Product: CODESYS V3.5 SP19 Patch 6

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
CDS-88792 Bug

CLONE - RTE: Control RTE MC SL license not working any more

CDS-88743 Bug

CLONE - PLCHandler memory leak with parameter DontLoadSymbolsFromPlc set to 1

CDS-88580 Bug

CLONE - AppBased Licenses: Exception on Download after downloading an application with zero I/O data

CDS-88575 Bug

CLONE - PLCHandler: Linux: Disconnect blocks for several seconds when exiting old update threads

CDS-87870 Bug

CLONE - SysTaskLinux: Add missing SysTaskSetDeleted in SysTaskEnd

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Wont fix as original problem will be solved in PLChandler.
CDS-87819 Bug

CLONE - Compiler: Null reference exception from locator if using method with any type

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
With Compiler Version >= the changes for the issue CDS-86765 are reverted. So the problem described in CDS-86765 will occur again in Patch 6. A proper resolution of the problem will be released with SP 20.
CDS-87817 Bug

CLONE - DeviceRepository: stack overflow with new ESI file

CDS-87816 Bug

CLONE - PLCHandler Interface Gateway3: delete[] / delete mismatch

CDS-87747 Improvement

CLONE - [Setup] OEM adaption for productPathComponent and repositoryRoot

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more information see the documentations "CODESYS Installation Extended OEM Adaptions".
CDS-87702 Improvement

CLONE - Add CODEYS Ladder to setup

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
CODESYS Ladder was added with Patch 3
CDS-87699 Improvement

CLONE - [Setup] Sandbox light: install the repositories in a separate path

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
If the CDS_SEPARATE_REPO property is set to 1, the setup installs the repositories in a separate path. This path is deleted on uninstallation.
The default value for the property is 0, so the repositories continue to be installed in the default folder %PROGRAMDATA%\CODESYS.
For more information see the documentation "CODESYS Installation Extended OEM Adaptions" and CODESYS Installation OEM Adaptions"
CDS-87692 Improvement

CLONE - Package Manager: Resolve REPOSITORY_LOCATION from RepositoryLocations ini

CDS-87648 Bug

CLONE - DeviceObject: Changing PLC settings results in an unhandled exception of CODESYS

CDS-87647 Bug

CLONE - VFTable and FPVariables might not be initialized with enabled multithreading

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-87425 Bug

[WinCE] PLCHandler builds fails with openssl update