS-86210 Bug

Compiler: Incorrect ambiguous warning messages

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
See release note of CDS-63576: The new warning C0508 is reported when a local variable shadows a local method or action in a POU.
CDS-86209 Bug

GUID Object error, when performing a 'clean all' operation with a open common library element element

CDS-86208 Bug

Compiler: Attribute 'monitoring_encoding' in a string alias has no effect on an array of that string alias

CDS-86203 Bug

Compiler, Precompile: Components of userdefined types check the global scope

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86201 Improvement

BACnet: IEC-lib CmpBACnet2 remove libdoc error related to EVTID_BACNET_OBJECT_ID_CHANGE

CDS-86194 Bug

Compiler: Check all application objects reports error about types not being online changeable

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-86193 Bug

CmpIecVarAccess: Use IecVarAccGetAccessRights instead of IecVarAccessGetAccessRights2 to serialze type members

CDS-86188 Bug

Watchlist: Exception "too many items added" when opening library method in online mode

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The error message is displayed in case of problems when getting the subordinate elements.
The meaningless error message has been changed to a more general one.
In this case: The error is no longer displayed
CDS-86184 Bug

Frame: Broken UIAutomation for ContextMenu

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
To solve problems with UIAutomation behaviour in new .net Framework, the following switches will be set within the CODESYS.exe.config

<AppContextSwitchOverrides value="Switch.UseLegacyAccessibilityFeatures=true;Switch.UseLegacyAccessibilityFeatures.1=true;Switch.UseLegacyAccessibilityFeatures.2=true;Switch.UseLegacyAccessibilityFeatures.3=true;Switch.UseLegacyToolTipDisplay=true;Switch.System.Windows.Controls.ItemsControlDoesNotSupportAutomation=true" />
CDS-86173 Improvement

CmpUserDBEmbedded: Move to Template from Components and simplify it

CDS-86165 Bug

Compiler: Check all application objects command might runs on old code

CDS-86164 Bug

Compiler, Stack size calculation: Orphaned callstack messages in case of too many compiler warnings

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86163 Improvement

CmpLog: provide PLCShell command for enabling log debug filters

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New PLCShell commands available:

logsetfilter [<CmpName>...] <FilterValue>
Configures log filter settings using hexadecimal values.

loggetfilter [<CmpName>...]
Retrieve the current log filter settings for a component.

logdelfilter [<CmpName>...]
Deletes the log filter settings for specified components.
CDS-86161 Improvement

LibDev: Company and Author Attribute must be adjusted in the project templates

CDS-86160 Bug

DeviceObject: No online change possible after loading project with EL6900 and ESM package

CDS-86159 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: Certificates not usable with Visu Webserver

Fixed [[COMPATIBILITY_INFORMATION]] Due to the additional filter for the alternative names configured in the cert info, the encrypted communication certificate is no longer used as a web server certificate. Instead, it has to be created with a CSR or as a self-signed certificate. To achieve that a self-signed certificate is created automatically if no other certificate is available, the security setting "CreateSelfSignedCert" in "CmpWebserver" has to be set to TRUE. Otherwise, it can be created manually within the CODESYS Security Agent.
CDS-86154 Improvement

The update dialog should recommend rebranded libraries as compatible successors for an update

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New interfaces IRebrandingProvider and IRebranding to allow OEMs to contribute rebrandings.
CDS-86151 Bug

Compile: VAR_GENERIC CONSTANT not working in compiled libraries

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
a type declaration using a generic type will be saved for Compiler Version >=
CDS-86145 Bug

Compiler, Precompile: Operator expression has no type in precompile in special constellation in pool

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86144 Bug

AppBasedLicenses: Validation failed at standard onlinechange

CDS-86143 Bug

Replace device returns error "Too few arguments..." for specific customer devices

CDS-86136 Bug

Device User Management: Admin can not change password for user created with “Password can be changed by user” unselected

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
This issue fixes a problem in the IDE so that it works again for older runtime systems (e.g. SP15). For a full fix for newer runtime systems, an additional fix on the runtime side is needed (CDS-86419).
CDS-86135 Improvement

WebBrowser: Update to Microsoft.Web.WebView2 V1.0.1823.32

CDS-86133 Bug

Device User Management: Option “Password must be changed at first login” is not working

CDS-86132 Improvement

Add CODEYS Ladder to setup

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Added CODESYS Ladder to setup
CDS-86125 Bug

Compiler, Cross references: Null reference exceptions possible when forcing early cross references

CDS-86124 Bug

License: when we activate a license on the Dongle, we get the following error message "ReturnCode:403046401"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The inital cause was an already installed license. With CDS-85292 the Wibu gateways will be updated to get more detailed error texts.
CDS-86119 Improvement

Delivery Manager: create new Linux Device workarounds based on Debian bookworm

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The following workarounds already exist:
- Linux_Default_arm64-bookworm-qt5
- Linux_Default_arm64-bookworm-qt6
- Linux_Default_armhf-bookworm-qt5
- Linux_Default_armhf-bookworm-qt6
- Linux_Default_x64-bookworm-qt5
- Linux_Default_x64-bookworm-qt6
- Linux_Default_x86-bookworm-qt5
- Linux_Default_x86-bookworm-qt6
=> Cannot Reproduce
CDS-86115 Bug

TextDocument: Empty ST after opening an SP17 project and directly using "Save as..." without modification

CDS-86114 Improvement

Stack size calculation: Improve handling of recursions involving interfaces

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
With compiler version >= the stack size calculation does only calculate with one call in case of a recursive call of an interface method.
E.G. if a Call itf.Next occurs in an implementation of Next, a recursion is detected and no further stack size is calculated.
CDS-86106 Improvement

[TechnicalDebt] Integrate new unit tests for "LoginWithParameters" into trunk

CDS-86105 Bug

RemoteTargetVisu: Failed connection depending on startup timing

CDS-86098 Improvement

CmpSettings: Provide hook to update settings without runtime restart

CDS-86096 Bug

Package Manager: Missing menu items in standard menu option files after package installation

CDS-86087 Bug

Compiler, Precompile: No precompile id in special constellation with method using SUPER^ in pool

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86081 Bug

Precompile: Wrong errors C0004 and C0046

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-86065 Improvement

Package Manager: Blacklist old AddOn versions encrypted with AxProtector 10.60

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The following add-ons have been blacklisted due to upcoming compatibility issues.
CODESYS Static Analysis <
CODESYS Test Manager <
CODESYS Profiler <
CODESYS Application Composer Single License <
CODESYS Visu Elem Toolkit <
CDS-86064 Bug

Precompile: Wrong Precompile error if interface is compared with a constant pointer

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-86054 Bug

Open Project: Crash while opening NVL project

CDS-86051 Bug

Exception in Task Editor when updating device

CDS-86049 Bug

Compile error after updating a device twice

CDS-86036 Bug

Fast online change: Not working in certain circumstances

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-86029 Improvement

Compiler, Breakpoint list: Breakpoint list is slow with a lot of entries

CDS-86024 Improvement

Performanceimprovment for projects with many function blocks

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix, the proposed change contains to many bugs and a correct variant does not improve the performance measurably
CDS-86023 Bug

CmpEventMgr: Exception in IEC Callback leads to timeout and inconsistent state

CDS-86020 Bug

Addressing with target setting byte-addressing is not working as expected

CDS-86014 Improvement

Runtime: CmpUserDBTemplate with static analysis issue

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-86013 Improvement

DeviceEditor: Attribute "onlineHelpUrl" should work with https

CDS-86011 Bug

DeviceScan: If an EtherCAT coupler is replaced by another one, the instance name of the child devices change

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Does not happen with SP20 anymore. Changes in the device object now do not rename the fb instance anymore
CDS-86008 Bug

Visu, text variable: VISU_MIN_NUMBER_OF_CLIENTS and VISU_MAX_NUMBER_OF_CLIENTS lead to an exception

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85985 Improvement

CmpRedundancy: services for additional settings required

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-84919 CmpRedundancy: Improve usability.
CDS-85983 Bug

Runtime templates: UserDBTemplate implementation of UserObjectsDB interface causes problems

- Deprecated template CmpUserDBTemplate was deleted! Was a mixture with CmpUserDBEmbedded and empty implementations of the config interfaces
- New template implements only CmpUserDBItf and CmpUserGroupsDBItf
CDS-85967 Epic

If defined-pragma should be possible in interfaces

CDS-85966 Bug

RTE: DHCP only works on Start up

Fixed -
CDS-85965 Bug

CmpOPCUAServer: Strange behavior for variables of type interface

CDS-85961 Bug

Compiler, Codesys Debug, context menu cannot be open to set a breakpoint, debug crashes

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
The performance issue was introduced with CDS-76705 and fixed with CDS-85470
CDS-85960 Bug

Devices Repository: Install-Device-Description (Automatic detection) always uses default converter

CDS-85959 Bug

CmpOPCUAServer: Calculation for mempool extension is incorrect for PublishRequests and Subscriptions

CDS-85958 Bug

Targetvisu, Overlay: EventCapturing should not raise Assertions

CDS-85955 Bug

SVG-Renderer: Update OSS to latest versions (libcurl 8.1.2)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Updated libcurl to version 8.1.2
CDS-85946 Bug

STM32: CanDrv: Multiple definitions of hfdcan1 and hfdcan2

Fixed variable in can driver header set to extern so that the variable is no longer defined twice
CDS-85945 Bug

[Unittest] Compiler: _IExpression.Literal does not work for enum values without inital value

CDS-85940 Bug

[Tests] VS project file of PluginTests is broken

CDS-85938 Bug

Copy&Paste of an EtherCAT junction device to its own port may not work correct

Fixed -
CDS-85928 Improvement

LibDevSummary: Update info about Company and Author

CDS-85927 Improvement

FlowControl: Task for FlowControl should be selectable

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The used task can be selected in the message when switching to flow control mode and in the context menu of the tasks in the navigator. The "automatic mode" behaves as before the changes. The flow control task is always marked with <Flow Control> in the navigator control.
CDS-85926 Bug

Exception after several download same application

CDS-85918 Improvement

Inform User in case sync timeout is too small

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New "EnableSyncTimeTrace" setting for component CmpRedundancy.
CDS-85917 Bug

Build error C0332 without explainable reason

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
With the target setting "codegenerator\\check-multiple-task-output-write" a check is performed whether the same byte is updated in different tasks.
This check was wrong and could produce wrong error messages without clear indication.
The only workaround is not to use the target setting.
With this bugfix and Compiler Version >=, the check should be working as intended.
CDS-85908 Bug

SDK Documentation: XML Tag spelling not consistent

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Has already been updated with CDS-83668 for SP19.
CDS-85906 Bug

Selection of the available devices in the Add Device dialog changes, if the Device Tree is set to AutoHide

CDS-85903 Bug

Compiler: Wrong precompile id in special constellation with method having same name as functionblock

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85902 Bug

FB_Parent, FB_Child: Inheritance error in combination with VAR_GENERIC CONSTANT

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The project does not match the error message. The error cannot be reproduced with a newly created project analogous to the attached screenshots.
CDS-85901 Bug

WebBrowserIntegration/Store: Without network CPU load goes to 100%

CDS-85899 Bug

WebBrowserIntegration: Library documentation not shown in LibMan with OEM customized homepage

CDS-85896 Bug

Persistent Vars: Uncommented variable is still available in compile context

CDS-85895 Bug

DeviceObject: after update device metaobject property IExplicitConProperty could have wrong value

CDS-85891 Bug

Library Manager: Summary execution is slow and leads to different results

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-85878
CDS-85889 Bug

User Management: Import from disk fails for user containing comma in name

CDS-85885 Bug

CmpOpcUAProviderIecVarAccess_Informationmodel.c : ReadNumElements() : Bad parameter passing

CDS-85881 Improvement

CODESYS Control: Add a log message, if a file access is denied by ForceIecFilePath

CDS-85879 Bug

CmpOPCUAProviderIecVarAccess: Enum handling incorrect for INT based enums; Source Timestamp for EnumValues missing.

CDS-85878 Bug

Library Manager: Summary execution is slow and leads to different results

CDS-85876 Bug

DeviceObject: upgrade storage format window is shown by mistake

CDS-85875 Improvement

TaskConfig / FlowControl: Option needed to select FlowTask manually

CDS-85874 Bug

RSM Utility Library: Wrong parameter usage of IecTaskDelete3

CDS-85872 Bug

Compiler: Compile error in combination with VAR_GENERIC CONSTANT and an implemented interface

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The correct syntax to declare a function block with VAR_GENERIC and with Interface implementation is:

nBuffer : INT := 100;

VAR_GENERIC are parameters to the function block and should not be seen as normal variables. The special declaration position emphasizes this special role. Furthermore, VAR_GENERIC can be used to derive from the base class, and thus the constant should be declared before the base class:

nBuffer : INT := 100;
CDS-85871 Bug

Compiler, Generics: Wrong pointer calculation with ADR and Generic FBs

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85867 Bug

NetVars: (Big Endian) UdpSendTlg transfers wrong number of data to be sent to the runtime

CDS-85866 Bug

Project recovery is not working

CDS-85861 Bug

CmpApp: Log error needed for AppBasedLicenses if metrics in bootproject exceeds license

CDS-85850 Bug

App Based License: __ValidateLicenseMetrics is not called in onlinechange

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >= and runtime version >=
CDS-85849 Bug

RTS, Targetvisu: Memory leak in Overlay-Targetvisu

CDS-85846 Bug

Debugging: Problems to debug correctly in Visu libraries

CDS-85820 Bug

Debug: set breakpoint is not possible

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with CODESYS
CDS-85815 Bug

DeviceObject: plc import of exported file does not work

CDS-85811 Improvement

Standalonecompiler: Replace APEnvironmentReferences in LanguageModelManagerUtilities

CDS-85808 Bug

Project Import: Command does not work, if InstallerIntegration plugin is missing

CDS-85806 Bug

Intellisense does not work properly with variables written after a bracket

CDS-85801 Improvement

Logout IDE from PLC after configurable time of inactivity

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Added new option page "Online"
* New Setting "Force disconnect from device after time of inactivity"

Added new startup parameter "ForceDisconnectAfterInactivity", which overrides the new setting:
* --ForceDisconnectAfterInactivity="2000" (Will perform a force logout after 2000 seconds of inactivity. The specified time will be clamped to the range of 10-10800)
* --ForceDisconnectAfterInactivity="0" (Will disable the new setting)

Note that the inactivity is tracked by mouse/keyboard events that are local to CODESYS. This means that CODESYS running on a second monitor will force a disconnect even if the user is busy typing inside another application on the primary monitor. However, simply moving the mouse across the CODESYS UI without any clicking will reset the inactivity.
CDS-85795 Improvement

CmpIecVarAccess: Add new API RTS_BOOL IecVarAccIsReference

CDS-85794 Improvement

EasyUnit: Add Default Mocks for CmpTraceMgr tests

CDS-85792 Bug

Dialogs above the XYChart cannot be operated with touch inputs if 'Open dialog modal' is not set (For TargetVisu)

CDS-85789 Improvement

STM32 Cube: implement demo IO driver

Fixed Fully functional Joystick
Led 2 and 4 writeable
Module integrated in device devdesc
CDS-85776 Bug

Notification Center: Potential remote code execution

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2023-07, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=17767&token=7ed2d9324eff98a0a319c455d0256dc7627c705e&download=
CDS-85758 Bug

former version from the lib profile is not handled in update dialog

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Starting with V3.5 SP18 the library profile is no longer used and the affected libraries are treated like unbound placeholders where the newest available version is used.
Therefore it makes no sense to display/handle this outdated information in the project environment dialog.
Additionally the user has the possibility to adjust the placeholder resolution in the editor of the library manager
CDS-85756 Bug

DeviceObject: Exception in method LanguageModelMgr_CodeChanged when called within non primary project

CDS-85754 Bug

Generate Code: Internal error on project

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-82582
CDS-85753 Bug

Generate Code: DINT variable initialization via constants multiplication leads to build error

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-82582
CDS-85748 Bug

PLCHandler memory leak with parameter DontLoadSymbolsFromPlc set to 1

CDS-85740 Bug

Edit Object (Offline) opens dialog for instance selection

CDS-85736 Improvement

Do not throw ThreadAbortException in go!

CDS-85729 Bug

RTE CX Example Project has a Warning due to old EtherCAT Task

CDS-85728 Bug

Refactoring: rename a array variable which is used in IO-mapping is not renamed

CDS-85726 Bug

Linux x64: SIGILL terminates runtime

CDS-85724 Bug

SIGABRT on Reset Cold with MODBUS Slave

CDS-85720 Bug

"Create application from XML Code file" (CodeSpy Command) does not import FB init values

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85718 Improvement

CmpIecTask: IEC call of IecTaskDeleteInternalAsync() with parameters from stack can lead to stack overwrite

CDS-85703 Bug

Edit Object (offline): Command does not work – modification not possible

CDS-85699 Improvement

ComponentManager: Event needed when license failed or demo

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New event CMPID_CmpMgr :: EVT_CmpMgr_LicenseState informs over changes in the licensing of the runtime.
Those can be: Demomode, license available, license lost and trigger shutdown.
In case of demomode and license lost, this event is raised at certain timestamps before the shutdown of the runtime together with the time left.
CDS-85686 Bug

STM32: BaudRate can not be changed in SysComStm32

CDS-85683 Bug

CmpApp: Reset on breakpoint w/o finish cycle leads to watchdog exception

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Accident because of CDS-76248
CDS-85680 Bug

Linux SysOut / SysFile: wrong log class in LogAdd2 leads to unnecessary log messages

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-85672 Improvement

LanguageModelUtilities: ConstantEvaluator should be able to calculate divisions

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The ConstantEvaluator now is based on the built-in functionality of the compiler (starting with compilerversion and supports now things like
- ConversionExpression
- ...
CDS-85671 Improvement

LibDevSummary: Update content of CBML library in the download area

CDS-85669 Improvement

NBS: ResolveHostname document the handling of VAR_IN_OUT itfIPAddress

CDS-85668 Bug

CmpIoMgr : IO driver parameter access fails in specific environment - step2

CDS-85664 Improvement

NBS: Provide a PingRequest function block

CDS-85660 Bug

Implemented POUs are shown also if conditionalshow_all_locals is set

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't fix because wrong usage of the attribute 'conditionalshow_all_locals'
- Attribute needs an attribute value which must passed to the command line (using --conditionalshowsymbols) to show the corresponding symbols
- Attribute has only an effect for compiled libraries (attached was a source library)
- Attribute has only an effect on local variables not on VAR_INPUT/VAR_OUTPUT/VAR_INOUT
Although if a function block is decorated with this attribute the inheritance hierarchy will be shown with nodes "SUPER^" when being online.
CDS-85637 Bug

Exception while updating notifications

CDS-85616 Improvement

NBS: Provide Doc and Example for IOptionProvider usage

CDS-85613 Bug

Browse Commands: "Go to Definition" leads to wrong behavior of documentation window in the library manager

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-85602 Improvement

SysPCIWin32: Remove irrelevant pragma pack of PCI_INFO_RESULT

CDS-85601 Improvement

DeviceObject: Increase speed for editor tab change

CDS-85600 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: Wrong index variable used in X509StoreBackEndFilterCertificate()

CDS-85599 Bug

CmpMonitor2: Value of Device Parameters > 768 Bytes is invalid

CDS-85597 Bug

Webserver: Generated TLS certificate not accepted by Chrome

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue is a duplicate of CDS-86159. The generated certificate of the visu webserver is now accepted by Chrome.
Furthermore the usage of HTTPS for the webvisu is possible again without workarounds.
CDS-85592 Bug

CDS hangs if open too many editors then update "Library Manager" in the "Message" pane

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
With V3.5 SP20 this problem is no longer reproducible
CDS-85591 Improvement

Remove untested CmpBACnet2 from Platforms/VxWorks

CDS-85590 Improvement

STM32: Implement Can Driver

CDS-85587 Bug

Precompile: Wrong errors C0004 and C0046 with VAR_GENERIC CONSTANT

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85585 Improvement

Enable usage of memory reserve for POUs allocatable using __NEW

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Is is now possible to change function blocks with the 'enable_dynamic_creation' attribute, as long as the size of the function block does not change, if the size changes C0264 is reported and the online change fails.
As a warning new variables that are added to functions blocks will only be initialized for new dynamic instances and existing static instances, existing dynamic instances will not receive initialization.
CDS-85584 Improvement

Persistent Variables List, Scripting: Add Scripting API

CDS-85557 Improvement

CmpCodemeter: Little improvements (more log information)

CDS-85555 Bug

Task Deployment, specific project: IDE freeze when opening the 'Task Deployment' in the device Tab

CDS-85549 Bug

DeviceObject: Update device does not remove compile context

CDS-85534 Bug

LibManObject: Library parameters are not saved in project

CDS-85526 Improvement

3SLicense.library: UFC firmcode must be recognized for feature licenses

Cannot Reproduce UFC containers are already supported by 3SLicense.
CDS-85525 Bug

ST Text Editor: Messages with length < 3 are not indicated correctly in line

CDS-85524 Bug

CmpOPCUAProviderIecVarAccess: Browsing with MaxNodesToReturn=1 does not work

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Tested as described - OK --> Close.
CDS-85519 Bug

It is no longer possible to set constant variables in the libraries via python script

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue will be fixed with SCRIPT-45
CDS-85517 Bug

External File: In project embedded file without file extension causes error on download

CDS-85513 Improvement

Static Analysis: Add opportunity to calculate + export the standard metrics via Automation Interface

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New command "exportstandardmetrics" in category "staticanalysis" with following parameters
- File path of the export file
- "true" if the min/max values have to be exported, "false" otherwise
CDS-85512 Bug

LibMan: Exception in UnboundPlaceholderService.ResolveUnboundPlaceholder

CDS-85510 Bug

CODESYS backup/restore does not work (error message: Non-negative number required)

CDS-85507 Bug

CmpOPCUAStack: Strange Assignments in copy functions

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Review - OK --> Close
CDS-85506 Bug

CmpOPCUAServer: Inconsistency if Events and Alarms are deactivated

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Tested as described - OK --> Close.
CDS-85498 Bug

Flow Control does not work with instances called in different tasks

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
For flow control, it is necessary to know in which task the code to flow is running. The compiler calculates for each variable in which tasks it is accessed. An array however, is only one variable and if the individual elements in an array are accessed in different tasks, this will be considered to be a property of the array to be accessed in different tasks.
Typically an array element is accessed within a loop with loop index variable i, and it is not possible to derive individual task accesses for each element in an array.
If you have an array with elements that are only used explicitly with concrete indices 1, 2, 3, then you should consider using individual variables.
However, CDS-85927 adresses this problem. With this issue, the user is prompted to select a task for flow control, and they can change the task to flow a POU.
CDS-85497 Bug

DeviceObject: type list from devdesc is not available after new types are added by plugin

CDS-85490 Bug

DeviceObject: If two physical devices are renamed, it can happen that a logical device is mapped twice

CDS-85488 Bug

Monitoring: Unable to monitor array index access with variable access

CDS-85479 Improvement

CODESYSControl: SVN: Update generated *.h and *.cpp files

CDS-85477 Improvement

CmpUsrMgr: Log Create Keypair in progress

CDS-85476 Improvement

CmpOpenSSL: Log generate entropie in progress

New console entries available to check the time to get enough entropy:
CmpOpenSSL, "Wait for enough entropy..."
CmpOpenSSL, "Enough entropy available after Xms!"
CDS-85475 Improvement

Runtime Configuration: Add examples to Toolkit Configuration for password strength

CDS-85470 Bug

Setting of instance specific breakpoint in base implementation not possible

CDS-85465 Bug

Compiler: NullReferenceException with VAR_GENERIC CONSTANT

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with compiler version
CDS-85458 Bug

Autodeclare should consider instance path

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85457 Bug

Installer Integration: Resolving path to installer executables considers working directory

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2023-06, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=17766&token=667d36292e99e6f6b7eb8c0b4a86d27137c31f98&download=
CDS-85456 Improvement

Compile: reduce number of messages in message view

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Starting with compilerversion a new compile option "Report compiled POUs during incremental compile" is available.
Default value of this new option is true (because of compatibility).
The info messages "Generate code for <POU name> ..." are only reported in the build message category if this option is set.
CDS-85447 Bug

Compiler: Open project with later version CDS and get Error “C0140: Reference assign is only allowed to variables of reference type”

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Starting with V3.5 SP18 opening an older project without updating everything is no longer a supported usecase.
When updating everything the project can be compiled without any errors.
This is both true for V3.5 SP18 Patch 3 and V3.5 SP20
CDS-85446 Improvement

Compiler: Some issues with callstack output for stack overflow calculation

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The call stack should now be complete. Implicit code is displayed as <Hidden POUs>, the ordering of POUs should now be according to the call stack, calls of interface methods are replaced with the call of the implementation method with the deepest stack.
CDS-85445 Bug

IoDrvSafetySP: with some projects the logical exchange GVL do not exchange data

CDS-85441 Bug

TabularDeclarationEditor: "Not Implemented yet" error appears if you click on the bar under the tab of a GVL

CDS-85439 Bug

Intellisense suggestion are diplayed from wrong Lib

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with compilerversion
CDS-85437 Bug

DeviceObject: logical device is renamed by mistake if physical device is in slot

CDS-85435 Bug

NBS: UDP_Receive output 'udiPortFrom' not working

CDS-85432 Bug

import_io_mappings_from_csv return error "Too few arguments..."

CDS-85428 Bug

NetVar: Variables of extended types are not transmitted

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85424 Bug

IO-mapping is not updated if a symbolic access is deleted

CDS-85423 Bug

Frame: No Trace values shown on Logout when Trace window undocked

CDS-85421 Bug

Compiler: No compile error if 0 is assigned to a REFERENCE TO DUT

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85419 Improvement

IIoT Libraries SL: Investigate the posssibilities to import and use client certificates

CDS-85418 Bug

Logout doesn't finish with simulation device if a big GVL is open

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-85416 Bug

CmpTraceMgr: Missing Trace entries

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Investigation shows that there are no lost values in trace buffer but a delayed entry. But this is not a problem of the runtime system and there is no chance to check this.
CDS-85400 Bug

Linux: unnecessary Logger Warnings

CDS-85399 Bug

MessageView: "InvalidProjectHandle" exceptions are slowing down the loading of projects

CDS-85397 Bug

If 'Structured display of inheritance hierarchy' is activated, changing the display mode does not work for variable shown under SUPER^

CDS-85395 Bug

Property call returns wrong value if Property contains CASE with empty ELSE branch

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85394 Bug

File Commands: Nested folders for project templates may lead to duplicate entries

CDS-85386 Bug

ARM64 syscpudebughandler: possible overwrites of FPU parameterregister

CDS-85372 Improvement

Embedded: Check stack size in regression tests

CDS-85366 Bug

Compile: Array of Alias of a structure: initial value of alias is ignored

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CDS-85363 Bug

Project Inspection: missing addon(s) dialog suggest Code Generator ARM for a Control Win x64 project

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-85014
CDS-85362 Improvement

Installer Integration: Consider LanguageModelVersion during project inspection

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
LanguageModelVersion is now considered during project inspection.
CDS-85356 Bug

OPCServer: Very rare semaphore deadlock possible

CDS-85328 Improvement

Combine Compiler.QualifiedTypeGenerator and LanguageModelUtiltities.QualifiedTypeTextCreator

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85315 Improvement

Package Manager: Write tags and language model version into package db

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Tags and LanguageModelVersion of Packages are now written to the PackageDB. Tags and LanguageModelVersion are now exposed in an Interface.
CDS-85314 Bug

Compile: Array of Alias of Array with initialisation reports unexpected errors

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-85310 Bug

[Setup] Codemeter installation is required even if a newer version is already installed

CDS-85305 Bug

Internal compiler error when complex user-specific data types are used

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85301 Bug

Redundancy: Writing redundancy settings overwrites configured BootupWaitTime with default value

CDS-85296 Improvement

Installer Integration: RequiredAddonService should be able to be switched off

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Analysis can be skipped during XML import by OEM customization with the following hook
Section: InstallerIntegration
Key: DisableAddonService
Value: true
The events triggering the service have been switched to project structure changed event.
CDS-85294 Bug

SVG-Renderer: Update OSS to latest versions (libcurl 8.0.1, cairo 1.17.8, libpng 1.6.39, libjpeg-turbo, libxml2 2.10.4)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Updated libcurl.dll to version 8.0.1
Updated libxml2.dll to version 2.10.4
Updated libpng to 1.6.39
Updated cairo to 1.17.8
Updated libjpeg-turbo to

The update of cairo might cause some texts that are part of an SVG to be moved by 1px. We consider this as not problematic as images hardly contain texts.
CDS-85292 Improvement

License Manager: Update Wibu Gateways

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The essential parts of workstation licensing has been ported to the new WIBU gateways. The device part is covered by CDS-86349.
CDS-85290 Bug

Crash during compile of assignment with complex index access and data copy

CDS-85289 Improvement

LibManEditor: Add a TryParse variant of AbstractVersion.Parse(string)

CDS-85281 Bug

LibMan, Parameter Editor: Wrong link to online help

CDS-85279 Improvement

SysCpuHandlingLinux.c: ARM32/THUMB/??/ does not build with GCC11

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Thumb2 targets with GCC11 and higher are supported.
CDS-85277 Bug

SysCpuMulticore linux: Crash in case of restricted cores with cgroups/containers

CDS-85276 Bug

Compiler: Compile errors with special customer device settings

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version
CDS-85274 Improvement

CmpHilscherCIFX.c : Add missing variable attribute to function GetPacketInQueue()

CDS-85267 Bug

Visu, NativeControls: SysNativeControlDestroy is not always called

CDS-85252 Bug

DeviceEditor: Online values for bool are not updated if editor is already open and download

CDS-85247 Bug

DeviceObject: rename and refactor a device may undo previous delete

CDS-85245 Bug

Online go-to definition for an array element does not display the variable

CDS-85242 Bug

Nullreference Exception occurs,when changing array size and doing an Online Change

CDS-85241 Bug

WebBrowserIntegration: StartPage configured in Options shall be an allowed target

CDS-85238 Improvement

Licensed Software Metric: OEM Customization Hook to hide metrics in the presentation layer

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There is a new OEMCustomization Hook that returns the product codes of the licenses to hide in the presentation layer
Section: LicensedSoftwareMetrics
Key: ProductCodesToHide
Datatype: HashSet<uint>
CDS-85234 Bug

Package Manager CLI: Package installation fails if profile has errors

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Due to the fix of INST-458 this issue is not required anymore.
CDS-85233 Improvement

IPM: Support Additional Folder

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
IPM now shows a list of additional folders (if available) to choose from on startup.
CDS-85223 Bug

DeviceObject and ScriptDriverDevices: import_io_mappings_from_csv broken with CODESYS V3.5.19.0

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Accident by CDS-82588.
CDS-85214 Bug

Project Inspection: unhandled exception on finish

CDS-85213 Bug

Monitoring: The monitoring_encoding attribute does not work for REFERENCE TO STRING

CDS-85189 Bug

CODESYS Control: Authenticated DoS vulnerabilities in CODESYS protocol servers

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2023-05, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=17765&token=04e117e1408fdb8e02b4bc821aa3be819668aef4&download=
CDS-85170 Improvement

CmpIecVarAccess: Implement new interface IecVarAccFindChildByName

CDS-85165 Epic

VxWorks: Support ARM64

* Runtime exception handling is not working reliably. See CDS-85733
* Redundancy feature is not yet tested and should not be used for production.
CDS-85162 Bug

SysTaskLinux: Fast Resume/Suspend might lead to inconsistent state

Implementation not possible for QNX plattforms.
CDS-85150 Improvement

Make it possible to store V3 Libraries without signature

CDS-85137 Bug

Codesys dialogs on opening are not visible or blocking

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-85135 Bug

[MessageView] Messages added during Engine initialization are not shown

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Adding messages to the MessageStorage before UIReady is now working properly
CDS-85129 Bug

Util Library: PD’s Y output does not consider modified KP input while running

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix as the special case described in this issue is not specified at all and the risk of changing the behaviour is rated too high.
CDS-85127 Improvement

Extend AuthZipFile to support additional signatures and use these signatures for usercode detection

CDS-85125 Improvement

[Setup] Show Release Notes instead of ReadMe

CDS-85122 Bug

Exception in Codegenerator when profiling a special Project

CDS-85121 Bug

Exception if STRING_TO_DT is used to convert specific strings (incomplete)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85117 Bug

Using "INTERNAL" in declaration and using tabular view works not correct

CDS-85116 Bug

Cannot create context file for UFC-Container

CDS-85114 Bug

Online Change: change of initial value of a VAR_OUTPUT CONSTANT is not applied

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
A not replaced constant in a function block will now be initialized during online change for all instances of the function block.
However, if not absolutely necessary, you should avoid these situations. We recommend to replace constants by default in code. If you need some constants to be located in memory, use the attribute 'const_replaced'. Constants are often used for initialisation of other variables and constants. If the initialisation order is not correct, then the old value of a constant could be used during online change before the constant is initialised with the new value.
CDS-85113 Bug

NBS: TCP_Client can not work over TLS without CertInfo

CDS-85110 Bug

Frame: CommandInfoCache causes GDI Leak

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Icons have been removed from command info cache. Missing commands will only have a name and description.
CDS-85109 Bug

ARM Debughandler: "Step into" overwrites an used FPU parameterregister

CDS-85103 Improvement

Runtime documentation: Remove documentation of not implemented login types

CDS-85095 Bug

Targetvisu, Overlay: mouse click executed within the wrong image object

CDS-85088 Epic

Redundancy: RTS connection stabilization

CDS-85087 Bug

[Setup] OPC Server DA cannot be installed if newer Gateway V2.3 is already installed

CDS-85074 Bug

TargetVisu, Overlay: Arrows do not look good on scrollbars

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix. With Antialiasing option activated in the TV, the arrows look smooth.
CDS-85067 Bug

[Delivery] Setup Sources Zip does not contain MicrosoftEdgeWebview2Setup and Installer

CDS-85065 Bug

Wrong precompile error C0201 with enum in complex declaration

CDS-85058 Improvement

CmpRouter: Optional package logging

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Package logging can be activated/configured by the following settings:

Mask=1: Only Rx; Mask=2: Only Tx; Mask=3: Both
CDS-85056 Bug

Compile: Stack overflow detected although it should not

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The stack check is a worst case analysis. The calculated stack size for the reported project seems to be correct. The reported call stack, however, is not complete. The calculated stack size for each function only considers the local stack size, and not the stack size that is allocated by the caller.
But the functions reported in the call stack are potentially called in this order and allocate large objects on the stack.
All the allocated stack amounts to a potential stack overflow. It is absolutely possible that some functions in the call stack are never actually executed and there won't be the same stack consumption at runtime. Nevertheless, you should try to avoid a large stack consumption, and large value objects on the stack.
The reported project contains several large objects on the stack, that are used to copy information. Check these situations, whether it is possible to use references.
A new issue has been created : CDS-85446 to fix some problems in the reported call stack to improve the call stack output to give complete information on the calculated stack.
CDS-85055 Bug

ST Editor: Smart Coding option "Highlight symbols" leads to delay on variable click in lengthy text editor

CDS-85054 Bug

Virusscanner, Codesys Addons: Installing can lead to "process cannot access the file 'CurrentInstall.log' " message

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Log will be hold in memory instead of writing to disc.
CDS-85053 Bug

Device Tree: Generate code leads to errors for a project containing devices plugged in slots

CDS-85052 Bug

Linux Targetvisu Webbrowser Element: Stack Overflow causes Exception

CDS-85048 Bug

Visu, Overlay, password field: The password entry is visible in Targetvisu

CDS-85037 Epic

SysTimeRtc: Improve timezone handling and dailight saving time

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The SysTimeRtcGetTimezone function has been marked **deprecated** as of release Replacement is the SysTimeRtcGetTimezone2 function.
CDS-85032 Epic

File Transfer: GetFileInfo service should allow to check several files at once

CDS-85030 Improvement

LMM: Remove dead code in monitoring byte code

CDS-85025 Bug

OPC UA Server: BadAttributeInvalid if you browse through the CODESYS Node IDs

CDS-85024 Bug

NBS: Release Event and Callback handles

CDS-85022 Bug

Crash when updating parameters of a library

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-85021 Improvement

NBS: Document the handling of VAR_IN_OUT itfIPAddressFrom

CDS-85020 Bug

Compiler: internal error in case of unexpected call on variable in GVL

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85019 Improvement

LMM: Provide access method to the type table

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Starting with compilerversion the interface ILMPreCompileService5 provides access to an interface ILMTypeService, that offers commonly used functionality related to types.
Additionally ILMPreCompileService5 allow access to an interface ILMStringEncodingService
CDS-85014 Bug

ProjectLanguageModelProvider: BackendGuid target setting is evaluated wrong

CDS-85013 Improvement

Compiler: remove confusing memory outputs

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-85003 Improvement

DeviceObject: add flag for safety input and outputs to skip swapping of io channels

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler version >= required
CDS-84999 Bug

Compiler: No breakpoint can be set in an implicit check function after exporting and importing it as PLCopenXML

CDS-84996 Bug

CmpIoMgr : IO driver parameter access fails in specific environment

CDS-84994 Improvement

Find Replace: Improve editor-based FindReplace

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Block Selection is not supported.
CDS-84979 Improvement

CmpMemPool: Trace for MemPoolLock/MemPoolUnlock

CDS-84977 Bug

Memory Leak with activated Overlay-Visu

CDS-84975 Improvement

WebBrowserIntegration: Method IsKosherURL needs to be improved

CDS-84968 Bug

Usability: Performance is bad when switching from device editor in customer project

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The compiler spends most time with the enormous(a total of 92.000 lines) device parameter lists provided by the device object. I think for this the performance is acceptable. It might be possible to reduce the size of these lists in the device description.
CDS-84967 Bug

[OLH] Help SerializeHexReal (FUN)

CDS-84965 Bug

SysTaskLinux.c: SysTaskSuspend does not save context if it is suspending the own task

CDS-84964 Bug

Compiler: Wrong error is shown, if two values are multiplied within an initialization

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
duplicates CDS-82582
CDS-84963 Bug

Autotest TACO_IOBP_03 fails sporadically on Linux_ARM64 - Part 2

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-84961 Bug

FB instance can no tbe used as input of method

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Not an error: a VAR_IN_OUT allows the change of the value of the assigned variable. The problem is, that an interface is a reference type and VAR_IN_OUT is also a reference. VAR_IN_OUT allows to change the value of the connected variable!
itf : ITF;
itf := global_inst;

POU1(itf := myvar);

After calling this function POU1, myvar will refer to global_inst. Therefore myvar has to have the exact type ITF and can't be an instance of a function block implementing the interface.
Any interface variable is by itself a reference type. If you just want to pass a reference to POU instances to a function without writing to the variable, use VAR_INPUT.
CDS-84957 Bug

External file: File without file extension leads to an error message

CDS-84952 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack - update to BACstack V25.1.5.1

CDS-84951 Bug

Refactoring: rename application is not recognized by IO mappings

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-84931 Improvement

Reserve Component IDs for CmpDNP3

CDS-84923 Bug

CmpRedundancy: Loss of synchronization with lots of data and DataSyncAlways activated

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-84919 Improvement

CmpRedundancy: Improve usability

CDS-84918 Bug

CmpRedundancy: Race condition sporadically occurs when setting up the redundancy

CDS-84917 Bug

CmpRedundancyConnectionIP: Several Downloads lead to Sys Socket Error 0x207

CDS-84916 Bug

CmpRedundancyConnectionIP: Changing IP-Adress leads to Socket error

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates bug [CDS-84918] "CmpRedundancyConnectionIP: Socket error 2 occurs on synchronous bootup".
CDS-84915 Bug

CmpRedundancy: Port Number from Config File is different from Logger

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-84914 Bug

CmpRedundancyConnectionIP: Write Settings and Controller reboot lead to Socket Error 0x208

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The problem is that after rebooting the Linux system, the CODESYSControl runtime system starts automatically and tries to open the TCP sockets/communication too early because they are not available at that time. For the specific system, the default (5000 ms) for the BootupWaittime is too short.

Increasing the value of the following setting solves this problem:
CDS-84913 Bug

CmpRedundancy: Wrong synchronization timeout lead to RT freeze

CDS-84909 Bug

Watch window: Watch window doesn't recognize copied variables

CDS-84900 Bug

LibraryManager: Libraries are not listed as intended when implementing ISecureServerProvider

CDS-84897 Bug

Ethernet/IP: Scan and some acyclic services no longer working on WinCE

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Caused by CDS-81388.
CDS-84894 Bug

Comparison in GetLocalizedString-Method does not work in every case

CDS-84890 Bug

Compiler: Instancepath is not correctly set in Childapplications

CDS-84888 Bug

CODESYS doesn't react after activate the single cycle if application is on exception

CDS-84886 Improvement

Linux Runtime: Add flag O_DSYNC for open the char device, used for retain memory

CDS-84876 Bug

Compile: Stack overflow is not detected, if function block implements derived interface

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-84873 Improvement

Spec./Protoype IecVarAccess: Type name of structs should be available by online services

The response of the online service SRV_IECVARACC_BROWSE_GET_TYPE_DESCS of the service group SG_IEC_VAR_ACCESS has been extended by an TAG_IECVARACC_TYPE_NAME tag for STRUCT types.
NOTE: The type name is only available if the setting "Support OPC UA features" is set in symbol configuration of the IEC application.
CDS-84867 Bug

Monitoring of access to a pointer via index does not work

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Problem is already fixed with CDS-82010 for SP 19
CDS-84864 Improvement

[Setup] OEM adaption for productPathComponent and repositoryRoot

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more information see the documentations "CODESYS Installation Extended OEM Adaptions".
CDS-84861 Bug

Audit Log Message after delete application

CDS-84854 Bug

Load project message dialog could not open ... open path for not loaded objects

CDS-84852 Bug

ProjectCompare: Taskgroups are not considered in diff view

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Taskgroups and their properties are displayed in the project compare for the Taskconfiguration.
The associated Taskgroup is displayed in the project compare to the Taskobject.
The Taskgroups and their properties can be merged with SingleAccept.
CDS-84850 Bug

Compiler: CODESYS crashes when creating a recursive ALIAS

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CompilerVersion >=
CDS-84847 Improvement

Unittests: Reactivate BinaryArchive Unittests

CDS-84846 Bug

Option Files: Files end up in the same folder in customized installation

CDS-84843 Bug

License Manager: License activation not possible on dongle connected to PLC

CDS-84832 Bug

CMUtils / Hash: OPC UA Server exception on reset cold with new symbol configuration (Linux Device)

CDS-84829 Bug

Compiler: Types from Visu-Interface are resolved incorrectly

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-84827 Bug

[Compatibility]: login to an SP12 runtime fails with some projects

CDS-84822 Bug

ProjectCompare: Identical projects are shown as different

CDS-84813 Bug

WatchList: FindAll and FindNext donot jump to correct target in GVL

CDS-84810 Improvement

DeviceObject/DeviceEditor: add support for non-IEC-compliant identifiers

CDS-84809 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack - update to BACstack V25.1.2.1

CDS-84801 Bug

IECTextEditor: deadlock on generate code if some ST editors are open

CDS-84793 Bug

Go to Definition: Command 'Go to Definition' should open the method in an offline editor

CDS-84792 Bug

Refactoring: Renaming variables declared after an initialized ALIAS variable does not rename the variable declaration

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CompilerVersion >=
CDS-84791 Bug

Monitoring: wrong monitoring of static function block instance in instance

CDS-84782 Bug

AP: Behaviour OEM Customization Hook broken (LoggerPage)

CDS-84774 Bug

Compiler: Compile error due to initialization order although attribute 'global_init_slot' is used

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The non-breaking-space(unicode 0xA0) is now interpreted as a whitespace character starting from compiler version
CDS-84770 Improvement

RTS Online Help: Improve debugging chapter

CDS-84769 Bug

Compiler: Attributes are not working with non breaking spaces

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-84774
CDS-84756 Bug

CmpOPCUAProviderIecVarAccess: Return OpcUa_BadNodeIdInvalid instead of Misconfigured Node when the wrong plc name is used

CDS-84748 Bug

Compiler: String Online value representation wrong

CDS-84747 Bug

Persistent variables: wrong error message for persistent variable of library of complex type

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-84744 Bug

SmartCoding: Library namespace not shown in case it has same name as enum values inside other library

CDS-84742 Bug

Setup: Check on path length fails

CDS-84740 Bug

Compiler: ARRAY initialization does not work anymore for Alias

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-85314: Compile: Array of Alias of Array with initialisation reports unexpected errors
CDS-84734 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: Update OpenSSL to most recent version 1.1.1t

CDS-84730 Bug

Linux: assertion in Targetvisu code generates runtime exception

CDS-84727 Improvement

Project inspection: Bad performance of "Download and setup a new installation"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The item is not fixed for the following reasons:
- The installation of all add-ons takes 9 min on current computers, which is quite acceptable.
- The upcoming CODESYS Sandbox allows to easily keep and manage sandboxes that fit the project. These can then be opened by simply unzipping. In this sandbox then everything is contained, which belongs to the project.
- Gradually, new add-ons are provided with compatibility information, to which a new version is compatible. This will make the project inspection more tolerant and less frequent.
CDS-84726 Improvement

PLCHandler: Interface Gateway: Improve login result and Gateway notification handling.

CDS-84722 Bug

DeviceObject: Read of IoConfig.par does not work anymore

CDS-84719 Bug

Login to SIL3 device leads to compile error "C0188: Device not installed"

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Not able to reproduce this issue with CODESYS V3.5.19.0.
CDS-84712 Bug

Breakpoint cannot be set/removed in method of nested libraries

CDS-84710 Bug

LibManEditor: Tab 'Inputs/Outputs' is missing 'Initial' values for variables of struct-types

CDS-84707 Bug

Compile: Internal error occurs during build

CDS-84706 Improvement

Scan Network/Communication Editor: Allow disabling Update non matching devices use case

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Use the new boolean Hook to dis-/enable the feature:
Section: "DeviceCommunicationEditor"
Key: "IsUpdatingDevicesFromNetworkScanSupported"

Return FALSE to disable the feature, return TRUE (=default) for activating the feature of updating devices in a project.
CDS-84696 Bug

Visu, Targetvisu: Warning: QApplication was not created in the main() thread

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't Fix. This problem is related to a Qt-Bug, see https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-101288.
CDS-84678 Bug

Compiler, Generics: Generic type can only be used with source library

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-84672 Bug

Exception with specific project: Invalid memory is accessed under Linux and simulation Mode

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The steps to repeat are not clear enough to reproduce the error
CDS-84671 Bug

Add to watch: Structure variable within another structure cannot be expanded

CDS-84663 Improvement

Package Manager: Batch installation should not break in cause of a blacklisted package

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There has been a new pre installation check included. Blacklisted packages will be checked a priori. If found an error message will be prompted. PackageManagerCLI will return errorcode 4 in this case.
CDS-84661 Bug

SysSocketVxworks.c : Explicit cast required to avoid compile error (VxWorks 22.06)

CDS-84660 Bug

CmpX509CertItf.m4 : Missing dependency for SysTimeItf.m4

CDS-84659 Bug

LanguageModelManager: task cross references are not updated as expected

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The issue with broken IO-Data was fixed with a seperate profinet issue PN-502.
The issue that the compiler might report to many crossreferences in some situations. Removing these crossreferences will severly reduce the performance of online changes. After some investigation we are sure that these additional crossreferences will never reference variables that don't exists or that any crossreferences will miss. The next normal onlinechange will fix the crossreferences again.
CDS-84650 Bug

Software license metrics: Child applications are not considered in the codesize metric

CDS-84646 Bug

ProjectCompare: readonly situation enables write by itself on closing view

CDS-84643 Bug

Compile: Memory corruption with special GVL

CDS-84641 Bug

CmpUserMgr: Change password with old one expects ERR_DUPLICATE

CDS-84640 Bug

DeviceObject: Mapping of Variable of Bittype to Bit-Channel does not produce an error

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The created task mapping is correct. wSize is 1 and therefore the IO driver shall only copy one bit with the correct position given by wParameterBitOffset and wIecAddressBitOffset.
Therefore won't fix
CDS-84636 Bug

Select Device dialog: minimizing the displayed devices under a gateway does not work properly

CDS-84614 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack (2) BACnetWritePropertyInstance(ByHandle) Argument pValueSrc comment misssing statement about optional semantics of pValueSrc

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-84613 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack (2) BACNET_RAW_CB wrong return type int

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-84607 Bug

Package Manager: Exception when canceling package installation

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Deplicates CDS-83413.
CDS-84586 Bug

Find&Replace: “Replace All” with regular expression containing dot leads to Freeze of CODESYS

CDS-84575 Bug

Compiler: Unexpected error messages when using an older project in a new CODESYS version

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Starting with V3.5 SP19 this problem is no longer reproducible
CDS-84570 Improvement

Move .NET 6 build files of StandaloneCompiler to AP NuGets - Cleanup Essentials

CDS-84569 Bug

Device Diagnosis: GetDeviceInfo() fails with Profinet Port-Submodules

CDS-84565 Bug

Targetvisu, Windows, Overlay and Legacy: Leak of temporary files

CDS-84562 Bug

Updating an package can lead to break of dependency (PackageReference)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Existing package reference constraints will now be checked before a new package will be installed. If the new one would break a reference an error will be shown.
CDS-84558 Bug

DeviceApplication: Removed Commands still show up in Customization

CDS-84554 Improvement

CmpCodeMeter: minimal required version of CodeMeter Runtime should be configurable

CDS-84553 Improvement

LibraryManager, Refactoring: Refactor LibraryRepository files

CDS-84544 Epic

Support App Based licenses - Release

CDS-84537 Improvement

SysSemLinux / SysMutexLinux use "robust" pthread_mutex to avoid SIGABRT

SysMemLinux and SysSemLinux are now using "robust" mutexes by default if possible (not for old libc < 2.12 or QNX).
CDS-84533 Bug

Unjustified storage format upgrade

CDS-84531 Improvement

DeviceCommunicationEditor: Extend the API of the device license activation to allow selecting the container for the activation

CDS-84530 Bug

Package Manager: Id2 check does not consider older packages not having such

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Allow the installation of a package with a lower version and without ID2 although an already installed package with a higher version has an ID2
CDS-84529 Bug

Cross Reference: Context column in cross reference list does not sort correctly

CDS-84527 Improvement

DeviceEditor I/O Mapping: Not all information texts are painted grey.

CDS-84520 Bug

CmpOPCUAProviderAlarmConfiguration: Events are reported three times

CDS-84504 Improvement

[Unittest] Update and configure package signature unittest

CDS-84478 Bug

AutoDeclare: Exception in ST editor of execute box if autodeclare is activated in SmartCoding

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Initially, this bug reported two individual problems. One was the critical crash that was also present in older versions (e.g. SP17) and the effect, that auto-declaring did not work for the very first try. As both problems are unrelated, the implementation for this bug fixes the critical crash that needs to be patched.
The minor effect with the missing auto-declare for the first try will be handled by the separate issue CDS-84790.
CDS-84458 Bug

Compile: Internal error occurs during build

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Starting with compilerversion this problem is no longer reproducible. The compile errors C0018 and C0046 are reported instead
CDS-84446 Improvement

CODESYS, if started by/in another process, can be stopped and unloaded completely

CDS-84443 Bug

unexpected compile error TIME literal 2 UDINT

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Starting with compilerversion this problem is no longer reproducible.
This problem was fixed with CDS-83281
CDS-84436 Bug

Export device from device tree with adapted channels is not possible

CDS-84432 Bug

Compile: Same name of GVL/POU as namsespace in libraries leads to no error

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
the binding preferences of names are according to specification: the GVL name has precedence over the library name. But the precompile error message was wrong, now the precedence for precompile check is the same as for compile. If a global variable list has the same name as a library, the gvl-Name hides the library.
CDS-84419 Bug

Compile: Build leads an error „‘C0358 eVal‘ is not a valid value for strict ENUM type ‚E_Test‘"

CDS-84418 Bug

Libraries released with an old version cannot be signed

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
A source library with (storage) version less than cannot be opened without updating the storage format, because the minimal supported storage version of CODESYS is
Without updating the storage format a TypeNotSerializableException will be thrown when trying to store/serialize the library.

The best approach to avoid this problem is the following:
- Open the library with a suitable non-modularized CODESYS (e.g. V3.5 SP12)
- Update the storage format
- Update the currently stored compilerversion (normally "Newest" in old libraries) to the oldest available compilerversion (normally
- Save the library using the oldest available storage format "Library files (CoDeSys V3.3)"

Such a modified library can be signed without any errors.
Also source libraries with (storage) version or newer can be signed without any errors (e.g. CmpApp
When signing such a modified library with a modularized CODESYS the "Compiler Versions Archive" addon must be part of the installation.

When using the compiler version "Newest" or the oldest available compiler version it is not guaranteed that a login is possible without onlinechange when using the signed compiled library
CDS-84415 Bug

PackageManager: TestFiles Path is not used

CDS-84413 Bug

Software license metrics: Too simple check for not available licenses

CDS-84406 Improvement

NBS: TCP_Connection shows wrong configuration if no TLS Context is configured

CDS-84398 Bug

License Manager: error dialog only display error code instead of an information of the error

CDS-84396 Bug

ST: Type converting error occurs, if two different FB instances with the same input variable are dynamically defined via __NEW operator

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83811 Bug

DeviceObject: update environment shows unwanted device descriptions

CDS-83805 Improvement

[Technical Debt] Compiler: Fix critial issues

CDS-83799 Bug

Refactoring: Null Reference Exception is thrown

CDS-83793 Improvement

New compiler version for SP 20

CDS-83792 Improvement

Webserver: Use TLS1.3 by default

The Webserver in the runtime system uses now TLS in version 1.3 by default, instead of version 1.2
CDS-83785 Bug

LanguageModelManager: GetVarReference performance issue

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The issue is fixed with SP 19 with CDS-81751.
CDS-83784 Improvement

Keyboard shortcut: Create a default keyboard shortcut for Go To Definition

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There are two new keyboard shortcuts:
CtrlShiftD: Go to Definition
CtrlShiftX: Display Cross References
CDS-83777 Bug

BACnet: BACstack - BACstack - error creating BISTRING properties with length 0

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Solved with CDS-84809 BACnet: BACstack - update to BACstack V25.1.2.1
CDS-83776 Bug

BACnet: BACstack - BACstack - error reading number of elements in ARRAY property reading element 0

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Solved with CDS-84809 BACnet: BACstack - update to BACstack V25.1.2.1
CDS-83775 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack - BACstackV24 - BACnetAuthorizationExemption missing

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Solved with CDS-84809 BACnet: BACstack - update to BACstack V25.1.2.1
CDS-83774 Bug

NBS: NBS.ResolveHostname cannot be executed again in the event of an error.

CDS-83771 Bug

Compiler: conditional compilation in interface not working when certain return types are used

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
We recommend to place define attributes only at locations where attributes are supported, in this case the define attribute must be placed before the signature itself.
CDS-83768 Bug

Compiler: Internal error in combination with a generic datatype and an action

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-83765 Bug

Compile: Compile error when using __POOL for a function with VAR_INPUT

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83758 Improvement

UnitTests: Update 'Engine' and 'OnlineCommands' tests to run on SP20 trunk

CDS-83757 Bug

IOMapping: Implicit conversion error when mapping an enum

CDS-83756 Improvement

Online Change: Improve message output regarding actually compiled POUs

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CDS-83753 Improvement

Online Change: First online change after opening project is considerably slower

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The issue is fixed with SP 19 with CDS-81751.
CDS-83752 Improvement

Online Change: Only retypify complete application if unqualified GVL changes

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CompilerVersion >=
CDS-83740 Bug

QNX 7.1 / Cortex : Communication Channel timeouts

QNX Runtimes running on multicore systems now pin to first cpu by default. This behavior might be changed by command line parameter "-c" and providing a cpu mask.
CDS-83725 Bug

RTS_I64_MAX is defined with a wrong value ("-1")

CDS-83717 Epic

Help portal: generate offline help

CDS-83716 Improvement

CmpBACnet, CmpBACnet2: Replace IEC API calls with C API calls within components

CDS-83715 Improvement

CmpBACnet, CmpBACnet2: Improve type casts on 64 bit systems

CDS-83711 Improvement

CODESYS Control Win Setup: Remove copy step of bacstac.ini

CDS-83704 Bug

Flow Control: Wrong behavior of MemCmp together with SIZEOF

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The problem is not per se a problem of Flow Control, but a problem of the string assignment. The code that is reported essentially looks like this:

string1 := CONCAT("X", "Y");
btest := MemCmp(string1, string2, SIZEOF(string1));
MemCpy(string2, string1, SIZEOF(string1));

string1 and string2 are STRING(80), SIZEOF(string1) are 81 bytes.
CONCAT returns STRING(255).
the assignment to string1 copies 80 bytes from the callstack to string1, only the first 3 of these bytes have a guaranteed value: 'X', 'Y', 0. You should not make any assumption on the content of a string beyond the terminating zero.

In most cases, the used stack will be the same from one cycle to the next, so the call of CONCAT returns the same bytes in each cycle. So btest will be true most of the time. But this is not guaranteed! If you add a function call before the CONCAT, with a function call without constant values, btest will probably be false, because the content of the STRING-variable after the terminating zero changes with each call.

Flow control interrupts the program execution several times with calls to runtime system functions. This has an effect on the values on the stack, and so the result of the MemCmp is different in this case.
CDS-83690 Epic

Support LoongArch64 Platform

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Is already supported since CODESYS
CDS-83686 Bug

FlowControl: Cycle time expansion occurred with several IEC tasks

1. Sometimes monitoring artifacts for flowcontrol positions occurred (green execution box will be displayed sporadically white, although code was definitely executed)
CDS-83681 Bug

Find: Searching in online mode with “Find Next” doesn’t jump to right GVL location; “Find All” leads to Freeze of IDE

Fixed [[General]]
Little fix to stop the freezing of CODESYS. To fix the less dramatic "not-finding" in the Watchlist there is the new bug CDS-84813.
CDS-83680 Bug

Exception if CheckPointer is used for Reference to Pointer

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83667 Bug

Rts, Targetvisu: Non cyclic leak in SysNativeCommonControlsQt

CDS-83651 Bug

IecCoreSetOverwrite event doesn't work anymore

CDS-83644 Bug

IntelliSense: auto-complete within actions does not work with 'protected' methods

CDS-83643 Bug

Project Archive: Data has been skipped while storing

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The warning about skipped data for the line IDs in the ST based code parts is no longer shown. The data itself was never skipped. Depending on the profile it is only stored at a different location.
CDS-83642 Bug

LibMan: MessageView is not cleaned up properly

CDS-83636 Improvement

CmpCodeMeter: Iteration interface needed over all containers and licenses in every container

CDS-83633 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack (2) - read Property_List[0] element access returns BACNET_STATUS_VAL_OUT_OF_SPACE, forcing inefficient workaround in BACnet.library

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Fixed as with BACstack2 objdbacces.c FetchObjectPropertyValue
Next version after delivered to CODESYS was V25.1.2.1.
CDS-83624 Bug

Compiler: unexpected compile error for use of enumerations in generic function blocks

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-83618 Improvement

OPC UA Server: Adopt endpoints and behavior dynmaically on changed security settings

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
All security settings (except Activation) of the OPC UA server can now be modified without restarting the PLC.
CDS-83601 Bug

Compiler: Different TAN - calculation detected

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The calculation of TAN is done by the runtime system (by the C compiler). CODESYS codegenerator only generates a call to an external C function.
CDS-83569 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack (2) - cleanup initialization of BitString with bitCount = 0

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Solved with CDS-84809 BACnet: BACstack - update to BACstack V25.1.2.1
CDS-83556 Improvement

[Technical Debt] Refactor PrecompileCrossRefCollector

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83535 Improvement

Fast online change: compile errors might prevent consequent fast online changes

CDS-83534 Improvement

Libman: Don't use libraries with external objects if not resolved by device

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Libraries that contain externally implemented objects are not resolved as unbound placeholders, if a unbound placeholder can only be resolved by externally implemented libraries it is redirected to Not Implemented By Device instead.
This behaviour can be overwriten by the library developer by setting the parameter IsExternallyImplemented of type BOOL to FALSE
This behaviour only applies to normal projects, in library-projects it is disabled since no device is used/avaiable
CDS-83531 Improvement

Retains: Support Shm custom device file

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Retains can now be stored in a configurable location.
This feature cannot be used simultaniously with retain in shm.

Example for configuration:



(Or a local path for testing, this file must be allocated with a corresponding size or larger before: )
CDS-83509 Bug

Compiler does not generate error for wrong pointer initialisiation

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Compiling the attached project already reports more than 100 Warnings "C0441:Access to unitialized VAR_IN_OUT Variable". This warning is intented to catch exactly the described problem. For compatibility reasons it cannot be turned into an error
CDS-83495 Improvement

Webserver, CmpOpenSSL: adjust TLS support for Version TLS1.3

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
With the following security setting, the TLS version can be set to TLS 1.3. Then only TLS1.3 is allowed.

CDS-83492 Improvement

CmpIecTask: IecTasksWaitForStop( ): Adjust tSleepMs timeout

CDS-83490 Bug

Compile exception with pointer to global constant

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83481 Bug

Codesys completely freezes if you define a Constant recursively

CDS-83425 Bug

FlowControl: Occurrence of further deadlocks detected

1. Sometimes with a very sharp watchdog timeout and many open instance windows with flow control we still had an deadlock issue. We will further investigate this.
CDS-83418 Bug

Compile: Warnings missing in "Compiler warnings" list in the Project Settings

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CompilerVersion >=
New warnings at the end of the list with the correct warning texts:
* C0565 with same text as error C0120
* C0566 with same text as error C0524
* C0567 with same text as error C0319
* C0568 with same text as error C0094
* C0569 with same text as error C0244
see documentation of the respective errors for the expected error messages.
CDS-83417 Bug

OPC UA Server: Sometimes publish less monitored items than expected

CDS-83413 Bug

PackageManager : Unhandled Exception when clicking "Cancel"

CDS-83411 Bug

Runtime Crash with Flow Control on Specific PLC

CDS-83407 Improvement

3s.dat: Implement switching in CmpCodeMeter for new license model

CDS-83395 Bug

Access Violation in EtherCAT_Task if network is set down

CDS-83390 Bug

License Manager: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

CDS-83389 Bug

Intellisense: Inherited FB IOs are not displayed in Pool

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
Using Intellisense in pool objects now also returns suggestions from the active application
CDS-83388 Bug

[LongPath] The Bootstrap/DelayedOperations mechanism does not support LongPath

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
We reverted all the changes done because the changed executables had sometimes deadlocks in the process shutdown.
CDS-83386 Improvement

Installer: RepositoryLocations.ini should support relative paths

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Relative path support for RepositoryLocations.ini
CDS-83364 Bug

BACnet: BACstack - BACstackV23/24 - fix Audit-Reporter recursive call

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Solved with CDS-84809 BACnet: BACstack - update to BACstack V25.1.2.1
CDS-83333 Bug

RTE: No Link with 4-Wire Ethernet Cable

CDS-83295 Bug

Wrong Compile Error in library project using _IMPLICIT_APPLICATION_INFO constructor

CDS-83201 Bug

OPC UA Server: ServerCapabilities: SoftwareCertificates and MaxInactiveLockTime return NULL values

CDS-83192 Improvement

CmpOPCUAServer: Allow to use Full qualified Domain Name (FQDN) in Endpoints and Certificates

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There is a new setting which allows the use of the FQDN instead of the hostname used by the OPC UA Server. This will not be enabled by default as this would break existing applications. If needed this can be configured:

The FQDN is retrieved by SysSockGetFQDN. If required and the system does not have proper DNS suffixes, the following setting can be used to set up the correct FQDN:
PrimaryDnsSuffix=<any valid suffix>
CDS-83178 Bug

Compiler: C0111 error message does not specify that output area limit is in “bytes”

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83174 Improvement

CODESYS.exe needs --noConsole to hide the console window with --noUI

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Added commandline switch --noConsole to hide the console
CDS-83136 Bug

Persistent Variables: change size may result in compile error C0163

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83126 Bug

Windows: sysdefines.h: #ifdef WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN is missing

CDS-83113 Bug

Project Compare: Differences shown in CFC, although it should not

Duplicate Duplicate issue of CDS-69817 that has been fixed in CODESYS CFC
CDS-83098 Bug

SysDrv3S can not be installed on clean systems

CDS-83095 Bug

Boot Application: Switching application from unencrypted to encrypted does not provoke Boot App update

CDS-83083 Bug

CANL2: Documentation contains wrong store link

CDS-83067 Bug

Linux ARM: conversion for DATE > 2038 is not working correct

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Linux 32-bit systems, that have datatype "time_t" as signed 32 bit, are prone to the "year 2038" problem. This cannot currently be solved in a good way on these systems. Linux glibc developers are working on a way to resize the time_t to signed 64 bit type. This might come in the future. Until this solution is there, we cannot fix this issue in on 32 bit systems.
CDS-83023 Bug

ObjectManager: Property types are not deserialized if the property implementation is missing

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
With the introduction of the ProjectInspectionData all necessary information is stored there
CDS-83007 Bug

LibraryManager (POU): irrelevant message that libraries could not be resolved

CDS-82966 Bug

[LibraryManager]: on a fresh CDS installation it is not possible to open the editor of an object from LibMan

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
duplicates CDS-83807
CDS-82922 Improvement

SJA1000 driver: CmpSJACanDrv: Add new PCI IDs for Advantech's PCM-26D2CA-BE.

CDS-82913 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: Basic constraint should be set to false by default for self-signed certificates

Fixed [[COMPATIBILITY_INFORMATION]] By default, new self-signed certificates of our runtime will no longer have an authority key identifier and a subject key identifier.
CDS-82900 Bug

Two different version restrictions for the same package

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
With the reworked project inspection the issue does not occur any more.
CDS-82882 Bug

Interactive login with ID enable disable ID-save

CDS-82870 Bug

Visu, IV: Toggle alarm color doesn't work with expression

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Starting with V3.5 SP19 this problem is no longer reproducible
CDS-82863 Bug

Package Manager: Memory leak while installing hundreds of packages

CDS-82853 Improvement

[ComponentMgr]: check needed to prevent call into dependency injection from the constructor of a system instance

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There is a new exception "EarlySystemInstanceAccessException" that will be thrown if a system instance will be accessed before all have been loaded. The exception will be written into debug output as well. The system starts as usual.
CDS-82822 Bug

Online Help: Click 'F1' opens wrong online help contents at first try

CDS-82819 Bug

APUnitTestFramework should resolve interface dependencies of loaded plugins in their respective target

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
ApUnittestFramework uses the plugin cache file of the target for test execution.
CDS-82792 Bug

SharedQueue from the “SharedDataUtilities for MultiCore” does not appear to be thread safe

CDS-82789 Improvement

help: F1 on lib-FB instance/declaration opens lib man and jumps to FB showing its inline (lib) documentation

CDS-82788 Bug

VxWorks / SysCryptoVxWorks : Undeclared identifier with VxWorks 7 / CPP

CDS-82775 Bug

File, Download Source: using max_source_download_size causes different behavior

CDS-82753 Bug

VxWorks: SysSockGetHostbyName() returns wrong values

CDS-82733 Bug

WatchList: Monitoring of dereferenced pointer does not work under certain circumstances

CDS-82727 Bug

Compile error unitialized variable after update to

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The use of a reference or a pointer or an interface to an uninitialized variable to initialize a variable will produce a warning with Compilerversion >=
So in some cases (interfaces) existing projects may produce now a warning instead of an error. In other cases (pointer, references) existing projects may now produce new warnings.
CDS-82680 Bug

ST: For each new line, which is entered within a region, an increased number of tabs is added

CDS-82662 Bug

IecVarAccess: Consistent read blocks sporadically the IEC tasks for 1s

CDS-82651 Bug

The attribute {implicit on}/{implicit off} is not handled properly by PreCompile

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-71115
CDS-82618 Bug

Flow control does not work in areas with conditional compilation

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-82591 Improvement

RTE: Support of App Based licenses

CDS-82582 Bug

Compiler: "C0032: Cannot convert type 'DINT' to type 'INT'" message appears with customer project

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82566 Improvement

Project Compare: Add interface so that plugins can better decide to hide/show objects in a diff view

CDS-82535 Improvement

LicenseManager: The Select Device dialog should show all available PLCs

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Scan dialog lists a various kinds of devices either with an opened project or without.
CDS-82471 Bug

Compile: Wrong messages regarding Retain memory

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CompilerVersion >=
CDS-82437 Improvement

Compiler: Scanner option to count line numbers.

CDS-82427 Bug

NullReferenceException if AlarmConfiguration is deleted

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-81285
CDS-82423 Bug

LWIP: Update to latest version 2.1.3

CDS-82422 Improvement

CmpCodeMeter: Update CodeMeter Embedded SDK to latest version 2.61

CDS-82403 Bug

LibMan: Resolve unbound placeholder is not possible with a command

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
There is no need to implement a command "Set all unresolved unbound placeholder...", because the problem reported by the customer is no longer reproducible.
When running the attached script the Standard.library is added to the library manager and the resolution of the unbound placeholder is the newest available version.
CDS-82382 Bug

Compiler: Flow Control does not show values in green in processed code in a project with two tasks and OOP

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Flow Control needs to be done in one specific task in order to get consistent values. A suitable task is calculated automatically, whenever the editor changes. This is not always possible, especially when POUs are called via interface or pointer, a wrong task may be used.
This issue will be resolved with CDS-85927. With this issue, the user is prompted to select a task for flow control, and they can change the task to flow a POU.
CDS-82324 Improvement

Package Manager: Create API to get signature of installed packages

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
PackageEngine15 provides access to the signature information for installed packages
CDS-82323 Improvement

About Dialog: Version Info should contain PackageInfo and Signature

CDS-82294 Improvement

SyncOnlineFiles: Creating a boot project offline should also trigger “PrepareTransferOffline”

CDS-82256 Improvement

Refactoring: Add user option so that refactoring is executed automatically without the dialog

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Added a new Refactoring option "Preview Refactoring Changes".
If disabled, Refactoring is executed automatically without the preview changes dialog.

Note: Regardless of this option, the prompt to check if a "Rename" operation in the navigator should be executed, will always be displayed. This renaming is not an explicit operation and the user should get the chance to prevent it.
CDS-82245 Improvement

PLCHandler: Interface Simulation and Monitoring2 services: Provide type information for ENUMs and simple types

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New API functions GetAllTypes() and GetTypeByName() added. See PLCHandler Programming Guide.
CDS-82228 Bug

Actual storage format is not shown after "save project as" including Addon objects

CDS-82214 Bug

User handling: import of user and groups does not work

CDS-82210 Bug

SysTaskLinux: Race condition between SysTaskCreate and SysTaskSetPriority

SysTaskSetPriority might now return ERR_NOTINITIALIZED as long as the systask is not yet initialized completely, causing that the prio cannot be set.
CDS-82204 Bug

CmpIoMgr.c : Issues causing crash after few Run->Halt->Reset cycles

CDS-82171 Bug

Find: object reference not set to an instance of an object

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-82149 Bug

Package uninstallation fails if you update the installer from version to

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-82148 Improvement

CODESYS / DeviceUserManagement: GB40050: Support configuration of password expiration update cycle

CDS-82071 Improvement

Upgrade Storage Format: Name the future profile

CDS-82070 Improvement

Upgrade Storage Format: Provide API to confirm prompt automatically

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-79946
The interfacee IProjectUpdateConfigurator should already provide the required API.
CDS-82062 Bug

Project inspection: Download missing addons not possible

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
With the reworked Project Inspection it is possible to install the missing add-on by choosing "project is in development phase".
CDS-82060 Bug

Search and replace: Replacing one by one of a selection does not work

CDS-82052 Bug

SysEthernetLinux: Log message prints garbage socket file descriptor

CDS-81932 Bug

Compiler: No error when using %MXn.m where m is greater than the used type range

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
An error message for a direct address %MX0.8 would produce error messages in many existing projects. It is not a problematic address at all since it either denotes the same bit as %MX1.0 or the 8th bit in the first WORD in memory if bit_word_addressing is set as target setting. In either case, there is nothing wrong with this address.
However, mapping a bit-Variable with "Map on existing" to a bit channel in the IO-Mapping is not possible at all.
The compiler produces a warning "C0355: A single bit cannot be referenced.", but this warning is not simply connected to the mapping and it is hard to understand the cause of the warning.
To improve the warning for this mapping a new issue is created: CDS-84640
CDS-81905 Bug

Edit object (Offline): Opens object online

CDS-81901 Improvement

RTE / CmpET1000Drv: Extend driver to support new generation eth chips like i225/i226

CDS-81880 Bug

SysDrv3S: Wrong datatype used for PCI_INFO.ulBusNr

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
This fix was made to also support CODESYS V2 with the same driver version. We aren't aware of any use case where this fix is relevant for CODESYS V3.

If you nevertheless want to use the new driver version, you must manually update the SysDrv3S.sys driver to the latest version V3.5.19.10:
- In the Microsoft Windows Device Manager right-click on the Hilscher device to open the context menu.
- Select Update driver within this.
- Install the driver from the subdirectory "./Driver" of your CODESYS Development System or CODESYS Control installation directory.
- Check the driver version after the update. The driver must have version number
CDS-81802 Improvement

TaskConfig: Limit the type selection of a Task

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Use cases are not clear
CDS-81801 Bug

SysEthernetLinux: GetLinkSettings2: dont crash in case of unsupported ioctl(SIOCETHTOOL)

CDS-81772 Bug

License Manager: Request offline file fails

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-81769 Improvement

CmpMemGC: SystemTrace needed to check memory consumption on runtime per component

Memory trace can be activated with the following setting in the cfg-file:

=>You can upload a device trace named "MemGCTrace" to see global heap memory usage, delta global heap memory usage and heap memory usage per component:
- Add a trace object right under the device
- Menu command "Trace\Upload trace"
- Select "MemGCTrace"
- Command "Upload"

Trace code can be disabled with the following compiler switch:
CDS-81757 Bug

OPC DA Server: Setup displays empty firewall dialog

CDS-81754 Bug

CmpSessionInformation: Integration into FW based on C++ RunTime does not work

CDS-81670 Improvement

Project Compare: Changes in Communication Setting are not recognized

CDS-81640 Bug

Library Manager, PLCopenXML import: Placeholder resolution gets lost

CDS-81571 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: Update OpenSSL to version 3.0.5 (LTS)

CDS-81552 Bug

Linux Templates don't compile with gcc version >= 10

CDS-81543 Bug

Device, POU: "Index outside the bounds error" if "Auto Hiding" is active

CDS-81542 Bug

LibMan: Device update of container libs with "NotImplementedByDevice" dependent libs not working correctly

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The device description for SP12 does not define a placeholder resolution for CmpUserMgr_Implementation. After updating the device to SP12, the placeholder redirect will therefore keep the same resolution it had before the update i.e. CmpUserMgr Implementation Before SP17 the Libraryprofile contained a redirection to NotImplementedByDevice, that would have be used in this case, but since SP17 the libraryprofile does not exist anymore.
The new logic is: if there is no new resolution of the placeholder, the old resolution is preserved. Workaround is manually resolve to NotImplementedByDevice-Library.
CDS-81539 Improvement

CmpBlkDrvTcp: Improve ethernet configuration options

The setting BLKDRVTCPKEY_STRING_LOCALADDRESS is now deprecated and only kept for compatibility reasons. It is replaced by the new setting BLKDRVTCPKEY_STRING_NETWORK_ADAPTER.
See CmpBlkDrvItf.h for details.
CDS-81537 Improvement

OPC UA Server: Improve ethernet configuration options

CDS-81536 Improvement

CmpWebServer: Improve ethernet configuration options

The settings "LocalAddress", "LocalAdapterName" and "LocalAdapterNameUnicode" are now deprecated and only kept for compatibility reasons. It is replaced by the new setting "NetworkAdapter".
See CmpWebServerItf.h for details
CDS-81513 Improvement

VxWorks: Definition of max/min in sysspecific.h collides with C++17 build

CDS-81442 Bug

CmpTecTask, function __sys__rts__cycle__2 without SIL2 check

CDS-81435 Bug

VxWorks / C++ : Definition of max/min in sysspecific.h collides with C++ 17 build

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Fixed clash with min/max macro under VxWorks with c++17
CDS-81347 Bug

IEC-Texteditor: Auto complete inserts text at wrong position in Word Wrap mode

CDS-81313 Bug

Python API - Move will delete nodes in case of incorrect index

CDS-81152 Bug

GVL: Wrong addresses shown for located variable of DUT2 type, which contains an ARRAY of DUT1

CDS-81135 Improvement

Device Repository: Option for detailed installation information

CDS-81123 Bug

OPC UA Server: session cleanup improper, always ends in timeout

CDS-81090 Bug

On DPI != 100% (or on High-Res screens), scaling of CODESYS MainForm scaling changed when clicking on element in lib man editor

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-80905 Improvement

Modify sysdefines.h to allow defining NUM_OF_STATIC_IEC_EVENTS outside of the header

CDS-80769 Improvement

PLCHandler: Windows: Support VS2022 and remove support for VS2010

CDS-80754 Improvement

Projectarchive: check if extracted file is identical with existing before prompting dialog

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Equality check has already been implemented by CDS-21407.
CDS-80218 Improvement

[Technical Debt] Refactor ProjectArchive

CDS-80055 Improvement

Login: Adapt message about Controller vs. Firmware version mismatch

CDS-80035 Bug

IPMCLI: Deferred installations will be cleared within a regular installation

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
When running IPMCLI with -i or -idrc previously deferred installations will also get installed
CDS-79879 Bug

Linux SysSockGetNextAdapterInfo shows no MAC Address for alias interfaces

CDS-79436 Bug

RTE: SysEthernet: CmpEt1000Drv: i219 LM does not work correctly .

CDS-79391 Epic


CDS-79379 Improvement

Remove CODESYS Softmotion V3 from CODESYS and CODESYS Control setup (32 and 64 bit)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The CODESYS SoftMotion Win* and CODESYS SoftMotion RTE* device descriptions are no longer installed, nor are the *SoftMotion*.cfg configuration files. They are deprecated since V3.5 P17 (CDS-73957).
CDS-79106 Bug

Runtime: Exceptions in (asynchronous) GlobalInit handled incompletely

CDS-78688 Improvement

[Technical Debt] WatchList: Refactor WatchListNodeUtils

CDS-78218 Bug

CmpUserMgr: Authentication fails with insufficient memory w/o meaningful message or is terminated with an OutOfMemory exception

CDS-77710 Bug

Windows: Gateway/Runtime may crash, if more than 15 active IP addresses are available

CDS-77578 Bug

CmpBlkDrvCanServer: task prio is not set correctly in all cases

CDS-76860 Bug

OnlineManager: Sometimes users have to login twice on Clean Machines

CDS-76605 Bug

CmpApp: Bootproject must never be renamed or deleted in case of an exception

This is the existing setting adressed by this bugfix :
=>[Default=1]: The bootproject should never be invalidated or deleted after an exception!

This setting was ignored in the following cases:
- The bootproject was deactivated after an exception in non IEC tasks!
- The bootproject was deleted after an exception in an IO-driver during configuration phase!

Bootproject is now never deleted or renamed in any case of an exception!
CDS-76352 Improvement

TaskMapList: Allow adding of new ITaskMapping to ITaskMappingInfo List

CDS-76333 Bug

Importing Project User Rights is vulnerable to brute force attack

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2023-08, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=17768&token=9d206ea9e0449cd9d3ee60d5179d2761dad2d2dd&download=
CDS-75569 Bug

Add Object: Error index was outside the bounds

CDS-75542 Improvement

Fast Online Change doesn't work when type of local variable was modified

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Changing the type of existing variables is an ambigious operation for the online change. For the compiler it is unclear whether it should try to preserve and cast the existing value or whether the variable should be reinitialized. Additionally casting is not always possible without data loss if the new type is smaller than the old type. In such cases it is always the better solution for the user to also rename the variable.
CDS-74806 Bug

CmpOPCUAClient: Pass return value of VerifyServerCertificate to ConnectionStateCallback

The verification result returned by VerifyServerCertificate is now passed to the ConnectionCallback if the verification was not good.
CDS-74271 Bug

LacUtil: Option copyrefs does not work without administrative rights

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Message of missing administrative rights has been reworked. Furthermore without admin rights the update of the Windows GAC will no longer be done. Instead there is a new console message.
CDS-74219 Improvement

CodeMeter: improve debugability of CmpCodeMeter

CDS-73853 Improvement

Project Recovery: allow recovery for integrity-protected projects

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Project recovery will now be possible for projects that have the integrity check option enabled.
CDS-73154 Improvement

STM32 Cube: implement CANmini driver

CDS-73151 Improvement

STM32 Cube: add VisuLight feature to configuration and implement frame buffer

Fixed Enabled usage of external SDRAM bank 2 via FMC. Created Framebuffers in said SDRAM. Enabled the 640x480 display. Implemented TargetVisuLight.
CDS-72769 Improvement

CODESYS Linux: replace DEBUGP with proper CmpLog calls

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Replaced startup parameter "-d" with logfilter-settings in .cfg file.
CDS-71411 Improvement

Compile: Fast Online for large projects slows down due to stack check

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
With the compiler define "suppress_stack_check" set in the build options of the application the check for the stack usage can be disabled.
CDS-71190 Bug

OPC UA Server: iTcpTransport_MaxChunkCount is ignored on PI or Win7

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-71115 Improvement

Precompile: be aware of __vfinit

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-70807 Bug

Properties dialog, Tab Encryption, table not completely visible

CDS-70485 Improvement

OPCUA Server: React to changes of the certificate store and renew endpoints with updated certificates

CDS-70354 Bug

[OpcUa Client]: some negative tests do not show expected behaviour

CDS-70231 Bug

CANbus: Type will be renamed although not selected in the refactoring dialogue

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
In the device description the FB instance name is defined with the macro $(DeviceName). Therefore the name is always replaced by the name of the object in the tree.
Renaming the device in the tree changes the fb instance automatically as the FB instance name is not fixed.
CDS-69882 Improvement

CmpCodeMeter: Update to CodeMeter Embedded SDK 2.53

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
SDK version is obsolete
CDS-69281 Improvement

Plugin Cache: The cache should be moved to the plugins folder of the installation

The plugin cache will now be written into the plugins folder of the installation if possible. If the installation directory is not accessible ProgramData\AP\PlugInCaches will be used as fallback.
An existing cache will not be moved unless it is rebuilded.
DeletePluginCache.exe deletes caches from both locations if available.
CDS-69138 Improvement

Compare: allow to edit (freely) in compare mode

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue has already been fixed with CDS-78094.
CDS-68844 Improvement

Runtime: File Transfer: If there are many files to transfer, each download takes several seconds although the files are already present in the runtime


The error handling of the SRVFT_GET_FILEINFO online service has been changed.
The following is the complete description of the service response:

The service response does not contain a TAG_REPLY_FILEINFO tag only if the alignment and size check of the tag contents failed.
In this case, it contains only a TAG_REPLY_ERROR tag.
In all other cases, the service response always consists of a TAG_REPLY_FILEINFO tag.
- The TAG_REPLY_FILEINFO tag does only include a TAG_FILENAME tag if the service request did contain a TAG_FILENAME tag and no error occurred during the online operation.
- In addition to the TAG_FILENAME tag, the TAG_REPLY_FILEINFO tag contains the following additional tags, depending on the error situation:
a) In case of missing access rights to the file: The two complex tags TAG_ONLINE_ACCESS_RESULT and TAG_ONLINE_ACCESS_OBJECT.
b) For all other errors: The TAG_REPLY_ERROR tag.
c) If executed without errors, the complex tag TAG_FILEINFO.

The new online service SRVFT_GET_MULTI_FILEINFO does the same as SRVFT_GET_FILEINFO for multiple files at once, except for the following differences:

- The TAG_REPLY_FILEINFO tag does not include a TAG_FILENAME tag only if the service request did not contain a TAG_FILENAME tag.
In all other cases, the TAG_REPLY_FILEINFO tag always includes a TAG_FILENAME tag.
- Maybe not all FileInfos can be transmitted in one single online service.
In this case the service returns ERR_ENTRIES_REMAINING to indicate that more FileInfos are available.
- The TAG_REPLY_ERROR tag is always included at the beginning of the service response.
CDS-68044 Improvement

Device status page: Opimize layout

CDS-67739 Bug

Project Information, Last Saved with: the entry "Last Saved with" is only updated at Save As, but not at Save

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
This fix just replaces the string "Last saved with" with "Storage format" in the UI. The value will not be changed because the value displays the storage format and has no direct relationship to the exact version of CODESYS that was used for saving the file for the last time. There will be an additional documentation for this in the online help to clarify the situation for the end user (CDS-86082).
CDS-67283 Improvement

Dynamic licensing for OPC UA: check license more often

CDS-67142 Improvement

Smart Tags, Autodeclare: Offer direct declaration of VAR_INPUT

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-85458
CDS-67091 Improvement

Package Manager: Use packed package for archiving

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Use original package for archiving
CDS-66508 Bug

Signature: Invalid signature by extracting projectarchive

CDS-65211 Bug

TaskConfig: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
This problem has been fixed with CDS-81285
CDS-64847 Improvement

SysTimeRtc: Offset in timezone should be UTC_Offset instead of Bias

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-64846.
CDS-64846 Bug

SysTimeRtc: Provide current timezone name, use UTC_Offset instead of Bias

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The SysTimeRtcGetTimezone function has been marked **deprecated** as of release Replacement is the SysTimeRtcGetTimezone2 function. Windows runtimes only return an IANA time zone if the operating system version is greater than or equal to Windows 10 version 1903.
CDS-63970 Bug

Compiler: Write access to VAR_INPUT does not lead to warning/error

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
We already provide a SAN rule SA0037 to check for this potential bug.
CDS-63004 Bug

Initialization: Namespace resolution does not work with nested libraries

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This behaviour is intended, a namespace is not required at this location.
CDS-62453 Bug

Compile:The keyword INTERNAL is not working properly in libraries

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
See: https://ericlippert.com/2012/11/13/why-is-deriving-a-public-class-from-an-internal-class-illegal/
CDS-60966 Bug

License Manager: Expired items are not displayed as expired in the license manager

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-60424 Bug

CmpCodeMeter: expired licenses are not detected correctly on Linux runtime

Returned error code of CodeMGetContentByFirmcode* funktions was enhanced: for example if the license is expired they now return the new error code ERR_LICENSE_EXPIRED.
CDS-59523 Bug

FBD: Overlapping boxes

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-59416 Bug

FBD: Change in ST box not automatically committed on login via keyboard shortcut

Cannot Reproduce StR: Onile Change box is shown.
CDS-59373 Bug

FBD Editor: Drag and Drop of Inputs does not work any more.

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-59315 Bug

Task Management: An watchdog exception occurs only in simulation mode

Cannot Reproduce StR: Runs half an hour without watchdog.
CDS-59262 Bug

Package Designer: Exception installing a package due to missing access rights

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]] package designer was redesigned.
CDS-59180 Bug

Package Designer: Changing id number of Sub Component from "1" to "99" gives an assertion error

Won't Fix
CDS-59176 Bug

Breakpoint: Menu commands in breakpoint view not activ on first start.

Won't Fix
CDS-59169 Bug

Web-based Online Help, SoftMotion: Wrong links for all SMC_TRAFO FBs

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] works fine with new online help.
CDS-59128 Bug

Refactoring: Wrong method name is displayed in ST editor when renaming overridden method

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-58777 Bug

LibMan : the library is currently loaded in background - message stay on some libraries

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
StR: Ok
CDS-58747 Bug

Refactoring, Add variable: Does not work with persisteant vars

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-58629 Bug

OnlineHelp: The result of the search will display the old library version.

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-58601 Bug

The "View\Security" permission is not assigned to the "Security Screen" icon.

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Could by no means open the security screen.
CDS-58563 Bug

Logger: Double component entries

Cannot Reproduce not reproducable.
CDS-58497 Bug

LibDoc: Using japanese characters leads to the message "Malformed Table"

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-58477 Bug

Lib Development: Message "C0077: Unknown type..." occur if second level lib have the version

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-58121 Bug

Package Designer: Un/installation of package can fail ( restricted access right )

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]] package designer was redesigned.
CDS-58100 Bug

Signed Devdescs: OEM plugin cannot cancel the installation of devdescs with an invalid signature

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]] No longer required.
CDS-58046 Improvement

Implicit Reference Type: Support Reference Type in Reference Type

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The feature for implicit reference types is discontinued, new improvements or bug fixes will not be implemented.
CDS-57934 Bug

Library Manager: Hidden methods are visible in some scenario

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This minor bug will not be fixed because no customer is waiting for it.
CDS-57849 Bug

Force List: Duplicate entry for camel case pous and NullReferenceException on unforce

Cannot Reproduce StR: no double entry, no object reference error message.
CDS-57848 Bug

Several CODESYS versions on one computer influence each other

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Modularisation changed everything. Sandbox will solve the rest.
CDS-57845 Bug

Menus missing

Cannot Reproduce [[General]] Everything changed with modularisation.
CDS-57821 Bug

OnlineCommands: Simulation Mode can be activated for non PLCs which leads to corrupt projects.

Cannot Reproduce StR: Simulation is not offered.
CDS-57819 Bug

PLCopenXML, LD: ENO pin removed

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-57811 Bug

Conversion of an array of derived interface differ to the conversion of an variable

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]] as designed.
CDS-57744 Bug

DeviceCommunication: Use detailed description of PLC shell commands

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This trivial bug will not be fixed as the description is already present in the web help.
CDS-57742 Bug

Documentation: Search in Online Help does not work with "-"

Cannot Reproduce StR: tried to search add-on. Works fine.
CDS-57619 Bug

CompareProject: Compare project with it's self show changes in Library Manager

Cannot Reproduce StR: project saved with latest version and compared with itself: no differences.
CDS-57610 Bug

Call Tree View: endless call recursion for function block callers

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-57602 Bug

CompareProject: Comparison dialog closes even then the commit failes

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-57503 Bug

User Management: Group view doesn't refresh user state

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Handling is different now. Problem cannot be reproduced.
CDS-57416 Bug

Warning "C0373: Channel XYZ is already used in another task..." should only occur on direct access of the mapped variable

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] No Warning any more. Static Analysis generates warning.
CDS-57334 Bug

Library Manager - 1st item (Cut) of contextual menu of a library is immediately selected

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-57333 Bug

Going online with 2 samed GVLs (one in app and one in POUs pool) only the one from the app will be monitored

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Issue cannot be reproduced anymore with V3.5 SP20
CDS-57089 Bug

Monitoring: enumeration drop down for "Prepared Value" not qualified

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-56560 Bug

OnlineUserManagement: no login possible after "reset origin device"

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR : Ok
CDS-55390 Bug

OPC UA Server: Improve Performance of TranslateBrowsePathToNodeId service

CDS-54772 Bug

Refactoring: Renaming functions or methods via "Refactoring" in declaration editor does not update Project Tree and calls

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-64691
Tested with latest version: Works fine
CDS-54283 Bug

Pragma does not work in declaration part

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
We will not just extend the existing feature to interfaces but provide a new feature with CDS-86170
CDS-54226 Bug

Error "C0032: Cannot convert type Unknown type..." occur on using visualization from chained library

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-86482
CDS-54111 Bug

IecVarAccess: If ROOT__NODE is available leaf nodes cannot resolved below __MIO

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-54014 Bug

Generate Code: NullReferenceException with __CAST operator

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compile error "Identifier not defined" with compilerversion >=
CDS-53835 Bug

External file object: Timestamp of last modification is changed when a file is just opened for viewing

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-52334 Bug

CmpIecTask: IecTaskCheckWatchdog has unnecessary INT cast

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]] Build fails if mentioned cast is removed
CDS-50928 Improvement

Compiler: it should be possible to declare Array of Reference

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This feature will not be implemented. Adding support for ARRAY OF REFERENCE would lead to ambigious syntax when accessing elements of that array. This is due to the fact that references are always implicitly dereferenced in contrast to a pointer and also because the index access operator is already overloaded for POINTER TO as it represent both an pointer to one element or an array of elements.
CDS-50706 Improvement

Runtime: File Transfer: Make bulk checks for files to speed up file consistency check during project download

CDS-50705 Improvement

CODESYS: File Transfer: Make bulk checks for files to speed up file consistency check during project download

CDS-50084 Bug

LMM: Resolving implicit check function shadowing may require clean/rebuild

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The warning message is quite a special case. Detecting the relevant change would be very difficult, so we just changed the warning with the additional hint that a clean is necessary to use the hidden check function.
CDS-49283 Bug

Target Settings Linux: SysEthernet Filter's default value is set to EtherCAT-Frames only

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Changed default of setting Linux.ProtocolFilter to 3 (ETH_P_ALL)
CDS-49167 Improvement

LibMan: Publish unbound placeholder resolution for AP customers

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The method void IUnboundPlaceholderService.ResolveUnboundPlaceholdersRecursively(int projectHandle, Guid objectGuid, ILibManItem lmi, IList<string> filter) already exists as part of the public interface.
CDS-48222 Bug

Conditional breakpoints: no break on condition [some LREAL] <> [some LREAL]

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
1. Cannot reproduce with compilerversion 3.5.20: "If a is an LREAL, then the condition a <> 0 won't trigger a breakpoint, even if a <> 0. '=' does not seem to work well, either."

2. Won't fix: "ABS cannot be used within conditional breakpoint statement as it is an unsupported operator"
CDS-47928 Improvement

OPC UA Server / Split up startup of the OPC UA server in different init hooks

CDS-46348 Improvement

IecVarAccess: Type name of structs should be available by online services

CDS-46346 Improvement

PLCHandler: All V3 Interfaces: PlcSymbolDesc should provide struct name

CDS-45888 Bug

Symbolconfig/IecVarAccess: 3 dimensional ARRAY OF ARRAY OF ARRAY is not resolved correctly by browse feature

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-42991 Epic

Visu, WebVisu: The language in the visualization should be clientspecific

CDS-40906 Bug

Monitoring: LREAL with many digits is shown wrong at 17nd digt

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The precision of double values is limited. It is difficult to tell which values can be actually represented. .Net produces the same value for the same double literal, therefore we think the precision is good enough.
CDS-40905 Improvement

Logical devices: selection dialog for safeIO auto-mapping with multiple safe cpu (EL6900,SIL3) as slave (PN,ETC)

CDS-36846 Improvement

Logical devices: hierarchical safeIO auto-mapping with multiple safe cpu (EL6900,SIL3) as slave (PN,ETC)

Fixed ,
CDS-36290 Improvement

ProjectCompare: Handling of MetaObject properties

CDS-36146 Improvement

Project: "Project Archive" dialog should display device versions