Product: CODESYS V3.5 SP19

Key Issue Type Summary Resolution Release Note
CDS-84842 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Code Generator TriCore to

CDS-84841 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS EtherNetIP to

CDS-84820 Bug

CmpDevice: Possible DOS vulnerability

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2023-03, which is available on the CODESYS website:
CDS-84723 Improvement

Wrong copyright year in CODESYS About dialog

CDS-84689 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Installer to 2.0.0

CDS-84475 Improvement

BinTagUtil: Move alignment and size checks of BTagReaderGetContent2() to an extra function

CDS-84466 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Automation Server Connector to

CDS-84462 Bug

BinTagUtil: Alignment check missing

CDS-84461 Bug

CmpSettings::SettgGetWStringValue: Duplicate call of MemPoolUnlock and incompatibility in usage

CDS-83807 Bug

LibMan: SFC POU and GVLs from source library cannot be opened in library manager

CDS-83787 Bug

Libman: Changed library parameters are only applied after clean all

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
With V3.5 SP19 this problem is not reproducible because of the new serialization/deserialization of the library parameters (see CDS-81934)
CDS-83712 Improvement

Compile: Enable possibility to use non-IEC-compliant identifiers by default

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Support non-IEC-compliant identifiers by default
CDS-83707 Bug

Online Device: Online connection with safety controller is not possible

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
As agreed on by our Support and Runtime Team, this issue cannot be fixed in our code, instead it has to be investigated and solved by the hardware supplier Kendrion. See associated COS-11368 for more information.
CDS-83697 Bug

Linux SL: file descriptor leak

CDS-83676 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Softmotion to

CDS-83674 Improvement

Update SoftMotion to (SP19)

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-83676
CDS-83672 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS CANopen to

CDS-83670 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Profinet to

CDS-83665 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS EtherNetIP to

CDS-83663 Bug

VarPersistentObject: Crash IDE by Specific Procedure

CDS-83654 Improvement

DeviceObject: correct metrics number of instances of CANopen safety devices

CDS-83649 Bug

Setup: CodeMeter Container/license contain wrong company name "3S"

CDS-83638 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Ethernet Adapter to

CDS-83637 Improvement

CmpBACnet, CmpBACnet2: Change default of bacstac.ini to a path within the PlcLogic directory

CDS-83630 Improvement

BACnet: BACstack2 and CmpBACnet2 - update to BACstack V24.1.33.1

CDS-83629 Bug

SVG-Renderer: Update OSS to latest versions (pixman 0.42.2)

CDS-83623 Bug

CmpXMLParser / expat: Update to most recent version 2.5.0

CDS-83621 Bug

POU, Editor: the OK button and text overlap in the "Edit Declaration Header" popup

CDS-83619 Improvement

DeviceObject: rename metrics description and add category fieldbus

CDS-83615 Bug

Embedded /SIL2: Retains are never initialized Companion

To make full use of retain handling, SysMemAllocArea() should be able to return two areas for retains. One for the data, and a small 32Bit one, for the data layout CRC.
When this is provided, the retains are initialized even when the bootproject is exchanged.
When the second area is not returned, the retains behave the same as before.
CDS-83612 Improvement

License Manager: Confirm license activation on UFC container

CDS-83600 Improvement

CmpIecVarAccess: Update content feature flags to latest changes of IecVarAccess3 Interfaces

CDS-83565 Bug

RSMUtility: Proper handling of OnlineChange

CDS-83564 Bug

NBS: Proper handling of OnlineChange

CDS-83557 Bug

Licensed Software Metrics: Dialog shows unlimited metrics after "Read from device".

CDS-83555 Improvement

Licensed Software Metrics: Provide interface for "Generate Code required".

CDS-83553 Improvement

DeviceObject: do not count hidden channels for software metrics

CDS-83548 Bug

Compiler: Show compile warning if one alias type is assigned to another alias type with the same base type

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
An alias is defined as an alias of its base type. I.e. it behaves in the same way as the base type. If we have an assignment
alias1 := alias2;
Then on both sides of the assignment, the base type would be allowed with no warning. So the alias must be allowed as well.
We cannot change this behaviour and produce a new warning for such a situation.
Enumerations on the other hand are not the same type as its base.
CDS-83544 Improvement

SIL2: Improve state based test output (Companion)

CDS-83522 Improvement

QS target VxWorks/ARM64 - Test/Implement exception handling

CDS-83521 Improvement

QS target VxWorks/ARM64 - Implement IEC debugging

CDS-83519 Improvement

LibDevSummary: How to handle blocking BackgroundTasks.

CDS-83508 Improvement

CmpCodeMeter: PatchProtection container must be filtered out from read service

CDS-83493 Bug

CMBasicChecks: Console output needs improvement

CDS-83485 Bug

Reference packages cannot be installed

CDS-83483 Bug

DeviceEditorCANOpen: SDO parameter modification takes long time (~30s)

CDS-83478 Bug

App Based License: Wrong product code and conversion factor for code size

CDS-83476 Bug

CDS crash: when click Toolbar button Tools -> Options -> Libraries if the language is Simple Chinese

Fixed [GENERAL] Missing placeholder sign in chinese localization
CDS-83471 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Automation Server Connector to

CDS-83467 Improvement

License Manager: Hide internal licenses

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
License Manager does not display ".Internal" Licenses.
CDS-83466 Bug

Deviceobject: If you select another Bus Cycle Task and switch back again, you cannot log in without downloading

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler version >= required.
CDS-83464 Bug

Wrong code relocation for direct calls with Thumb-codegenerator

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-83460 Improvement

BACnet: CmpBACnet - build with dm instead VS

CDS-83459 Bug

WatchList: Missing check for null pointer

CDS-83458 Bug

DeviceCommunicationEditor: Setting active path fails if encrypted communication is enforced by device

CDS-83457 Bug

Sporadically, a new download is necessary after project load

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler version >=
-> The performance of some operations in combination with the loading and storing of compile information (project load, download, update environment etc.) may decrease by some percent.
CDS-83456 Bug

CmpOPCUAClient: If the server disconnects without sending a FIN packet, then on reconnection the client receives a SIGABRT

CDS-83455 Bug

[TechDebt] Fix a subset of SonarLint issues in Essential Plugins

CDS-83453 Improvement

CmpBACnet2: Add CmpBACnet2 to all PLC's running CmpBACnet(1)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Components CmpBACnet and CmpBACnet2 are linked dynamically to the runtime.
CDS-83452 Bug

Licensed Software Metrics: Bad performance with objects providing large language model

CDS-83450 Bug

LibraryManager: Signed and timestamped library is displayed as "expired" in LibMan Editor

CDS-83446 Improvement

Store: Remove Sonarqube issues related to CDS-78757

CDS-83444 Improvement

[Setup] File type extensions should be parameterized

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
If the property CDS_PROJECT_TYPEEXTENSION is set to 1, the setup adds the file type extension for .project, .projectarchive and .library.
The default value for the property is 0, so the file type extensions are not registered.
If you double-click a project, projectarchive or library file and CODESYS Installer 1.6.0 (or later) is installed, CODESYS Installer is launched.
For more information see the documentation "CODESYS Installation Extended OEM Adaptions" and CODESYS Installation OEM Adaptions"
CDS-83440 Bug

UFC PatchProtection Container is displayed in LicenseManager

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
UFC Patch Protection Container has been remove from UI.
CDS-83435 Improvement

CmpApp: External interface needed to check LicenseMetrics table from download in a secure way

CDS-83434 Bug

OnlineChange at Application took a long time = 10003 [ms]

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
With CDS-83564 the cause of the problems has been fixed.
As soon as the customer uses the current version of the library, the reported behavior can no longer be reproduced.
CDS-83430 Bug

Watchlist: Structure variable within another structure cannot be expanded

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't fix because wrong usage of the user.
It is not possible to monitor an unqualified variable (declaring pou is missing) in the watchlist because possibly ambiguous
CDS-83429 Bug

Refactoring: Default value of an enumeration is not changed if the corresponding enumeration member is renamed

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83416 Improvement

Update InstallShield to latest version 2022 R2

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
InstallShield 2022 R2 is used to build the setups.
CDS-83415 Improvement

SIL2: Add Errata and Release Notes to SIL2 deliveries

CDS-83409 Improvement

Package Manager: Blacklist Visu <

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Package Visualization < is now blacklisted for or newer.
CDS-83406 Bug

NBS: TCP_Client handle udiTimeOut Parameter not properly

CDS-83405 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Visualization to

CDS-83404 Bug

WinCE: Deliveries referencing wrong header files

CDS-83403 Bug

CmpCodeMeter: UFC PatchProtection Container must be ignored at startup of runtime

CDS-83400 Bug

OPC UA Server: ctrlConfigurationName is not set correctly

CDS-83387 Bug

SysTargetLinux / virtual Control: CAS does not reconnect after restart of PLC

CDS-83382 Improvement

Setup shall install UFC Container by default

CDS-83376 Improvement

BACnet2: CmpBACnet2 - modify property API to use subrange types where needed

CDS-83373 Bug

DeviceRepository: Installing a device description does not support long paths

CDS-83372 Bug

CmpCharDev.library freeze when cdmmap is used

CDS-83368 Bug

Device, PLC Open Import: Importing a module is possible, even the parent source and target device IDs are different

CDS-83331 Improvement

SysSocket documentation: Rename category "TCP flags" to "Message flags"

CDS-83330 Improvement

Libman, Parameter: Usability improvements

CDS-83327 Improvement

CmpOpenSSL: CRLs should be deleted on reset origin device

CDS-83321 Bug

Linux SysEthernet: possible heap corruption on startup

CDS-83313 Bug

Device Repository: folder of different vendors are not shown

CDS-83311 Improvement

Visu, Targetvisu: Support custom tooltips

CDS-83302 Improvement

BACnet23: BACstack23 - modifications required for initial bringup of CmpBACnet23 / BACstack23

CDS-83301 Improvement

BACnet23: CmpBACnet23 - modifications required for initial bringup of CmpBACnet23 / BACstack23

CDS-83297 Bug

[TechDebt] Fix a subset of SonarLint issues in Essential Plugins

CDS-83296 Improvement

CODESYS: Improve usability for check of passwords against RuntimePasswordPolicy

CDS-83293 Improvement

DeviceObject: option for outputs channels required to move to input task mapping list

CDS-83292 Improvement

Runtime Toolkit Dokumentation: Add examples to configuration files to extend the error logging

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Added examples in .cfg to enable verbose logging for specific components
CDS-83291 Bug

Unhandled Exception: Scan Application in 'Online Change Memory Reserve Settings' View with specific project

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83288 Bug

[Setup] Packages cannot be installed if 8dot3 is disabled

CDS-83287 Improvement

Depictor: Remove Depictor-Prototype from runtime product

CDS-83285 Improvement

DM: DM should deliver UFC Container for device vendors automatically

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-83281 Bug

Compile error C0032 if use TO_LREAL with a Input type Time

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-83276 Improvement

DeviceRepository: add interface function for HideVersion attribute

CDS-83268 Bug

CmpIxxatCANDrv: Redefinition of HANDLE64 with latest Windows toolchains breaks windows build

CDS-83265 Improvement

App Based License: Generate implicit code to check license metrics

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83264 Improvement

App based License: Display each metric only per application

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
With this CDS only the display was changed. Everything else: TBD
CDS-83262 Improvement

CodesysSpV3: Add contributions needed by Windows and 3SRTE to .cubicle

CDS-83256 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Installer to 1.5.0

CDS-83253 Improvement

Change error / warning messages to lower severity

CDS-83240 Bug

Compiler: Interface method with attribute 'call_after_global_init_slot' causes fatal compile error

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83238 Bug

Function UPPER_BOUND: Internal error, if a one-dimensional array from a struct located within a library is used.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83236 Bug

LibMan: Changed library parameters are ignored if same library is also present a subordinate library

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
According to the description this is a SP18 Patch 3 specific problem and cannot be reproduced with compiler version SP19
CDS-83233 Improvement

[Project Inspection] Use project embedded type information

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Project Inspections now considers the opt-in data file without server communication. If a project does not provide a data file, the analysis will be done the old way via deployment server.
CDS-83232 Improvement

[Project Inspection] Embed required type/add-ons into the project

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Project insepction data will be stored as auxiliary within the project.
CDS-83227 Improvement

SysTaskLinux: TASKPRIO_IDLE priority should be mapped to SCHED_IDLE to support long running tasks

CDS-83223 Bug

Compiler: Wrong precompile error C0412

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83191 Bug

It is not possbile to install CODESYS in a folder with chinese characters

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Installation paths can now also contain Chinese characters
CDS-83187 Bug

CmpCodeMeter: CodeMGetContentByFirmcode3() must check for RTS_INVALID_HANDLE

CDS-83183 Improvement

CmpCodeMeter: Improve log messages for debugging

CDS-83177 Bug

Translation, German: Strings in Find dialog and Project Compare are cut

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-83175 Improvement

CmpEventMgr: Log area/offset location of an IEC-callback at exception

CDS-83173 Bug

Refactoring: Commands may throw NullRefException in an OEM environment

CDS-83168 Bug

CmpFileTransfer: char* and const char* for RTS_COMPACT configuration not implemented

CDS-83167 Improvement

Update System.Data.SQLite to most recent version containing sqlite 3.40.0

CDS-83166 Improvement

Essentials: Update WibuCmNet to latest version 7.51

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CODESYS uses now the version 7.51 of the WibuCmNet assembly.
CDS-83165 Improvement

CEF: Update CEFSharp to latest version 107.1.50

CDS-83163 Bug

Visu, Overlay, OnValueChanged: The ValueChanged test fails in Targetvisu Overlay test

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
This issue was already fixed with CDS-82781 in SP19.
CDS-83162 Improvement

Update CodeMeter runtime to latest version V7.51

CDS-83161 Bug

VxWorks: SysSockOSSetIpAddressAndNetMask() does not set the UP-flag of the IP stack

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-83157 Bug

Libman: CDS crash when operating "Add library" in an "Input Assistant" dialog

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-81358
CDS-83156 Bug

SIL2 PSP: SafetyComponents list is not extendable/modifiably by extension (companion)

CDS-83154 Bug

Gateway or PLCHandler Interface ARTI: Possible very very rare crash in CmpChannelClient

CDS-83151 Bug

Compile: Real values are displayed incorrectly

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The values are now converted to the correct representation after they are entered.
CDS-83150 Bug

Compile: Internal error for access to an array with variable length if the index contains a variable of type REAL

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83149 Improvement

BACnet2: adapt CmpBACnet2 to final naming and package structure

CDS-83146 Bug

Visu: HMI shows Qt errors

CDS-83140 Improvement

CODESYS Control linux: SysCryptoLinux should adapt min_entropy define to kernel version

CDS-83135 Bug

[TechDebt] Fix a subset of SonarLint issues in Online Manager, Part II

CDS-83134 Improvement

BACnet23: CmpBACnet2 - modify CmpBACnet2 BACstack base type typedefs to avoid ALIAS chains.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Done with other JIRA's - won't fix.
CDS-83133 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS CANopen to

CDS-83132 Bug

Localization: "Auto Declare" Dialog, "Scope (範囲 in JP)", Shortcut character and closing blacket is hidden

CDS-83129 Bug

Project Inspection: In CODESYS < SP17 the Addon Versions are not detected correctly

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Project's profile lists UML plugin being present in version
CDS-83128 Bug

Project Inspection: Only optional addons cannot be selected

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Add-ons that are required for the project but not listed within the project's profile have been added to the inspection result. Listing Control SL add-ons as required add-ons require changes to these products and must be fixed there.
CDS-83121 Bug

[PackageManager] Uninstall of the packages with the same plug-in failed

CDS-83119 Bug

Taskmonitor: Exception if a new task is created

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-81285
CDS-83117 Bug

DeviceRepository: Icons not displayed correctly in some views.

CDS-83115 Bug

Password/Communication Policy: Issues with access rights on Runtime objects “Settings” and “SecuritySettings”

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
User rights configuration error
CDS-83112 Bug

Compiler: Internal error instead of identifier not defined.

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduct with compilerversion
CDS-83105 Bug

SysExceptLinux: suspicious log messages when debugging on 64bit system

CDS-83104 Bug

Possible DoS vulnerability in FileTransferStartUpload

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2023-02, which is available on the CODESYS website:
CDS-83103 Improvement

RTS OnlineHelp: Improve CmpMemPool documentation

CDS-83101 Bug

RTSDoc coding_guide_documentation: Missing parameter type "INOUT"

CDS-83100 Bug

Setup: CODESYS Installer merge module sometimes fails to install

CDS-83099 Improvement

NBS: TCP_CONNECTION should provide the posibility to query current client data (IP + Port)

CDS-83097 Improvement

CmpBinTagUtil: Add new variant of BTagReaderGetContent() with alignment and size checks

CDS-83089 Bug

Refactoring: Renaming an interface property might lead to wrong but compilable code

CDS-83086 Improvement

SysSockRecvMsg: Implementations for VxWorks

On VxWorks systems, the message flag SOCKET_MSG_BCAST is not supported. The socket option SOCKET_IP_PKTINFO will not be checked in that case.
CDS-83082 Bug

[TechDebt] Fix a subset of SonarLint issues in Online Manager

CDS-83080 Bug

LibMan: Wrong display for ANY Types in LibMan Dokuview

CDS-83078 Bug

Incorrect code with VAR_IN_OUT and a property call of a program

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-83073 Bug

VxWorks: SysEthernetGetPortConfigAndStatus() does not return Advertised / Supported Capabilities

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New settings for VxWorks targets, to specify the supported and advertised link capabilities.
CDS-83071 Improvement

WebBrowserIntegration: Wrap all necessary interfaces so that a "Visu" prototype can use WebView2

CDS-83070 Improvement

WebBrowserIntegration: Wrap all necessary interfaces so that the "Store" plugin can use WebView2

CDS-83062 Bug

RTS: Update sqlite to most recent version 3.39.4

CDS-83059 Improvement

Fix command documentation of cert-importcrl

CDS-83032 Bug

Package Manager: Migration to additional folder fails if no package is installed

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Corruption of the installation has been fixed. Further more the Installer menu item will be visible again for SP17 installations.
CDS-83025 Bug

Simulation: "License file invalid" in simulatiom mode

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced starting with compiler version
CDS-83018 Bug

DeviceTree: Modified address is kept during Copy/Paste of device, even if address modification is disabled for target PLC

CDS-83015 Bug

Control RTE: SysEthernetGetPortConfigAndStatus() does not return Advertised / Supported Capabilities

CDS-83011 Bug

Compiler: Method with ARRAY[*] parameter causes duplicate PrecompileId of variables when saved as compiled library

CDS-83010 Bug

RTE: SysEthernet Drivers: SysEthernetPortConfigAndStatus: MAUType member sometimes invalid.

CDS-82977 Improvement

Setup: Windows 11 should be listed as valid OS

CDS-82976 Bug

Compiler: Crossreference without source position in the hasconstanttype pragma statement

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82974 Bug

Compiler: Strange crossreference for DUT used in hastype pragma

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There should be a cross reference to the variable a when searching for the type.
Due to technical limitations, a pragma statement must always be on a single line. Line breaks within a pragma are not allowed.
CDS-82973 Bug

New Project: Typing error in the "New project" dialog

Fixed [[GENERAL]] Typing error in UI source
CDS-82972 Bug

SVG-Renderer: Update OSS to latest versions (curl 7.86.0, libxml2 2.10.3, libpng 1.6.38, zlib 1.2.13)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Updated libcurl.dll to version
Updated libxml2.dll to version 2.10.3
Updated libpng to 1.6.38
Updated zlib to 1.2.13
CDS-82971 Bug

Visu: Error "Function 'FB_Init' requires exactly '6' inputs" in visualization objects after online change in CODESYS SP17 Patch 4

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82970 Bug

[Motorola RX63N]: DevDesc requires some adaptations

CDS-82968 Bug

PlugInCache: Initialization of PlugIn cache fails

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Added a fallback for loading unmanaged additional file references during plugin cache creation.
CDS-82950 Improvement

DeviceObject: go to definition should be possible with symbolic access

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler version >= required.
CDS-82935 Bug

LMM: "internal error" during loading of a project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
With V3.5 SP19 no longer reproducible
CDS-82932 Bug

Control RTE: Double ARP Response

CDS-82920 Improvement

SysSockRecvMsg: Implementations for RTE/LWIP

CDS-82919 Improvement

SysSockRecvMsg: Implementations for Linux, QNX

On QNX systems, the message flag SOCKET_MSG_BCAST is not supported. The socket option SOCKET_IP_PKTINFO will not be checked in that case.
CDS-82906 Bug

Project Inspection: Not all addons are detected

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Since SP18 the project inspection only project relevent types to mandatory ones. The mentioned addons are currently not required/used in the project and will not be prompted.
CDS-82904 Bug

Visu, Targetvisu: Crash during shutdown according to logfile

CDS-82902 Bug

RTE: CmpXMLParser: Mismatch in calling convention of xml-parser-callbacks and callback.

CDS-82901 Bug

Unhandled Exception for changing FB instance name

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with version CurDev 185
CDS-82899 Bug

Libman: Unbound Placeholder

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Works as designed, updating the visualisation profile and the libraries is necessesary in this case.
CDS-82877 Bug

Compile: Online change after changing a constant value leads to compile error

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82872 Bug

PLCHandler: Flaws in PLCHandler::SetConfig method and PLCHandler documentation

CDS-82869 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS EtherCAT to

CDS-82868 Bug

Project Compare: Cursor position lost in comparison tree while committing changes

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Already fixed by CDS-81221.
CDS-82861 Bug

Monitoring: Implicit NVL variables cannot be monitored

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Already fixed with CDS-81443: NetVars: Monitoring of the implicit variables does not work anymore
CDS-82858 Bug

Compile: Build leads an internal error

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
1. Cannot reproduce with compilerversion and
There is another error message (see CDS-82582: Compiler: "C0032: Cannot convert type 'DINT' to type 'INT'" message appears with customer project)
2. Project Enviroment > Cancel" is no more a supported use case.
CDS-82857 Bug

TargetVisu / SysGraphicWindowQt: target visu causes a long startup

CDS-82849 Bug

Visu, FileTransfer: Streaming file transfer not working with 2-process Targetvisu

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The streaming file transfer never worked correctly for the targetvisu. It is also a very rare used feature and therefore a follow-up issue for big files has been created: CDS-82856. This issue fixes the exception.
CDS-82848 Bug

LibMan: Performance problems in ResolveUnboundPlaceholdersRecursively

CDS-82842 Bug

False compatible message for compiled interface library

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82841 Bug

Unexpected error from runtime during online change

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
With CDS-83565 the cause of the problems has been fixed.
As soon as the customer uses the current version of the library, the reported behavior can no longer be reproduced.
CDS-82840 Bug

WinCE 6,7: runtimes with Redundancy cannot be build

CDS-82837 Improvement

Update SoftMotion to

CDS-82836 Bug

Second I/O Mapping Editors page appears

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Already fixed with CDS-78138 and Clone CDS-79091 in version and and therefore cannot reproduced anymore
CDS-82833 Epic

Support App Based licenses

CDS-82831 Improvement

WebBrowserIntegration: Remove any CEF-related files and implementations from Essentials

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
All functionality based on CEF (=Google Chrome browser) has been removed from the Automation Platform and the associated interface 'IWebBrowserIntegration' has been obsoleted.

All users of the AP are advised to migrate their current implementation to the new interface 'IWebView2Wrapper' that is based on WebView2 (=Microsoft Edge browser).

The motivation for this breaking change was the constant security risks contained in CEF, which could not be fixed by automatic updates of the operating system. The new implementation based on WebView2 is automatically updated to the most current secure state via the operating system.
CDS-82829 Bug

Libman: Online values are no longer displayed after setting a breakpoint in a library

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82828 Bug

Device: Some device nodes missed after undo a delete controller

CDS-82820 Improvement

CODESYS Control: Create QS target for VxWorks/ARM64

CDS-82805 Improvement

CODESYS Control: Create QS target for DragonCore

CDS-82802 Bug

Refactoring does not seem to work in compiler statements

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
Similar problems with other pragma statements will be fixed with CDS-82974 (hastype pragma) and CDS-82976 (hasconstanttype pragma)
CDS-82795 Improvement

RTS Unittest: Example for communication layer 7

CDS-82793 Bug

Compiler, Reflection: Internal errors if two unqualified global variables with the same name same of a FB with 'instance-path' attribute exist

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-82584
CDS-82784 Improvement

CODESYSControl: create x64 QS target for vControl

CDS-82781 Bug

Visu, Overlay, DateTimePicker: Cannot enter numbers with test script

CDS-82777 Improvement

BACnet23: CmpBACnet23 - extend BACstack logging to BACstack23 log level configuration

CDS-82774 Bug

LibMan: Possibility to reset the placeholder redirection of the pool libman to default although with no effect

CDS-82773 Bug

CmpSchedule: More than one external event task must be supported

CDS-82771 Improvement

Remove "First Steps" PDFs from CODESYS installation

CDS-82768 Bug

Compiler: Invalid precompile error when accessing member of type declared in a library

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with compilerversion
CDS-82765 Bug

Project Inspection: Continue with installation provides unsuitable versions

CDS-82764 Bug

ImagePool, Textlist: Typo in Menu

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot Reproduce, the menu texts are already fixed with SP19 and Visu CurDev.
CDS-82763 Bug

Project Inspection: Wrong Visualization Version detected

CDS-82760 Bug

[OnlineCommands] Set the dependency SafetyOnlineControllerProvider as optional

CDS-82759 Bug

Project Inspection: ESM version not correct detected

CDS-82754 Improvement

BACnet23: BACstack23 - patch malloc/free etc.

CDS-82749 Bug

Output Default values are applied even after a reboot in "start in run"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The problem is caused by the io driver from the customer.
The outputs are already set in IoDrvMapping and therefore before the tasks are started. This shall be done only in IoDrvWriteOutputs.
In this case the system boots and loads the application.
In GlobalInit the outputs variable is set to the initialization value (output true) and then IoMgrUpdateConfiguration and IoMgrUpdateMapping is called.
In the customer driver here the outputs are already copied from the IEC address to the real output.
Now the tasks are started and at the end of first task cycle IoMgrWriteOutput is called which clears the output.
Therefore this issue is won't fix as a wrong implementation of the io driver and there is no possibility to change this in the programming system.
CDS-82748 Bug

Install package failes if devdesc has too long filepath

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Fixed only the Long Path problem in the package manager. The error in the device repository will be fixed with CDS-83373.
CDS-82735 Bug

Localization: Typo "Implementierungsssprache" in German Add POU dialog

Fixed [[GENERAL]] Typing error in UI source
CDS-82729 Bug

Auto declare dialog: CODESYS crashes when trying to use an undeclared variable at FbIterateClients

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Starting with V3.5 SP18 this problem is no longer reproducible
CDS-82683 Bug

Several RCE and DOS vulnerabilities

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2023-02, which is available on the CODESYS website:
CDS-82682 Bug

Internal files or directories accessible to external parties

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Was already fixed by CDS-59017 in version V3.5.12.30.

We highly recommend to keep the secure default values for the following settings:

For more details see Advisory 2018-04, which is available on the CODESYS website:
CDS-82672 Bug

Remove compile warnings in SysExcept for SIL2

CDS-82663 Bug

CmpMonitor2: Use TYPE3_NONE in ReadReadExp() to avoid warning for SIL2

CDS-82658 Bug

Simulation: Stack Size exceeded in simulation mode (on 64Bit IDE)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
If Simulation is enabled, the targetsettings memory-layout\max-stack-size and memory-layout\max-stack-size-external-call are read from the simulation device description.
CDS-82657 Bug

[CoreInstallerSupport] Wrong GAC DLL selected for the list of references

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Probing für GACs has been adapted to prob for the exact matching assembly first.
CDS-82653 Bug

Compiler: Project update fails depending on update order

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Not reproducible vith V3.5 SP19
CDS-82650 Improvement

Display string constants with replaced escape sequence in a tooltip

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
If a string contains escape sequences a tooltip with the decoded string is displayed.
CDS-82649 Bug

An interface known by an alias is not handled correctly by the precompile

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82646 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: In RtsX509CertExKeyUsageCopy() data is copied incorrectly

CDS-82638 Improvement

App Based Licenses: Remove limitation and display of task count

CDS-82629 Bug

Device Object: Multiple Device Diagnosis instances are created.

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler version >= required to change the behaviour
CDS-82623 Bug

DeviceEditor: numerical controls can be changed while online with mouse wheel

CDS-82621 Bug

Redo is not available after Undo moving devices

CDS-82620 Bug

Visu, File Transfer: it does not work with overlay TV

CDS-82617 Bug

Internal Error when using property in visu under specific project SP18

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
duplicates CDS-82585
CDS-82612 Improvement

[Specification] SysMem: Set memory write protected

CDS-82609 Bug

Compile Errors after update from to

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CDS-82603 Bug

Precompile Checks: No precompile checks in some POUs

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-81249
CDS-82600 Bug

Compile: Crash after online change if FB_Init contains a virtual method call

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82590 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS IO-Link to

CDS-82589 Improvement

Support UFC feature for all controls platforms

CDS-82588 Bug

DeviceObject: Import mapping from csv doesn't respect the selected node

CDS-82585 Bug

Compile Error: Internal error on specific project

CDS-82584 Bug

Internal Error in InstancePath generation for ambiguous paths

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-82583 Improvement

User Management: Popup for unsuccesfull user creation should inform about non-compliance to password policy

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue is not needed because it is not possible to add passwords that do not match the password policy anymore. See CDS-83296
CDS-82580 Bug

CmpRTL8169Mpd: RTE: Realtek driver does not update liTimestampHR in getethframeex.

CDS-82578 Improvement

DeviceCategories: Spelling of PROFINET is often wrong in device repository

CDS-82574 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Code Generator ARM to

CDS-82573 Bug

LMM: internal error "DINT cannot be converted to INT

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-82584
CDS-82559 Bug

Cross Reference: Using the Cross Reference List in a specific project leads to >90% CPU usage

CDS-82557 Bug

VisuClientX: Shutdown no longer working

CDS-82555 Bug

Installer: Versions prior get installed without neccessary Addons

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Requires CODESYS Installer or later.
CDS-82549 Improvement

Improve Project Inspection Wizard

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Wizard has been improved to follow an use case approach instead of the current error approach. Additionally there is a new "Details" button on the first page which shows the current differences to the installation. This button is only visible if the project has been saved with SP19 oder later.
CDS-82539 Bug

Compiler: Identifier 'i' is reported as undefined when accessing project variable from library

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
Accessing pool objects out of libraries is not an intentional feature. It might produce an error message in future versions. However, the code now compiles without error messages.
CDS-82537 Bug

InputAssistant: Wrong instance path inserted in the watch list

CDS-82532 Bug

Compiler: Division by zero exception in area-usage logging code

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82531 Bug

IO Data is not updated if usage is only by Union

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
In this case, outputs are mapped to bits in a structure. This structure is also part of a union which contains a BYTE and this Byte is accessed in a task. The customers expectation now is that all the bits in the structure are updated in the task.
The IO-Configuration only knows about the bits that are mapped to the output channel. The compiler does not provide information of all possible paths to the same memory location of the bit and doing so would be an incompatible change and it also would be quite time consuming.
Therefore, if you map an instance path on a channel, make sure that this instance path is used in the code.
CDS-82530 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Code Generator ARM to

CDS-82513 Bug

RTE: SysEthernetPortConfigAndStatus returns Invalid Values

CDS-82499 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Modbus to

CDS-82496 Bug

[Docu] Online help for CAA File: Library does not support FTP/HTTPS

CDS-82490 Bug

DeviceScan: Scan without dialog does not use scan factories and inserts devices twice.

CDS-82489 Bug

CmpCodeMeter / CmEmbedded: Sporadically CmAct licenses after update lost / new empty container is created

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This problem only affects PLCs without an installed CodeMeter runtime, i.e. with CODESYSControl with CodeMeter Embedded.

Steps to repeat:
1. Install a CODESYSControl Linux SL Version or newer.
2. Activate a license A.
3. Downgrade to CODESYSControl Linux SL Version 4.4.x.x or older.
=> The CODESYSControl runtime does not recognize the previously created license container with license A and creates a new empty license container.
4. Activate a license B (different from license A).
5. Upgrade to CODESYSControl Linux SL Version or newer again.
=> The CODESYSControl runtime does not recognize the license container with license B that was created last, but now again the license container created at the beginning with license A.

Workaround after step 5 (see above):
1. Remove (or comment out) the following setting from /etc/CODESYSControl_User.cfg:
2. Restart the CODESYSControl runtime.
=> Now the CODESYSControl Linux SL Version or newer does recognize the license container with license A instead of the license container with license B.
Unfortunately, the CODESYSControl runtime cannot recognize both license containers.
With a CODESYSControl Linux SL Version or newer, you can decide which license container should be recognized, using the workaround above.
A CODESYSControl Linux SL Version 4.4.x.x or older is not able to recognize license containers created with CODESYSControl Linux SL Version or newer.
CDS-82481 Bug

Compiler: "Assertion Failed" message appears with customer project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with the following version:
- CODESYS x64 CurDev 152
- ApaddonToolkit CurDev 2
- CODESYS Application Composer Release
- CODESYS Automation Server Connector Release
- CODESYS C Code Integration Release
- CODESYS CANopen Release
- CODESYS Code Generator ARM Release
- CODESYS Code Generator ARM64 Release
- CODESYS Code Generator Blackfin Release
- CODESYS Code Generator ColdFire Release
- CODESYS Code Generator Cortex M3 Release
- CODESYS Code Generator PowerPC Release
- CODESYS Code Generator RX Release
- CODESYS Code Generator SH Release
- CODESYS Code Generator TIC28x Release
- CODESYS Code Generator TriCore Release
- CODESYS CodeSpy CurDev 151
- CODESYS Communication Release
- CODESYS Compatibility Package Release
- CODESYS Compiler Versions Archive Release
- CODESYS Core Dump Release
- CODESYS Device Reader Release
- CODESYS EDS Import Release
- CODESYS Embedded Runtime Extension Release
- CODESYS EtherCAT Release
- CODESYS Ethernet Adapter Release
- CODESYS EtherNetIP Release
- CODESYS IO-Link Release
- CODESYS Memory Tools Release
- CODESYS Modbus Release
- CODESYS NetX Release
- CODESYS Recipes Release
- CODESYS Redundancy Release
- CODESYS RISC Front End Release
- CODESYS SAE J1939 Release
- CODESYS Safety Support Release
- CODESYS Scripting Release
- CODESYS Security Agent Release
- CODESYS Sercos III Release
- CODESYS SoftMotion Release
- CODESYS Static Analysis CurDev 193
- CODESYS Target Settings Export Release
- CODESYS Test Manager for Automation Platform Release
- CODESYS Trace Release
- CODESYS Visualization Release
- CODESYS Visualization Support Release
Test Environment:
- Windows 10 Professional x64
CDS-82480 Bug

DeviceScan: Junction Device: Copy all does not work as expected

CDS-82475 Bug

IEC Text Editor: Defines are not evaluated correctly

CDS-82472 Bug

CmpUserDBEmbedded: Impossible to change password

CDS-82470 Bug

BrowserCommand: "Go To Implementation" does not work for methods that are called via interface inside of a function block

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The bugfix also fixes the problem, that the command "Go to instance" did not work in this case.
CDS-82466 Bug

Redundancy configurator does not work, shows up empty editor

CDS-82463 Bug

ComPages: Invalid UTF-16 node names from the RTS are handled incorrectly

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
While investigating this issue, it became clear that the node name in Step 1 of the Steps-to-Repeat is not a valid UTF-16 identifier. There is no way to fix this other than to prevent the user from setting the active path to a device with an invalid name.
Please note that the differing display of the invalid node name as mentioned in Step 3 will not be fixed as we found no affordable solution for this and connecting to an invalid UTF-16 device is not a real-world scenario anymore.
CDS-82454 Bug

Setup: Update MicrosoftEdgeWebview2Setup.exe to latest version (

CDS-82438 Bug

LicenseManager: LicenseRepositoryDialog "Container serial number" textfield too long

CDS-82436 Bug

Linux x64: support set next statement

CDS-82430 Bug

TargetVisu: Update to latest Qt version 6.3.2

CDS-82429 Bug

Linux: runtime startup takes up to 1min on small devices

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-83227
CDS-82428 Bug

Netvars UDP: sending blocks for 2-3 seconds

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
NetVarUdp.library Nonblocking mode is set via
diNonblocking: DINT := 1;
SysSockIoctl(hSocket, SOCKET_FIONBIO, ADR(diNonblocking));
CDS-82426 Bug

Library Placeholder resolution missing after update all

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The problem occurs due to some erroneous entries in the device description like this:
<RequiredLib libname="Standard" placeholderlib="Standard" vendor="System" version="" />
After an update device the device object forces this library version which is not installed to the system. You should avoid to require libraries that are part of the installation and should be resolved to the newest available version.
CDS-82415 Bug

Compiler: Incorrect handling of FB instance with retain persistent variable

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This behaviour is documented in the online help in several places:
"Whenever possible, avoid marking variables, which are declared in a function block, with PERSISTENT. This is because the function block instance is stored entirely in remanent memory and not just the marked variable."
"If only one variable in a function block is marked with PERSISTENT, then the function block instance is stored completely with all variables in remanent memory, although only the one variable is treated as persistent. "

As a consequence if a device description contains an area for RETAIN PERSISTENT it also needs an area for RETAIN. We recommend to define a combined static area for both types of remanent variables.
CDS-82398 Bug

Runtime: Remove Compiler warnings

CDS-82390 Bug

SVG-Renderer: Update libxml2, zlib to latest versions (libxml2 2.9.14, zlib 1.2.12, libjpeg 9e und libjpeg-turbo 2.1.3)

CDS-82387 Improvement

SIL2: Compound Safety documentation must be extended

CDS-82383 Bug

Visu: Project with select and enter over selection api does not work in overlay mode

CDS-82381 Improvement

Output bugreport should be supplemented with LoadException

CDS-82379 Bug

NavigatorControl: Check if Primary Project != null is necessary in RenderingCallback

CDS-82367 Bug

Compiler, Incremental Compile: Newly added error-pragma does not report error

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82362 Improvement

NetBaseServices: Add method to get IPV4Address as ARRAY OF BYTE

CDS-82359 Improvement

OnlineManager: Download of encrypted boot application with customized folder structure

CDS-82352 Bug

No Fast Online Change for FB with additional memory in some cases

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-82349 Bug

ProjectCompare: Doesn´t work in Chinese language

CDS-82341 Bug

CmpIecTask.m4Itf: Clean up defines IECTASK_USE_(NO_)ATOMIC_BITACCESS

- IECTASK_USE_ATOMIC_BITACCESS no longer used. Is the default now!
- IECTASK_USE_NO_ATOMIC_BITACCESS used instead to deactivate atomic bit access for state and flag IEC-task variables
CDS-82335 Bug

CODESYS: Inadequate boot application encryption using Wibu dongle

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2022-15, which is available on the CODESYS website:
CDS-82334 Improvement

CmpSIL2: non-safe interface function to check for available external interface functions (compation)

CDS-82333 Bug

SysFileGetSize: Interface Description and SysTemplates are not correct

CDS-82332 Bug

Compiler: Warning C0417 is missing on "Compiler warnings" overview page of project settings

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Starting with compiler version the warning C0389 is reported for those situations where the message id C0417 was reported as warning in previous compiler versions. There still exist situations where the error C0417 is reported.
CDS-82330 Bug

Crash: CDS freeze if assigning an element of a constant as initial value of that constant (illegal operation)

CDS-82313 Improvement

DeviceObject: PLCopenxml Import: open device description with shared access

CDS-82310 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Installer to 1.4.0

CDS-82309 Bug

DeviceEditor: Changing the Bus Cycle Task has no effect unless F11 or a clean all is made

CDS-82306 Bug

Crash: CODESYS crashes with special project during typing a variable

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-82305 Bug

Scan Information: If a device enforces encrypted communication, the displayed info is wrong

CDS-82302 Bug

EasyUnitFramework: Fix generation of statics

CDS-82296 Bug

Compiler: Missing source position for error messages out of a library

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82293 Bug

Linux & Templates : IoDrvSimple not useable with SP18

CDS-82292 Bug

[Notification] Reg flag but no notifications are shown

CDS-82289 Bug

LicencedSoftwareMetrics, Memory-Leak: Remove CompileContext member from ApplicatoinUserCodeSizeDetailedForUI

CDS-82286 Bug

Compiler: Allow dynamic creation of interface instances with the operator __NEW

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New compile error C560 "__NEW is not possible on interfaces"
Compiler version >=
CDS-82285 Bug

DeviceEditor: Device name in Status tab overlaps with the value display bar

CDS-82278 Bug

Gateway: OpenChannelResponse contains unintialized dummy elements

CDS-82258 Bug

OPC UA Server: sporadic exception while calling operation 'Browse'

CDS-82255 Bug

Unhandled exception if used autodeclare with SMC_MoveContinuousAbsolute

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Starting with V3.5 SP18 this problem is no longer reproducible.
Additionally with CDS-81244 a problem was fixed related to the problem of this issue.
CDS-82248 Bug

Persistent Variables: Bug with mapped variables and event task

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82244 Bug

LMM: Internal error in OnlineChange

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler version >=
CDS-82243 Bug

Libman: Crash after changing placeholder and closing library

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
After a general refactoring of the library manager editor (CDS-79420) this problem is no longer reproducible
CDS-82241 Bug

CmpOPCUAClient: Cleanup of OpcUa_CallRequest and OpcUa_CallResponse missing. Memory leak as a result

CDS-82237 Bug

DeviceObject: compiler error after disabling device diagnosis and start of online config mode

CDS-82233 Bug

Generate Code: Internal error in FUNCTION when initializing a VAR_INPUT of a subrange type

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82232 Improvement

Fast Online Change: prevent progress update

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CompilerVersion >
Section = LanguageModelManager
Key = SuppressProgressUpdate
If true, progress update is suppressed during code generation. This increases compile time, but the user gets no progress during compile, all messages will be produced once after compile. The callback is called before each code generation, you should return true only in case of a suspected fast online change.
CDS-82229 Improvement

Runtime: Define Clienttype for CODESYS Go

CDS-82216 Bug

Internal error on generate code on specific project

CDS-82212 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Risc Front End to

CDS-82197 Bug

Setup installation: Progress bar does not show any progress during package installation

CDS-82194 Improvement

UnitTest: DeviceUserManagement: Add configurable lock, if a user tries to login with wrong password

CDS-82193 Bug

Task Deployment: Outputs are not shown correctly if symbolic access is enabled.

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Already fixed with CDS-81436
CDS-82192 Bug

LibMan: Problems with long paths

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The library manager itself can be converted to long path without to much problems(see attached patch). But there are still problems with other plugins(BinaryArchive, Engine), when trying to use the libraries. I think supporting long paths requires a bigger time investment over multiple teams.
CDS-82191 Bug

Build: FOSS info is outdated in setup build

CDS-82190 Bug

PLCHandler on Windows 10 or newer: Sporadic crash during reconnect

CDS-82188 Bug

DeviceObject: Icons for symbolic access I/O channels are wrong.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
this is by design.
Outputs at the io channel must be inputs at the FB instance and Inputs at the io channels must be outputs at the fb instance.
The intellisense shows only the icon for the fb instance and this is correct.
Won't fix.
CDS-82185 Bug

Package Manager: Installation fails on turkish machines

CDS-82180 Bug

Package Manager: Performance problem, because already unpacked packages are ignored

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Complete installation time of PackageManagerCLI.exe --installAll option could be improved up to 30%.
CDS-82179 Bug

__LAZY : shadowing issues if Lib.ChildLib.ERROR exists, and __LAZY is Lib.ERROR

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82174 Bug

Crash when trying to update library in old project

CDS-82170 Bug

Crash: Codesys crashes when Double Click onto a IEC Object variable

CDS-82162 Bug

Compiler: Checkbounds is not working for dynamic arrays with VAR_IN_OUT as index access

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82160 Improvement

RTS OnlineHelp: RUN/STOP transition must be specified and documented

CDS-82157 Bug

Compile error C0064 after update to

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-82162
CDS-82155 Bug

Japanese: cut texts in Login Dialog

CDS-82152 Bug

Monitoring for THIS pointer in methods does not work as expected

CDS-82146 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Security Agent to 1.3.0

CDS-82144 Improvement

[Setup] OEM docu should explicitly require an empty installation folder

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Setup must check that the INSTALLDIR installation folder does not exist or is empty before installation. Do not allow multiple installations in the same directory. Do not install different versions with one installation in the same folder. This means that each version must be installed in a different folder.
CDS-82107 Bug

[PackageManagerCLI] Wrong error message if the MinimumPlugInVersion does not match

CDS-82103 Bug

SFC: AnalyzeExpressionCombined dont work in libraries

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82101 Improvement

SecuritySettings: Settings must only be modified by Administrator user

CDS-82098 Bug

SIL2: CmpSIL2: SwitchToDebugMode service handler needs to check the permission

CDS-82095 Bug

SHD: SharedQueue kills Taskcycle while reset warm

CDS-82092 Bug

Install Package ends with Exception 'Path access denied c:\users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp\UserInstall.log'

CDS-82089 Bug

DeviceObject: Update IO while in stop does not work if no boot application is created

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
compiler version >= required to change the code
CDS-82088 Bug

Attribute 'instance-path' does not work

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-82087 Bug

Monitoring / Tracing from values of libraries isn't possible

CDS-82085 Improvement

DeviceObject: Copy/Paste of multiple IO modules in slots should be possible

CDS-82083 Bug

Compiler: GoToInstance not working properly on FB instance below interface variable

CDS-82082 Bug

DeviceEditor: The size of an editor does not auto-adjust when the window size gets reduced

CDS-82078 Improvement

CODESYS: Check new runtime-passwords against given PasswordPolicy

CDS-82076 Improvement

Support of 'covariant return types'

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Implementing this issue is a very complex undertaking with a high risk of regressions, while a simple workaround is available.
CDS-82075 Bug

VxWorks: Fix SysEthernetLLWrite

CDS-82074 Improvement

Library: DisplayPlaceholdersDialog Methode in ILibraryUIServices4

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New interface ILibraryUIServices4 with method void DisplayPlaceholdersDialog(IWin32Window, IPlaceholderDialogConsumer)
CDS-82073 Bug

DeviceObject: Compile error after drag and drop of slot modules

CDS-82061 Bug

Device Object, Refactoring: Renaming a specific Chinese variable in IO Mapping results in wrong name

CDS-82059 Bug

Compiler: warning C0542 cannot be disabled using pragmas

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Pragmas are not possible for objects like variable or POU declarations.
Therefore with compilerversion >=
there is a new attribute 'suppress_warning'. The value of the attribute contains a comma seperated list of the warning ids (the plain numerical value) to be disabled for the following POU declaration.
CDS-82055 Improvement

CODESYS / DeviceUserManagement: Configure delay, if a user tries to login with wrong user name or password

Fixed see spec.
CDS-82043 Improvement

CODESYS Control: Enforce password strength: F1.4: Unit tests

CDS-82042 Improvement

CODESYS Control: Enforce password strength: F1.4: Implementation

CDS-82041 Bug

Compiler: NullReferenceException is thrown(only in debugger) if Initializer is used on FB without FB_Init

CDS-82040 Bug

Browse Commands: "Go to definition" does not work in online mode

CDS-82038 Bug

DeviceObject: empty warning if IoConfigLateInit is set and english language

CDS-82034 Bug

Compiler: Exception after adding the library CmpIecTask

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
Report a better error message for this project
CDS-82010 Bug

Monitoring: Indexing POINTER TO ARRAY of ARRAY

CDS-82003 Bug

DeviceObject: missing devices for update in project environment window

CDS-81994 Bug

Compiler: After unticking "Exclude from build", a Clean All is required, before the errors of a POU are shown in Build

CDS-81985 Bug

LibMan: List items and scrollbar control element not fully displayed

CDS-81984 Bug

Deviceobject: IO-Mapping of enumeration is lost if no default value is set

CDS-81978 Bug

Delivery SP18 and newer with define RTS_ENABLE_PROFILING fails

CDS-81966 Improvement

[Setup] Update CAS Connector to 1.25.0

CDS-81959 Bug

LibMan: Changed library parameters are ignored if same library is also present in the pool libman

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-81958 Bug

[MessageServiceWithKeys] MultipleChoicePrompt uses wrong parameter as message key

CDS-81912 Epic

Online Change Improvement Bundle

CDS-81908 Bug

Online Change: A constant default initialized POU is not updated if the default value is changed in the POU

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The project has many issues that are problematic. First: a function block instance should not be declared as constant. Second: if an instance is declared as CONST, it should get an initial value and it should not be default initialized.
Third: array borders should never be declared with not replaced constants.
In the project reported, we have the following situation:

dutt : ARRAY[GVL.xx.x..GVL.xx.y] OF DINT;

xx: DUT;

x : DINT := 0;
y : DINT := 29;

If the Initial value in the DUT changes, the instance of the DUT will not be initialized again: the default initial value in the Type will change, the initial value in DUT will remain the same until the next reset. This is also true for a constant value.
A constant value should always be initialized, if this initial value changes, the constant will be newly initialized at online change. CODESYS generates a warning for this case that you shouldn't ignore.
Since initialization can be very complex, in order to guarantee newly initialisation of not replaced constants, we would need to initialize constants always at any online change.
To force initialization of a constant, you can use the attribute
{attribute 'init_on_onlchange'}. Be careful, you also have to turn off fast-online change (compiler define no_fast_online_change) in this case.

Still: it is very dangerous to use a structure or a function block variable as array borders. Note that a constant function block might be used via pointer or interface, and the values might be changed without noticing. The compiler does not have an issue with the following code:

ptest := ADR(GVL.xx);
ptest^.x := 88;

So, the behaviour remains unchanged. But in the case that init_on_onlchange is used and fast-online-change is disabled with compile attribute, an assertion during online change occured. We fixed this assertion.
CDS-81904 Bug

CDS: CDS in Japanese, the buttons on the UI are hidden

CDS-81897 Bug

RTE, CmpLog: LT_TS_BACKEND_LOCALTIME breaks runtime

CDS-81890 Bug

Remove ScriptingEngine from SVN

CDS-81889 Improvement

CmpOPCUAProviderIecVarAccess: Return different error code for sampling while online change

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The OPC UA Server will return BadNoCommunication while an onlinechange is running for sampled monitored items. If the item is not valid after the onlinechange BadDataUnavailable will be returned as before.
CDS-81887 Bug

CmpHilscherCIFX: Update configuration failed (after multiple Reset Warm)

CDS-81886 Bug

VxWorks-x86 result for LTIME() is not increasing if called serveral times in IEC Code

CDS-81884 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Visualization to

CDS-81877 Bug

VxWorks-x86-C++ Exception on SysTaskWaitSleep

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-81167.
CDS-81864 Bug

Project Archive: Inspection dialog appears twice

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Show the inspection dialog only once when an projectarchive is opened
CDS-81849 Bug

SysFile.IsConfigFile should check absolute path too

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2022-02, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=17089&token=cc5041e24fc744a397a6f6e3b78200a40e6fcd53&download=
CDS-81838 Bug

Module type CT_OEM_END should end with 0xffff

CDS-81835 Bug

Linux: remove dependency to libstdc++ from linux runtimes without targetvisualisation

CDS-81831 Bug

SVGRenderer: No longer working on older Windows versions

CDS-81829 Bug

Compiler: Goto Definition leads to null reference exception if an FB is in offline mode

CDS-81828 Improvement

PLCHandler: Remove or autogenerate Features and Changes_Addressed Defects PLC Handler

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Features and Changes_Addressed Defects PLC Handler_<version>.xlsx is no longer part of the delivery
CDS-81807 Bug

DeviceObject: Warning "Device Description missing" is displayed for empty slots

CDS-81805 Bug

Refactoring: does not work on Application Name

CDS-81799 Bug

Simulation: Stack size setting should be ignored

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
For consistency reasons the same limitations should apply in simulation mode as with the real plc. It would be confusing for the user if the application is compilable and works in simulation and is not compilable when switching back to the real device.
CDS-81798 Bug

Missing translations in japanese UI of InstallerIntegration

CDS-81784 Improvement

VxWorks: Build has problems and doesnt use cubicle

CDS-81782 Bug

Compiler: Compile error with x86 when using "TO_BOOL" on a boolean value

CDS-81776 Improvement

Setup: Update to .Net Framework 4.8

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 is required for CODESYS
CDS-81764 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Installer to 1.3.0

CDS-81763 Bug

LMM: External functions from Pool-Library referenced despite not supported by device

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The new resolution resolves first according to the device. If the device does not resolve the library the placeholder is then resolved according to the pool.
This mechanism only works if the device contains an explicit resolution "NotResolved" for not supported libraries.
An improvement to address this issue is planned with CDS-83534.
Older device description may miss this entry. In this case the resoltion NotImplementedByDevice can be set directly in the Applications library manager as a workaround.
CDS-81761 Bug

RTE, Datasources OPC UA Server, Net Base Services, SysSocket : In RTE, SysSocketGetHostByName always outputs iHostAddrType = 0

CDS-81760 Bug

Optional parameters leads to an exception

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-81751 Bug

Performance Problems with large Recipes

CDS-81750 Improvement

SysCpuMultiCore: Configuration of TaskGroups: Iterator should start with 0

CDS-81735 Improvement

DeviceUserManagement: Improve error message if a user cannot be added to a group because missing access rights

CDS-81730 Bug

Compiler, OnlineChange: Changing the order of outputs in a function/method without return type is not handled correctly

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-81681 Bug

Compiler: "Implicit conversion" compiler warning (C0196) missing for converted data type

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-81671 Bug

SVN: PLC settings change shows only "Hidden Object change"

CDS-81668 Improvement

PackageManagerCLI: Option to provide signature varification data for a list of packages

CDS-81666 Bug

Refactoring: New suffix of renaming process is added multiple times to method of an inheriting class

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Investigating this issue revealed that there are two separate issues: One is a redundant renaming of the POU3_Member declaration (fixed by this JIRA) and the other one is the invalid cross reference leading to the problems in the POU2_Independent. The second problem needs to be fixed in the Language Model Manager in the separate issue CDS-82941.
CDS-81665 Bug

Compiler: String Online value representation wrong

CDS-81662 Bug

Create new library: CBML is missing

CDS-81661 Bug

CmpIecTask.IecTaskDelete3: with C++ build async task does not finish operation

CDS-81657 Improvement

NBS: Introduce a new UseCase Library for the "new" NBS library

CDS-81650 Improvement

Investigate usage of standard toolchains in deliverymanager for ARM / Cortex cpus

CDS-81649 Improvement

Compiler: Speed up PrecompileChecks.Disable and display it in Lengthy operation

CDS-81648 Improvement

Compiler: Project with many precompile message is laggy

CDS-81644 Improvement

DeviceObject: Increase speed of project loading with many StringRefs

CDS-81643 Improvement

ProjectCompare: Library placeholder changes are not recognized

CDS-81642 Improvement

MemGC: detect double free and add log message

CDS-81638 Bug

Precompile: C0222 shown while library development, not after 'Check all Pool Objects'

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-81635 Bug

Redundancy: Synchronizing online write commands for Bits fail on PPC systems

CDS-81629 Bug

Library Manager: Paintbug in German GUI

CDS-81628 Bug

Persistent Vars: a changed array causes an error message to appear, but no error is displayed

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-81624 Bug

CEF: Remote debugging enabled in chromium embedded framework

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
As CEF was removed from CODESYS (and has been replaced by Microsoft's WebView2) there is no more any need for this issue.
CDS-81585 Bug

IntelliSense: IntelliSense for fluent code/chained methods no longer working

CDS-81583 Bug

IEC-TextEditor: Errors are only underlined the first time an application is compiled

CDS-81577 Bug

OnlineExpressionInterpreter: Problems when evaluating SEL expression

CDS-81574 Improvement

NBS: Load certificate while start the application

CDS-81573 Improvement

DeviceObject: import/export mapping as csv file should use list separator from region setting

CDS-81572 Improvement

Linux QS builds/targets: improve integration with vscode for build and debugging

CDS-81568 Improvement

Symbol configuration: Button/option to delete all no longer existing variables from the symbol configuration

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
New improvements for the old Symbol Configuration will not be implemented anymore. The new Symbol Configuration (added below the Communication Manager) has a new workflow and checks which solve this issue already.
CDS-81566 Improvement

Symbol configuration: Opening a "no longer existing" variable error should jump directly to the entry in the Symbol configuration

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This will not be fixed for the legacy symbol configuration anymore. The new editor as part of the communication manager already supports this.
CDS-81564 Bug

License Manager (SoftContainer) : Necessity of manual ‘refresh’ after first license is installed

Fixed [[GENERAL]]

Automatically load licenses and remain on selected container after a refresh
CDS-81556 Bug

Tooltip for VAR_IN_OUT wrong

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-79272
CDS-81549 Bug

DeviceObject: PLCopenXML slot device imported to wrong place

CDS-81548 Bug

Compiler: Monitoring Range can become unusable with large arrays

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The monitoring range for arrays exceeding a given threshold of elements (by default 20000 elements, see CDS-34538) can be only entered manually.
In this case the trackbars are not available and a hint is displayed in the presentation layer, why these controls are disabled.
This approach is used, because in case of very large arrays only an inexact mapping of trackbar positions to array indices exists.
CDS-81541 Bug

Omitted cycle watchdog blocks task watchdog

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
With the first watchdog, the start/stop process begins and no further task watchdogs are checked.
If the task with the endless loop has IOs, the IOs are set to default after 10s. If not, the task will be interrupted after 25s.
This is explained in detail in the runtime documentation (see chapter /Architecture Manual/Overview of the Kernel Components and Main Functions/Application Handling/RUN-STOP transition).
=>as designed
CDS-81535 Bug

Setup: Check for WebView2 Runtime Kit does handle installation in user mode

CDS-81524 Improvement

DeviceUserManagement: GB40050: Support configuration of password expiration update cycle

CDS-81520 Bug

Flow control not working for POUs

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
With SP 19, Flow Control is fast enough. A crash on the occured, though. For this problem a new issue was created: CDS-83411.
CDS-81515 Improvement

CEF: Update CEFSharp to latest version 104.4.180

CDS-81506 Bug

CODESYS Control SysFile system file access vulnerability

With the activation of ForceIecFilePath the file access from IEC is now restricted to the configured paths only (file sandbox)!

ForceIecFilePath=1 (new default)

The standard path is the current directory, the PlcLogic subfolder or a configured path. Every file access outside of this path is configured via PlaceholderFilePath, for example access to temporary files or removable media:

PlaceholderFilePath.1=/tmp, $TMP$
PlaceholderFilePath.2=/media/usb, $USB$

For more information see our tutorial FilePath & Placeholders.

To restore the old behavior ForceIecFilePath may be configured as follows:



For more details see Advisory 2023-01, which is available on the CODESYS website:
CDS-81504 Improvement

Compiler: Avoid standard code+data areas for online change, if target wants separate areas

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Online change typically takes place in the areas that were allocated during download. If the areas are not sufficient, an additional area could be allocated. This additional area is then allocated for code, data and constant data.

A new Targetsetting memory-layout\\single-online-change-area is required in order to allocate the data in separate areas. The default is "true", in this case online change behaves in the same way as ever. One single area is allocated in the case that there is not enough data or code in the existing areas.
When this setting is false, areas for data, code and constant data are allocated according to the settings in the memory-layout. E.g: if code and constant data are in a single area, then also for online change one area for code and constants and one area for data will be allocated.
Note that an additional data area could be allocated even if only a new area for code is required.
CDS-81503 Bug

Compiler: Method without Return value is accepted within assignment.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
It is the desired behaviour that a function/method without explicit return value, returns the first output. Making this an error might break a lot of programs.
CDS-81493 Bug

Wrongful precompile error C0072 with ADR of method

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-81491 Bug

Compiler, C0543: source position of the message is no longer opened

Duplicate [GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-82296
CDS-81488 Bug

SysSock/SysSock2: Wrong documentation of the iWidth parameter of the functions SysSockSelect and SysSock2Select

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Won't fix, since there is at least one Platform implementation (namely LWIP) that evaluates the iWidth parameter.
CDS-81486 Bug

SysTaskLinux: dont use hTask handle after invalidation in SysTaskExit

CDS-81483 Improvement

VxWorks: SysEthernet - sendethframe: improve performance sending messages

CDS-81482 Improvement

VxWorks: SysEthernet - improve performance of receiving ethernet frames

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The proposed change has no measurable effect on the duration of the call to SysEthernetEthFrameReceive(), regardless of the length of the received Ethernet frame.
The time improvement here is less than one µs

--> Wont fix
CDS-81481 Bug

VxWorks: openethernet fails to open last Ethernet adapter

CDS-81480 Bug

ST: Internal Line IDs are not kept leading to unwanted changes in custom OEM editor

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
There is no need to change anything because the problem can easily be fixed by in the OEM code by using the newly introduced initialization method. See attached mail for more information.
CDS-81476 Bug

DeviceObject: wrong task mapping with BOOL datatypes and always update variables

CDS-81474 Bug

Visu, HMI-Redundancy: Not working in SP18 environment

CDS-81461 Bug

Deviceobject: EDS Export in CANopen Local Device is not working after update from old config version to new version

CDS-81457 Bug

Monitoring: Precision of floating point decimals rounded in Watch window

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There are two different settings. One for the ST editor (option) and one for monitoring (project settings). With the same value for the setting "Number of displayed digits" both times will now output the same.
CDS-81455 Bug

Incremental Compile: Change of initialization of Function block is not detected in some cases

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-81449 Bug

Compiler: It's not possible to define -1 in hexadecimal.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The compiler correctly produces an error message for a constant definition SINT#16#FF
16#FF is just a different notation for 255.
255 is not in the range of SINT.
Allowed is this
si := TO_SINT(16#FF)
And this
si := -16#1;
CDS-81445 Bug

CODESYSControl: Possible very rare crash in CmpPlcShell component

CDS-81444 Bug

CODESYSControl: Denial of Service via CmpDevice component

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2022-16, which is available on the CODESYS website:
CDS-81443 Bug

NetVars: Monitoring of the implicit variables does not work anymore

CDS-81440 Bug

Placeholder Redirection is not set correctly by RequiredLib in Devdesc

CDS-81436 Improvement

DeviceObject: Improve behavior for symbolic access and update all variables

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler version >= required
CDS-81432 Bug

Library CAA FB Factory: Link to example project archive does not work

Fixed [[GENERAL]] External links are not allowed anymore, since project is included in library anyway the library documentation was updated.
CDS-81431 Bug

Required add-on(s): CODESYS Code Generator PowerPC is not suggested

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CODESYS Code Generator PowerPC and CODESYS Code Generator ARM will be prompted accordingly.
CDS-81428 Improvement

Scripting: Allow configuring Profinet topology

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Not necessary, can be solved with existing features (also see comment).
Future develpment (graphical Topology-Editor) will make it obsolete anyway.
CDS-81410 Bug

DeviceObject: Plc Xml import will not import slot devices in a special case

CDS-81406 Bug

Compile errors when switching compiler version

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
This problem is not reproducible with V3.5 SP19, because it has been fixed with CDS-79950 for V3.5 SP17 Patch3 HF1
CDS-81405 Bug

Remove LMDownloadedApplicationService dependency from the plug-in ProjectLanguageModelProvider

CDS-81401 Bug

CmpUserDBEmbedded.c: Remaining Tasks from RTSV-850

CDS-81399 Bug

[Technical Dept] Fix Code Complexity issues in PLCopenXML

CDS-81391 Improvement

SysEthernet: hAdapter should be added to events to filter per adapter

CDS-81388 Improvement

UDP Library: Use recvmsg

CDS-81386 Bug

ITF not recognized as POU in attribute pou:<interface_name>

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-81382 Bug

DeviceObject: wrong taskmapping for BOOL datatype

CDS-81380 Bug

LMM: AfterCompileEvent produces sometimes a wrong argument ErrorsOccured

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The AfterCompile-Event ist mainly used for codeinstrumentation. The code is then typified, the set of POUs to compile is fix.
Before SP17, the checks were also done in this phase. For SP17 we restructured the compile phases, in order to increase the performance. Now the checks are done in a later phase and in parallel.
Therefore the list of messages in the AfterCompile-Event will no longer include the error messages that are generated in a later phase. However, you should still check for errors, if you use the event for code instrumentation. Only if no errors occured during the compile, the next compiler phase will take place.
However, since the AfterGenerateCode-Event is only triggered for successfull compilation, there is no way to get an event for unsuccessfull compilation. Therefere we now introduced a new event "ILMCompileService3.AfterUnsuccessfullGenerateCode" which is triggered when errors occured during code generation.
CDS-81377 Improvement

CmpCodeMeter: Setting needed to deactivate creation of initial softcontainer

CDS-81376 Improvement

Online Manager: Support of UTF-8 passwords

If you have only used standard ASCII characters in your passwords in the device user management (a..z, A..Z, 0..9, special characters like: !#$&( )*-+,%[ ]/_'^{ }~|") , nothing changes.

In case you have used non standard ASCII character in your passwords in the device user management (German umlauts, Chinese characters, etc.), please consider this compatibility information.

In the past CODESYS used a slightly different encoding for the passwords than other clients (e.g. DataSources, PLCHandler). This has now been adapted in CODESYS to the other clients so that one account (user/password combination) can be used across all clients. The newly used UTF-8 encoding for passwords in transmission is only enabled for devices with runtime version or newer.

So if you have set a password in a device with runtime version V3.5.18.30 or later with a CODESYS version prior to V3.5.18.30, users who have non-standard ASCII characters in their passwords will not be able to log in with CODESYS V3.5.18.30 or later using their password. The same is true if you download old user management files ("dum2") with non-standard ASCII characters in the passwords to a new device.

If you have used non-standard ASCII characters in your passwords, you have to reset the device user management like this:
- Do a reset origin device with deleting the users and groups
- Use CODESYS >= to create newly your user management and configure the passwords

Alternatively, with a CODESYS version prior to V3.5.18.30, you can change the passwords to use only standard ASCII characters.
CDS-81367 Bug

Project Compare: Sporadic message when comparing projects due to Auto Save

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The fix introduces a message box that can be disabled by the user so that it does not show up again for the current CODESYS session.
CDS-81366 Bug

"Assertion Failed" message appears with customer project

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Add new messages to report if a compile context can not be loaded.
CDS-81359 Bug

TO_INT does not work

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CompilerVersion >=
CDS-81358 Bug

InputAssistant: unhandled exception appears if we press cancel

CDS-81357 Improvement

DeviceEditor: improve performance for tab change

CDS-81340 Bug

DeliveryManager: linux build: default optimization level collides with environment setups of yocto toolchains

CDS-81339 Bug

CmpIecTask.c : After PLC 'reset origin' watchdog is thrown because of Time slice error

CDS-81331 Bug

Compiler: Changes of attributes at pou are not considered during download

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-81325 Improvement

IO-Mapping: Double Input Mappings - Inconsistent Update Behaviour

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler version >= is required to show the new warning for inputs
CDS-81319 Improvement

Linux x86_64: implement function "set next statement"

Fixed [[General]]
Linux x64 runtimes now support "set next statement" debug action.
CDS-81316 Bug

Internal compiler error when assigning a function_block to an interface inside a condition

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-81311 Improvement

NBS: Update UseCase Library to the "new" NBS library

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
It is not allowed to change a library in an incompatible way
CDS-81289 Improvement

PLCHandler: Protect V2 PLC password on transport

CDS-81285 Bug

TaskConfig: NullReference Exception

CDS-81284 Bug

QNX 7 / CodeMeterEmbedded : posix adaption w_dirent_3s.c does not work correctly for QNX7

CDS-81279 Improvement

PackageManagerCLI: Allow package installation into essentials and additional folders

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
PackageManagerCLI provides a new option "applyToAdditionalFolder" which applies all profile changes the to given list of additional folder. Accepted additional folders are:
- "All": operation will be applied to all additional folders within <RootFolder>\AdditionalFolders
- "<Name>": operation will be applied to the additonal folder within <RootFolder>\AdditionalFolders\<Name>
- "<Name1>,<Name2>,<NameN>": operation will be applied to the additonal folders given by a comma seperated list
- "<Full qualified path to the additional folder>": operation will be applied to the additonal folder with the given path

For uninstallation the "applyToAdditionalFolder" has to be set accordingly.
CDS-81278 Improvement

CAA NetBaseServices: Possibility to bind TCP_Client to a specific interface.

CDS-81277 Improvement

CmpAppItf: APPVALUE_STRING_RETAIN_TYPE_DEFAULT should be overloadable during compile time

CDS-81276 Bug

DM: Documentation missing for Runtime Toolkit deliveries

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
When delivering a runtime toolkit, the "Documents" version has to be specified, otherwise, the documentation is not contained in the delivery.
Usually, this version is preselected if it is available in the same version as the selected runtime version. But this is not the case for hotfixes.
So if a "Documents" version is selected, the documentation is contained in the delivery as expected.
=> Cannot Reproduce.
CDS-81244 Bug

AutoDeclare: Unhandled exception appears in the customer project

CDS-81242 Bug

Fast Online Change: No Fast Online Change after call of new function

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-81241 Bug

FOSS license info is showing redundant information

CDS-81240 Improvement

LMM: Message output events should provide contextual information

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Starting with compilerversion the event handler
ILMCompileService.BeforeMessageOutput and ILMCompileService.AfterMessageOutput pass instances of MessageOutputEventArgs2, containing also the guid of the application that is currently compiled.
The event handler ILMCompileService.FilterMessageOutput pass an instance of FilterMessageOutputEventArgs2, that also contains the application guid.
CDS-81234 Improvement

InstallerIntegration: OEM should be able to define an absolute path to their custom installer

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Implemented an OEM Customization hook to overload the path to the installer.
Section: InstallerIntegration
Key: InstallerLocation
Value: string - Folder of the OEM Installer
CDS-81233 Bug

PackageManager: Migration to additionalfolder considers hotfix packages

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Hotfix packages will not be migrated any more.
CDS-81223 Bug

Project Compare: Modification possible, which should be prevented

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Please note that due to CDS-31985, the error popups will only be displayed once per project transaction. This is "as designed" and matches the behaviour in the project diff view.
Therefore, there will be no error popup in the step #6 of the "Steps to Repeat". But the modification is not possible anymore.
CDS-81221 Bug

Project Compare: Cursor position lost while committing changes

CDS-81220 Bug

Precompile: error when using non-initialized enum values as dimension for array type used at VAR_IN_OUT

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-81206 Epic

Library Manager: Improvement Bundle

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Usage of library parameters was deprecated with SP15 and could only be used for existing libraries. From SP19 onwards it is a supported feature again. For this the usage and configuration in an applications is redesigned. A centralized editor allows to change all parameters for referenced libraries in one location. The adding of the library parameter object to libraries has also been reenabled. The usage in libraries has not changed compared to previous versions.
CDS-81202 Bug

Flow Control: Deadlock possible

CDS-81196 Bug

CmpIecTask: Exception if you use CmpIecTask.IecTaskCreate with compiler version

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Functions that are supposed to be called from the runtime System, should get the flag "Enable System call" in the build parameters.
However, if a function pointer is retrieved in the code with ADR(fun), the compiler sets automatically this flag.
This did no longer work for assignments in initial values.
With Compilerversion the automatism works again.
CDS-81195 Improvement

LMM, LMUtils, LibManObject: Fix S3949 violations

CDS-81194 Improvement

ControlWin Setup 32bit: SysDrv3S should be installed in the appropriate version for windows

CDS-81189 Improvement

[Setup] Update CODESYS Installer to 1.2.1

CDS-81188 Bug

SymbolConfiguration: Sporadically, the "SymbolAccessRight" service is sent from a timer before the IOnlineDevice is fully logged in

CDS-81177 Bug

Persistent variables are changed on reset warm with special target settings

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The device description contains a codegenerator target setting "do-persistent-code" with false. That means, that the compiler ignores persistent variables and doesn't generate any code to handle those. The setting is used by OEM-customers who have their own management of persistent variables.
CDS-81175 Bug

CmpUserDBEmbedded: error in UserObjectsDBGetFather

CDS-81172 Bug

DeviceObject: Insert fieldbus devices may create Internal error .... Object reference not set to...

CDS-81171 Bug

Internal error with method interface (of FB or PRG)

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with compiler version
CDS-81167 Bug

VxWorks C++: Online change test project leads to InvalidOpCode exception

CDS-81166 Bug

Diagnose, Login: Encrypted Communication Error does not provide helpful information for the user to fix the problem

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
This fix only changes the text of the error message and gives a hint to the user how to fix the problem. The hint relies on functionality of the package "CODESYS Security Agent" that is installed with the regular setup of CODESYS SP18.
CDS-81157 Bug

Util library: STATISTICS_INT returns average+1 for negative numbers

CDS-81149 Bug

Internal Error: NullreferenceException with specific customer project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Starting from the issue cannot be reproduced. There is a error message that "HMI_PRG" cannot be found. This is correct since it is excluded from build. Removing the "exclude from build"-flag from the "Visualizations"-Folder fixes the issue and the project compiles without error.
CDS-81143 Bug

Library Repository: Removing location leads to endless loop

CDS-81133 Bug

Open a project without access to internet takes a few minutes

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
As soon as a certificate of a library cannot be verified because of a missing internet connection all further certificates will not be checked. The corresponding libraries will be treated as unsigned with the reason "CRL cannot be checked because of missing internet access".
This behaviour is kept until CODESYS is restarted.
CDS-81132 Bug

Task Object: Double-click on POU below IEC task to pop up window for a moment

CDS-81125 Bug

TransitionObject: unexpected error messages for comment with semicolon

CDS-81121 Bug

Installation of Codesys on a system with many users can takes hours

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Configruation items will only be appeared for existing users which already had started CODESYS.
CDS-81111 Bug

Compile, Online Change: No call of reinit if a function block in a complex declaration situation

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-81097 Improvement

DeviceObject should implement IObjectNameConflictChecker

CDS-81088 Bug

Online Change: if you change the array size of an interface, online change overwrites arrays even if they are not used

CDS-81082 Bug

Library Manager: Project compare shows differences with library parameters

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-81074 Bug

SysTimeRtc / SysTimeRtcVxWorks : SysTimeRtcConvertHighResToLocal( ) problems with TIMEZONE env variable set

CDS-81069 Improvement

NBS: Introduce UDP_Peer.Receive2

CDS-81056 Bug

DeviceObject: startSlotNumber and SlotName does not work for explicit connectors and slots

CDS-81053 Improvement

CM: Cleanup Imports of Dep.m4

CDS-81051 Bug

CmpXMLParser / expat: Update to most recent version 2.4.9

CDS-81042 Bug

Compiler: Internal errors appear when FB extends an Alias of type STRING

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with compilerversion
Compilerversion reports the following error:
C0090: No definition found for base class 'MyAlias'
CDS-81037 Bug

RUN/STOP transition: Exception at RUN/STOP with background job task from IEC

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Reason is a wrong usage of EVT_PrepareStop in linked jiras and so dynamically created async task hangs after STOP and does not run out gracefully!
CDS-81036 Bug

CmpUserDBEmbedded.c::UserGroupsDBGetNextUser implementation correction

CDS-81034 Bug

OPC DA Server installation deactivates Gateway

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The problem could not be reproduced.
The setups CODESYS, CODESYS 64, CODESYS OPC DA Server, CODESYS Control Win, Control Win 64 and CODESYS Gateway) are installing the Gateway Service per default and overwrite an existing Gateway service.
You can deactivate the installation of the feature Gateway, if you choose Type "Custom".
If the Gateway SysTray is not running after an installation, you can start it with the start menu shortcut.
CDS-81029 Bug

Redundancy: Deadlock if too many write commands from OPC UA

CDS-81026 Bug

Project Permissions: Not enough rights to Remove an Ethernet/IP Scanner

CDS-81019 Improvement

[PackageManagement] Optimize plugin handling

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Plugin handling has been optimized to speed up plugin installation. This will reduce the plugin installation time about 20%.
CDS-81013 Improvement

CmpCodeMeter: Handle number of cached licenses and improve debug logging

CDS-81003 Bug

Precompile: C0201 precompile error shown for Array based on GPL constant connected to VAR_IN_OUT of FB

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-81001 Improvement

It should not be possible to modify a static adr with command “Find & Replace”

CDS-80999 Bug

Compiler: Variable keeps the old initialization value

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-80996 Improvement

Logging option of ICommand executions in CODESYS

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For diagnostic it is now possible to launch the CODESYS.exe with the command line switch "--enableEventLog="CommandManager"" to be able to record command executions to the Windows event log. First time using this switch must be done in Admin mode.
These Messages will appear in the section "AP" then.
CDS-80995 Improvement

x64: Compiler Setting needed to prevent Jump optimizations in code generator

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There is a new (undocumentet) attribute 'no_jumpinstruction_optimization'
CDS-80991 Bug

SysTask / CmpSchedule / Linux: Exception in external call is not catched cleanly

CDS-80987 Improvement

Visu, Targetvisu, NativeControl: Documented example necessary

CDS-80982 Bug

LibMan: Library documentation PDF in the library manager doesn't open

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Opening embedded objects of an unsigned library is not allowed due to security concerns (introduced with V3.5 SP17). With CDS-77195 a detailed message is displayed if the user tries to open an embedded object of an unsigned library.

Nevertheless under certain circumstances is was possible to open an embedded object of an unsigned compiled library.
This issue provides a bugfix for this erroneous behaviour.
CDS-80974 Bug

Check all Pool Objects leads to errors because of __MEMCOPY

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-80971 Bug

Visu, Linux: Problems with display and entering L-Values using properties

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version>=
CDS-80970 Bug

Difference in behaviour with WSTRING definitions

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
An explicit escape sequence ($R$N) has to be used for this purpose.
CDS-80965 Bug

Shadowing Rules: Incompatible change when using same library in both Aplication and Pool Library Manager

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
duplicates CDS-81959
CDS-80960 Improvement

Make it possible to remove a connector

CDS-80942 Improvement

DeviceRepository: There should be a command to export the selected device

CDS-80929 Bug

Compiler: Inappropriate compiler error message for undeclared variable

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Fix compiler exception when a performing an indexaccess to an undeclared variable, in a POU that also contains an access to a variable with a direct address.
CDS-80927 Improvement

MessageView: Only load position text if the message provides a position

CDS-80911 Improvement

DeviceUserManagement: Possibility to read out the user name by handle

CDS-80893 Improvement

OPC UA Server: change message for OPC UA not activated in symbol config

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The two macros RTS_OPCUA_SERVER_BROWSENAME_Missconfigured and RTS_OPCUA_SERVER_VALUE_Missconfigured have been renamed to

Both macros can be overloaded.
CDS-80891 Improvement

SysFileLinux: SysFileCopy should use sync

CDS-80883 Bug

Compiler: Internal error if THIS pointer is assigned to a property of type REFERENCE TO FB

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-80882 Bug

Compiler: Compile error at login with online change if a new instance of an FB with additional input parameters in FB_init is declared in another FB

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Starting with compilerversion this problem is no longer reproducible
CDS-80876 Bug

SysFile Linux: SysFileCopyAsync is successfully copying of files happens despite incorrect entries in "pulOut" or "pulCopied"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Wont fix as we cannot reproduce, identify and fix the behavior.
With CDS-80816 the implementation is changed from "rts_system" to posix spawn.
CDS-80875 Bug

Refactoring: wrong text in Auto Declare dialog

CDS-80870 Bug

Scripting: IO-Mapping is not added if you import a Excel-File with a Python-script

CDS-80868 Bug

Generic FBs: A breakpoint set in the implementation editor is not hit

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Now there is an error message: Cannot set a breakpoint in the implementation view of a generic function block. Set the breakpoint in an instance of the function block.
CDS-80867 Bug

Deliverymanager fails to build Runtimes without feature OPCUA

CDS-80857 Bug

SVG-Renderer: Missing license info for indirect dependencies

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
This issue cannot be reproduced as the according license hints for the mentioned components can be found within GatewayPLC/SourceLicenses/SVG-license.txt
CDS-80856 Bug

DeviceObject: Memory consumption increases when adding/removing IO mappings/parameters

CDS-80821 Improvement

NetBaseServices: Possibility to bind a client socket.

CDS-80804 Bug

Compiler: Internal error instead of correct error is shown in specific case

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-80803 Bug

Compiler: Comments in interface methods may lead to error when implementing the interface

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with compilerversion SP19. A new FB is implemented
without the local variables defined in the interface. This error was fixed with CDS-79056.
There is also a compile error if local variables are used in interfaces.

Comments in interface methods get lost when implementing the interface if the comment cannot be assigned to an object of the language model (e.g. if the comment is located after a variable).
The functionality to implement the interface must use the language model and cannot use the textual representation of the interface, because when implementing interfaces from compiled libraries no textual representation of the interface is available.
CDS-80792 Improvement

Signing of Libraries: allow signing of old libraries

CDS-80776 Bug

Compiler: FB_init is not executed as expected if a new FB instance is added in another FB and an online change is performed

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The problem is the following. A function block FB1 contains an FB_Init-method in which a member variable shall be initialized. This should be done only once at the first initialization of the function block instance.
Therefore, the code for initialization of the member is like this:

if (bInCopyCode) then RETURN; end_if
_i := 100;

Now, since the variable is not specially attributed, the FB_Init first initializes the variable implicitly with its default initialization.

If an instance of this function block FB1 is now added to a function block FB2, then we have the following situation:
The instance FB2.FB1 is new, the instance FB2 is changed. First FB2.FB1 is initialized with bInCopyCode = FALSE. Then FB2 is initialized with bInCopyCode = TRUE, and the FB2.FB_Init calls FB1.FB_Init with bInCopyCode = TRUE.
So the member is first initialized correctly then reinitialized with the default initialization and then not copied, because the old instance of FB2 didn't contain a FB1.
This is a problematic behavior and certainly not as expected.
The best way to solve this problem would be to generate specialized FB_Init-Methods for each copy code. The main problem with that solution, is that we don't know what effects it would have on existing applications. Applications could rely on the current behavior.
We therefore just recommend to attribute variables that are initialized explicitly in the FB_INIT-method with {attribute 'no-init'}. Then the user code is responsible for the initialization of the variable.
Since the behaviour is basically the same since version 3.0 and a workaround exists, we close this issue with Won't Fix.
CDS-80775 Improvement

Persistent Variables: Better error message for REFERENCE TO in VAR PERSISTENT RETAIN

CDS-80757 Epic

CAA File: Strengthening of the resource management system

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The management of file handles has been enhanced in a way that there are no more processing time anomalies when using function blocks from the CAA_File library.
CDS-80756 Bug

Persistent Variables, __XINT-Type: Persistent Variables are initialized too often

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CompilerVersion >=
CDS-80744 Bug

Setting the CommCycleInterval doesn't work on Linux Systems

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-80280 Bug

Persistent Variables, Library Parameters: Library Parameters used in persistent variable lists are handled wrongly

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-80272 Bug

Persistent Variables: Writing bits of a struct leads to unexpected results

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Wont fix: investigations showed the special kind of memory on that device cannot be used in a "direct and random access" way.
The same assembler instructions that work on normal memory (RAM), do not succeed on this special nvram. See screenshots and examples.
As the CODESYS codegenerator but also the CODESYS runtime itself cannot distinguish different kind of memory with different behavior (and cannot rely on basic instruction like "move" to work properly), this kind of memory cannot be used directly from the IEC code or runtime (in a random access way). This kind of memory must be handled by a special driver (code), that can handle the specifics in access to that memory.
We recommend using a buffered / discoupled implementation, where the retains/persistent are handled in RAM (from runtime point of view), and later pushed to NVRAM "en block" in some driver/runtime-adaption code.
CDS-80271 Improvement

DeviceEditor: show better description why a io channel is not updated

CDS-80269 Bug

CmpOpenSSL: TlsContextCreateDHParameters evaluates the result not correct

CDS-80265 Bug

CmpIecTask : On App Download blocking of IecTaskSync Sem sets up customer watchdog

CDS-80262 Improvement

SigningCompiledLibs: A signed lib, which certificate is signed by a trusted CA, is displayed as expired

CDS-80261 Improvement

RTE: update Realtek 8119i LAN to CODESYS CmpRTL8169Mpd driver: add specific VendorID to driver inf file

CDS-80260 Bug

Inputassistant: Deviceinstances are displayed two times

CDS-80257 Bug

VxWorks : Bitwise access to PERSISTENT RETAIN fails

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Wont fix: investigations showed the special kind of memory on that device cannot be used in a "direct and random access" way.
The same assembler instructions that work on normal memory (RAM), do not succeed on this special nvram. See screenshots and examples.
As the CODESYS codegenerator but also the CODESYS runtime itself cannot distinguish different kind of memory with different behavior (and cannot rely on basic instruction like "move" to work properly), this kind of memory cannot be used directly from the IEC code or runtime (in a random access way). This kind of memory must be handled by a special driver (code), that can handle the specifics in access to that memory.
We recommend using a buffered / discoupled implementation, where the retains/persistent are handled in RAM (from runtime point of view), and later pushed to NVRAM "en block" in some driver/runtime-adaption code.
CDS-80256 Bug

Compiler: Method with call_after_init is executed twice for sub class

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-80238 Bug

Error Dialog but no message when using Input Registers (%QW) in the ST code

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-80230 Bug

OnlineManager: File transfer service called with scripting in noUI-Mode does not complete

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Investigation turned out that the endless loop is directly caused by the OEM code that does not actively wait for a service response but puts the executing main thread to sleep instead.

In the attached screenshots there is a simple fix for the OEM code. This fix follows the preferred way to handle file operations as described in AP_Concepts_OnlineManager.pdf, Section 8.5.
CDS-80223 Bug

CDS Crash: Opening the project leads to an crash on Codesys side

CDS-80222 Bug

Start Page: Confusing behavior when creating project and closing Codesys with "delete project"

CDS-80065 Bug

VAR_CONFIG - Add All Instance Paths can't be used directly

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Executing the command "Add All Instance Paths" automatically triggers a build if necessary.
CDS-80059 Bug

License manager: exception appears if device is not found

CDS-80029 Bug

CmpOPCUAProviderIecVarAccess: Enum is not transportes as Int32 but as the base type used in IEC.

CDS-80023 Bug

AutoDeclare: Unhandled Exception on using Input Assistant

Cannot Reproduce Cannot reproduce with CODESYS CurDev16
CDS-80020 Improvement

Backup and Restore a project via .project + WorkingFolder + SharedDataStorage

CDS-80019 Improvement

Update components should be easier

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
"Learn more" links now opens the affected installation and automatically opens the "updates" tab.

Requires CODESYS Installer version 1.3.0 and later.
CDS-80018 Bug

Package Manager: Uninstalling old version removes devices

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Setup uninstallation does not delete shared repository content.

OEM Setups need to update their uninstallation procedure. The call the PackageManagerCLI --uninstallAll must be extended by --keepRepositories. Otherwise, the repository entries will be removed.
CDS-80016 Improvement

DM: Extend SDK delivery for single licence (encryption)

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-78671
CDS-80011 Improvement

CODESYS Control Linux: remove DEBUGP messages

CDS-80007 Bug

CDS Crash: When modifying task definitions in the device tree

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-74841
CDS-80006 Bug

CDS Crash: When edit new tasks in the device tree

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-74841 (TaskConfig: When deleting a task in the navigator, a column in the task configuration editor is accidentally removed)
CDS-79999 Bug

Wrong message: Project has been stored with different version message

CDS-79996 Bug

Wrong notification about new updates

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Notifications are no longer displayed when one of the updates has been installed
CDS-79985 Improvement

DeviceUserManagement: GB40050 / FSA-CR 1.11B: Session lock timeout must be configurable

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Implemented by CDS-70761.
CDS-79984 Improvement

DeviceUserManagement: IEC 62443: FSA-CCSC 1A: Administrator account should not be locked

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Implemented by CDS-70761.
CDS-79983 Improvement

DeviceUserManagement: IEC 62443: FSA-CR 1.11A: unsuccessful login attempt should be configurable

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Implemented by CDS-70761.
CDS-79978 Bug

Access violation at download with long running callback function in CommCycle

CDS-79962 Bug

User Management: adding another user allows only default group "Administrator"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue will not be fixed because the described behaviour is exactly as designed and will not be changed. We call this behaviour the "Simple User Management" because it is used by the majority of the users and provides exactly the functionality that is needed: Minimum number of clicks without the risk of breaking something accidentally.
CDS-79961 Bug

Breakpoint: IDE freeze if you use breakpoints and step forward

CDS-79946 Improvement

Project Load: Consolidate all automatic APIs and events

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New API IProjectUpdateConfigurator for configuring default responses for project update prompts and checks. The defined setting will only take effect for the next single run.
CDS-79928 Improvement

Visu, IEC: Provide an event when a client was first painted completely

CDS-79922 Improvement

Encrypted Linux Toolkit delivery via Delivery Manager

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-78671
CDS-79915 Improvement

[Technical Debt] LibManObject, Refactor LibraryLoader

CDS-79907 Improvement

XML Import: Evaluate included profile information

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Before importing native xml files the content will be check whether all types are available. If so, the missing add-ons will be offered to install.
CDS-79891 Bug

App Backup&Restore: Certificates get lost if restore is called by CODESYS

CDS-79859 Bug

Project Compare: Differences of more than one line are not displayed correctly

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Unfortunately, the UI control used for the project compare is not able to display multi-line strings. Therefore, the fix for this issue is limited to displaying strings with line feed in a shortened way by replacing the first line feed with "...".
This fixes the ugly display. For shortened strings, the tooltip will display more information.
CDS-79855 Bug

IO Mapping Editor displays only the first 2048 Words in Array

CDS-79853 Improvement

License Handling: Improve Handling of several Wibu container

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
License Manager UI has been reworked to display all available containers in a single control. Every container displays its licenses.
During license activation there is an additional drop down list to select a dedicated container. Depending on the given ticket there is a suitable container preselection.

Licenses servers will not be listed on default because they may increase loading time significally. The can be actived on demand with the new Licsense Manager's option page.
CDS-79841 Bug

parameter lists: Value from pool takes precedence over value from application

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicate of CDS-81959
CDS-79837 Improvement

Monitoring: Make it possible to monitor return values of methods in the online view

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Flow control is the preferred solution for this. By using the attribute the methods will be called and executed repeatedly outside of any IEC task cycle. This might cause performance problems or application issues depending on the implemenation of the methods.
CDS-79835 Bug

Textual View: Declaration in textual view changed if a new variable is added and removed in tabular view

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue will not be fixed because it is a feature of the declaration editor to consolidate the sections with the same scope.
CDS-79810 Improvement

DeviceUserManagement: More than one admin in user management should be possible

CDS-79808 Improvement

BACnet23: CmpBACnet2 - remove InitMidnightTimer

CDS-79806 Bug

OptionHandler: LiveOption Handler should become more robust

CDS-79790 Bug

External file: Access denied on download even if file is embedded into project

CDS-79777 Improvement

Compiler: Improve error message "No matching FB_init method found for instantiation of POU" (C0138)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-79742 Bug

Project Information: "Placeholder" field is skipped while using Tab-key

CDS-79741 Improvement

PLCopenXML Import: Allow to replace existing objects in case of a name collision

CDS-79738 Bug

VxWorks: SysTimeRtc - Wrong TIMEZONE handling

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
From SR630, SysTimeRtcConvertUtcToDate() and SysTimeRtcConvertDateToUtc() do not use the TIMEZONE information.

As of SR630 and newer, the format of the TIMEZONE environment variable changed.
This new format is not supported and thus, SysTimeRtcSetTimezone() is deactivated for SR630 and newer.

Due to incompatible changes of VxWorks from SR630 and newer, SysTimeRtcSetTimezone() is not supported.
Our internal structure cannot store all information needed, to set the timezone in the new format correctly.
Changes to this structure are planned with CDS-15880
CDS-79736 Improvement

Online Change Details Dialog: Automatically switch to Online Comparsion tab on generate code

CDS-79602 Improvement

LibMan: Report corrupt lib repository in message view

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
New interface _3S.CoDeSys.LibManObject.IRepositoryConsistencyChecker
An instance of the implementation can be obtained by IManagedLibraryManager16.GetRepositoryConsistencyChecker()
CDS-79542 Bug

SafeNetVars, MappingApp: Internal Error if ReceiverList does not reference any variable

CDS-79535 Bug

Unexpected warning about implicit conversion

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-79519 Improvement

QNX 7.1: Set up test device

Fixed DevrackSL-QNX71-x64 (see https://confluence.codesys.com/x/mgAIAw) is now available.
CDS-79449 Improvement

Installation: Corrupted file should contain detailed error description

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Detailed error descriptions have been added to the file. Furthermore error messages can be appended if the file already exists.
CDS-79420 Improvement

[Technical Debt] LibManEditor, Refactor LibManControl

CDS-79362 Improvement

FloatingPointUtils: improve performance by using AND_THEN/OR_ELSE

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-41793
CDS-79349 Improvement

POU Object Wizard: Adding an FB that EXTENDS a BaseFB should only create methods for not yet implemented Interface methods

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Even when methods are implemented in a base POU the user might still want to override them in the extending POU. Sometimes he also might not be aware of methods that might need specialize implementation for his extension. So it is preferred to generate all methods and let the user delete the unneeded ones afterwards.
CDS-79342 Bug

CmpOPCUAClient: Crash when monitored items are deleted within the ConnectionCallback with session timeout

CDS-79293 Improvement

CAA Mathematics: atan2 generates warning, because reserved by compiler for future versions

Fixed [[COMPATIBILITY_INFORMATION]] A new function named atan2_func replaces the function atan2. The function atan2 has been marked as obsolete.
CDS-79272 Bug

VAR_INOUT in a FB shows wrong hint

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-79270 Bug

Linux, AccessViolation: Return of very large variables in functions leads to an exception

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The maximal stack size for an IEC task on a Linux system is now limited to 0x20000 according to the default stack size defined in the runtime.
CDS-79259 Bug

SysMsgQVxWorks.c : Used timeout calculation can result in zero (no wait)

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
SysMsgQRecv for VxWorks now properly calculates the timeout based on systemticks. Possible range for timout is 1s to 1us, but at least one systemtick.
CDS-79222 Bug

Task Config Object: "Task Configuration" in Properties incorrectly localized

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The object name of the Task Configuration will now be displayed in a consistent way in the topmost textbox of the properties dialog. This name is the object's BASE NAME and should not be localized. Therefore, it may differ from the localized DISPLAY NAME in the navigator (e.g. "Taskkonfiguration"). This is "as designed".
CDS-79205 Bug

CmpBlkDrvTcp: Possible socket blocking DoS vulnerability

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2022-09, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=17128&token=bee4d8a57f19be289d623ec90135493b5f9179e3&download=
CDS-79189 Bug

RTE: an exception appears when calling SysTimeRtcGetTimezone

CDS-79144 Bug

SysDirAsync, tSysDirCreate: Parameter szDir String size limited to 80 characters

CDS-79101 Bug

Add support for qualifier INTERNAL for Type Alias of arrays in IEC Libraries

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-79081 Bug

Compiler: Initialization of multidimensional nested array with FB as type, does not work if declared like 'array of array'

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The syntax for FB_Init parameters for
ARRAY [0..1] OF ARRAY [0..1] OF FB is now the same as for
ARRAY[0..1, 0..1] OF FB and for
ARRAY[0..3] OF FB.
[(...), (...), (...), (...)]
CDS-79074 Improvement

[Technical Debt] LibManEditor, Refactor DocumentationView

CDS-79058 Bug

Compiler: Short array initialization does not work with a global constant for arrays of FB or STRUCT

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
CompilerVersion >=
CDS-78955 Improvement

CODESYS Control: SysCryptoLinux make it work for non-root users, use "write" instead of "ioctl"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Increasing entropy without being root or having the capability "CAP_SYS_ADMIN" cannot be achived at the moment. The problem comes from the inability to credit the bits written to /dev/random. Therefore the entropy-pool does not increase. For this process the mentioned capability is needed.
The linux kernel currently implements this at random.c (e.g. https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/v5.10/drivers/char/random.c).
We cannot work around this.
CDS-78952 Bug

Profinet GSDML Import: error "object reference not set" reported

Cannot Reproduce Already fixed with CDS-53210 for V3.5 SP13
CDS-78844 Improvement

CmpIecTask: New IEC and API interface function IecTaskDelete3() needed to get status of async operation

CDS-78830 Improvement

VxWorks : Year 2038 Problem - step 1: convert to ui32

SysTimeRtcVxWorks is using functions like "localtime_r". These functions rely on datatype "time_t". If the system is configured to use "long" as datatype for "time_t" this restricts the timestamps to the year 2038 (problem).

We recommend using _WRS_CONFIG_TIME_T_LONG_LONG for VxWorks systems to avoid the year 2038 problem.
CDS-78811 Improvement

Support for GenericTypes in TabularDeclarationEditor

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
This improvements corrects the display of "VAR_GENERIC" in the Tabular Declaration Editor. For generic variables, editing functionality is supported except for changing the "Scope" to/from "VAR_GENERIC". The reason for this is, that the declaration block for generic variables has to be topmost (even BEFORE the "implements" keyword) and changing the scope would therefore require variables to be moved up/down in the declaration list (see ProblemOrderOfDeclarationBlock.png). This is not desirable, because the user can easily lose track of her variables.
CDS-78810 Bug

NBS, ResolveHostname: "AsyncProperty" does not work after "Reset Warm" or "Reset Cold"

CDS-78802 Bug

NBS: UDP_Peer, TCP_Server, TCP_Client repair AsyncProperty

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] This issue cannot been reproduced in CODESYS V3.5 SP19, it was fixed during some other issues e.g. CDS-78810
CDS-78791 Improvement

BACnet23: CmpBACnet2 - update component to MBS BACnet Stack rev. 23

CDS-78790 Improvement

BACnet: create new CmpBACnet23 component

CDS-78779 Epic

Package Manager: Display release notes

CDS-78766 Bug

Trace: Unable to start a trace after a PLC reboot, if the trace window is still open in encrypted communication mode.

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Neither with V3.5 SP17 nor with V3.5 SP18 this problem is reproducible.
CDS-78764 Improvement

[CyberSecurity][Pentest] Weak Password Policy

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-74382
CDS-78757 Improvement

Store: Adjust store page to work with the new MS Edge browser

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Username and password is now stored in browser, not in CODESYS anymore.
CDS-78756 Improvement

LibMan: Adjust library viewer to work with the new MS Edge browser

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-78755
CDS-78755 Improvement

WebBrowserIntegration: Replace referenced Google CEF components by MS Edge components

CDS-78730 Bug

CmpEventMgr: Application deletion not synchronized with event-callbacks from background task

CDS-78671 Improvement

Runtime Toolkit Linux: New feature for runtime encryption

Starting the encrypted binary of the x86 runtime will result in an error that is caused by the encryption. Therefore encrypted binaries will not be delivered for now. This only affects x86. Not x86_64, ARM or ARM64.
CDS-78608 Bug

Compiler: Internal Error during download

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-78523 Bug

OPC UA Server: RTS_Server_EventField typdef or delete required

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The affected datatype is not available anymore
CDS-78512 Bug

Runtime: Possible channel blocking DoS vulnerability

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
For more details see Advisory 2022-09, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=17128&token=bee4d8a57f19be289d623ec90135493b5f9179e3&download=
CDS-78505 Bug

AsyncJobManager: Background tasks started from two tasks do not disable correctly

CDS-78457 Bug

DM / Linux: Source Deliveries are missing Makefiles and Objects

CDS-78297 Improvement

SysCryptoLinux: Improve logging when running as non-root user

CDS-78255 Bug

Variables Configuration - VAR_CONFIG: Does not work as described in the documentation

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-80065
CDS-78133 Bug

PackageMgr, Visu, Commands: Lots of empty commands in Customize window

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Can not be reproduced any more.
CDS-78094 Epic

Diff view for textual objects: add results view (ex. 3-way-merger ST)

CDS-77915 Improvement

Switch development system to .NET 4.8

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Development system now runs on .NET Framework 4.8.
CDS-77886 Bug

Compile: CODESYS crashes when calling SUPER^ of a non-existing base fb

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-77778 Improvement

DM / Buildsystem: enhance profile.h regarding NOTIMPLEMENTED / EXTERNAL interfaces to support AddOns for runtimes

CDS-77629 Improvement

Platforms: Cleanup obsolete Runtime Adaptations

CDS-77603 Improvement

Update InstallShield to latest version 2022 R1

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
InstallShield 2022 R1 is used to build the setups.
CDS-77534 Bug

ANY : Does not work in a library

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler Version >=
CDS-77505 Improvement

Request for direct extension of FB (EN/ENO) in FBD

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue will not be implemented because we think it is not suitable for our regular user base and there is already a OEMCustomizationHook to activate the proposed functionality in an OEM environment.

Key: NWL
Section: EnableToggleEnEnoCommand

-> Return TRUE to activate the command.
CDS-77407 Bug

Compiler: Compile error if a library contains an object with the same name as the library's namespace

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
With CDS-63808 a new syntax for explicitly accessing a library namespace was introduced with V3.5 SP15. Using this new syntax allows to solve this issue by writing "Test#Test();"
CDS-77221 Bug

Reset precompile error works not properly

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The editors do not push the new content to the compiler after every change. The logic for updating content tries to optimize timings to improve overall IDE performance.
CDS-77209 Bug

PLCopenXML: Exporting FBs with flex arrays results in arrays being re-declared in VAR_INPUT section

CDS-77100 Improvement

LibDevSummary: Document for OEMs how to setup their own library and device description download server

CDS-76991 Bug

CmpIecTask.IecTaskDelete2 / IecTaskCreate: In case of multiple simultaneous call not all threads are deleted or created

CDS-76893 Bug

Compiler, OOP: Incorrect precompile error for METHOD which returns a REFERENCE TO

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Already fixed with CDS-81638
CDS-76886 Bug

Runtime deadlock on reset application

Duplicate [[GENERAL]] Duplicates CDS-76590
CDS-76639 Bug

Precompile Warning for Controllers with long Parameter Values

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compiler version >= required
CDS-76638 Bug

Wrong status color of POU because of other build errors

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Behviour is as expected. The state can only be determined reliably after successfully compiling the project. Until then the status of the last successfull compilation is used.
CDS-76633 Bug

Unclear compile error after project update

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Starting with compilerversion this problem is no longer reproducible
CDS-76622 Bug

Double Datatype selection in Library Repostory

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-75589
CDS-76593 Bug

IECTextTeditor: Text within attribute value is evaluated and converted to keywords

CDS-76590 Bug

AsyncJobManager library kills Taskcycle on the fly

CDS-76537 Bug

Input-Assistant starts always with focus on register ‘Categories’

CDS-76531 Bug

Pasting over existing code removes breakpoints on unchanged lines

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
When editing code matching breakpoints to the new code is a complicated process. Because of this we always choose the safe solution of deleting breakpoints.
CDS-76518 Bug

Library manager: The design attributes pin_presentation_order_inputs/outputs are not respected in the input/output and documentation tab

CDS-76248 Bug

Sporadic PLC deadlock after processorload watchdog at 100% load

CDS-76130 Improvement

PLCopen Export/Import of Dynamic Parameter Types with multiple namespaces

CDS-76045 Bug

Dynamic Parameter Types are not loaded as expected

CDS-75993 Improvement

UTF8-Strings: Support for Remote-Targetvisu

CDS-75990 Improvement

UTF8-Strings: Support for Targetvisu

CDS-75974 Bug

SmartCoding: Namespace automatically added in FBD/LD if ctr+space is used while it is deactivated

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
This issue is handling only the problem in FBD/LD, other editors are not taken into account because they are in different AddOns.
CDS-75903 Bug

OPC UA Server: Not all usages of SysCpuAtomicAdd handle failures correctly

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
In all cases when this error happened, the cause was a broken implementation of SysCpuCompareAndSwap. The fixes should be made at this place. See: CDS-82810
CDS-75666 Improvement

BlkDriverCANServer/Client: Ignore Error Passive

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
A Blockdriver needs autorecovery. Otherwise service communication will not work after bus error.
==> Won't Fix
CDS-75664 Improvement

BlockDriverCANServer/Client: Possibility to deactivate auto recovery

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
A Blockdriver needs autorecovery. Otherwise service communication will not work after bus error.
==> Won't Fix
CDS-75493 Bug

Compiler: behaviour for "C0224" inconsistent - Recursive call is not detected

Compilerversion >=
Recursive method calls are allowed. The check for recursive calls therefore ends at a method scope. However, if a method calls a recursive program/function, this was not reported until now. For compatibility reasons, in the future all recursive calls will be issued as warnings.
CDS-75474 Improvement

CodeMeter: Support of CodeMeter Universal Firm Code in SL Runtimes

CDS-75290 Improvement

[Build] Check Timestamp of Signature

CDS-75224 Bug

Linux MainLinux.c: add defines to disable rts_system

Duplicate Duplicate of CDS-80816
CDS-75223 Bug

Linux SysProcessLinux: add defines to disable rts_system

Duplicate Duplicate of CDS-80816
CDS-75222 Bug

Linux SysTaskLinux: add defines to disable rts_system

Duplicate Duplicate of CDS-80816
CDS-75160 Improvement

Compiler: Conditional compiling for inheritance

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Supporting conditional inheritance and interfaces would impose severe restrictions on all smart coding features (e.g. refactoring, cross references, etc.). Will not be implemented for this reason.
CDS-75155 Bug

Targetvisu, Overlay: EGLFS should be supported

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
With Linux.KeepMainWindowOpen=1 the application will define the window type with the first target visualization (legacy/overlay) for the remaining time.

A new setting is available in the CODESYSControl.cfg.
A value of 0 means legacy, a value of 1 means overlay. The default is 0.
The default value can be overridden by defining KEEP_MAIN_WINDOW_OPEN_WINDOW_TYPE_DEFAULT
This setting is only relevant when you have relevant for Linux.KeepMainWindowOpen=1& Linux.KeepMainWindowOpenShowImmediately=1.
CDS-74700 Bug

NBS: Recover TCP_Reader, TCP_Processor, TCP_Writer

CDS-74699 Bug

NBS: Recover UDP_Receiver, UDP_Processor, UDP_Sender

CDS-74698 Improvement

NBS: Recover Documentation and Examples

CDS-74382 Improvement

CODESYS: Enforce password strength

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Validation of passwords against given policy is currently done by the runtime only, because an additional pre-check in the CODESYS IDE would have required new interfaces and therefore would not be patchable any more.
CDS-74381 Improvement

DeviceUserManagement: Enforce password strength

CDS-74305 Improvement

Text Editor: simplify Ctrl+Mousewheel zoom

Duplicate already fixed with CDS-67209
CDS-73635 Bug

OPC UA Server: Server/ServiceLevel is always zero (Maintenance Mode)

Fixed Tested, Result is OK
CDS-73389 Improvement

CanDl - CmpNetXCanDlDrv: Must be separated from the runtime kernel

CDS-73388 Improvement

SIECA132API - CmpCANFoxDrv: Must be separated from the runtime kernel

CDS-73387 Improvement

vcinpl - CmpIxxatCANDrv: Must be separated from the runtime kernel

CDS-73386 Improvement

PCANBasicAPI - CmpPCANBasicDrv: Must be separated from the runtime kernel

CDS-72988 Bug

Package Manager: Menu items are not added for all Windows users

CDS-72903 Epic

Compile: support byte and word access of bitfields

The Trace does not support displaying of partial access expressions.
Not all Visualization elements support partial access expressions.
CDS-72714 Improvement

Create example project

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Example is created with STORE-4419
CDS-72629 Improvement

Language Model Provider: Allow to specify order of language model provision for dependencies

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Improvement is obsolete after ProjectDB has been discontinued.
CDS-72615 Bug

[OnlineManager] COMPACT_DOWNLOAD => complete ApplicationInfo

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The CompactDownload does not contain the timestamp of the last application modification, which is available in the normal download format. The reason is, the the boot application would change every time it is created (online/offline boot application).
The last modification time stamp is set to 0 in the CompactDownload
CDS-72051 Bug

CAA NBS , NBS: UDP_Peer TCP_SERVER, does not give an error itfIPAddress :=

CDS-72000 Improvement

Possibility to delete a user lib profile

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Usage of the library profile has been deprecated with V3.5 SP18. Compiler Versions >= V3.5 SP18 do not consider the profile anymore for placeholder resolutions.
CDS-71564 Improvement

Project Information: Library compatibility, improve sorting order

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The field has been deprecated since CODESYS V3.5 SP17 and is not displayed anymore.
CDS-71256 Bug

LibMan: POU tree not displayed if no precompile context

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The primary use case of libraries is to bundle POUs for use in the application. It is not meant to be used only as archive for other files or content.
CDS-71171 Bug

Linux SysFileCopy: optionally dont use rts_system

Duplicate Duplicate of CDS-80816
CDS-71008 Improvement

Standard library: New string functions with REFERENCE input types for better performance

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Not required anymore with the introduction of the new String Builder library (CDS-61221)
CDS-70958 Improvement

LMM: Statusfield for Codestate should be able to compare offline

CDS-70761 Improvement

DeviceUserManagement: Add configurable lock, if a user tries to login with wrong password

CDS-70121 Improvement

ProjectDB: Merge into trunk

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue is not needed anymore because the whole project has been cancelled.
CDS-69811 Improvement

CmpIecTask: Additional watchdog information for commissioning purposes

CDS-69694 Improvement

CmpOpenSSL: Add support for CRL checks

CDS-69616 Bug

OPC UA: UA Expert shows different icon if the instance is defined in a GVL

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with CODESYS and Communication
CDS-69502 Bug

EasyUnit: inconsistent mocks in SVN

Duplicate Duplicates CDS-82302.
CDS-69445 Bug

M4 Export: error exporting VAR_IN_OUT parameters

CDS-68945 Improvement

OPC UA Server: Improve certificate validation within the OPC UA Server to pass latest CTT

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The OPC UA Server now supports CRLs when validating client certificates. These checks can be enabled via the corresponding security setting or via the security settings editor:

Additionally, intermediate CAs can be downloaded into the OPCUAServer/Intermediate folder. These certificates are then used to build up trust chains. The chain has to end within the trusted root CA inside the trusted certificate store.
CDS-68913 Bug

IECTextEditor: The inner text document is not thread-save and may lead to a freeze of the IDE

CDS-68368 Improvement

SymbolConfig, OPC UA: Avoid shadowing of methods by variables with the same name

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Can easily be avoided by adapting the application. Also this issue only affects the legacy symbol configuration and will not be implemented anymore.
CDS-67272 Bug

Compiler: Syntactically wrong initialization of ARRAY OF ARRAY not detected

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
The error "C0075: Too many initializers for array" is reported.
CDS-67209 Improvement

Editor: A horizontal scrolling with the mouse should be possible

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The changes work fine in the ST editor. Our other graphical IEC editors should also work fine but they need to be rebuild with the SP19 SDK and therefore they will not benefit from this right now.
CDS-67114 Improvement

Lib: Reset parameters in parameter list to default

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Already implemented with CDS-81371
CDS-67040 Improvement

SymbolConfig: Use Checkboxes for view settings

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This will not be implemented anymore for the legacy symbol configuration.
CDS-66991 Improvement

Application Object: Changes for .Net-Standard Compatibility

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Idea to share code between Desktop CODESYS and Go is obsolete.
CDS-66411 Bug

LibMan: Exception when inserting specific libraries in POUs

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Usage of old compiler versions is discouraged
CDS-66331 Bug

LibMan: Libraries that have a CompanyName with '.' at the end cannot be loaded

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-68306 and was fixed with V3.5 SP16
CDS-66303 Improvement

Attribute 'obsolete': user defined text for POU with attribute 'obsolete' is only displayed abbreviated in the tooltip

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Text in tooltip has to be cut at a certain length to avoid other display issues. The text is displayed completely in the message view though.
CDS-66174 Improvement

PLC Logger: Multiselect for filtering Components

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Already implemented by CDS-68914, see TestOK.png
CDS-66172 Bug

LibMan: the Documentaion tab is not updated correctly.

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-66049 Bug

Compiler: Error at step over, lines are skipped during step over (F10)

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18 anymore
CDS-66036 Improvement

LibMan: New file selection filter "All libraries" in library installation

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-75589
CDS-65547 Improvement

Compiler: option to export variable/symbol list

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The use case is not described. Because of this it is not clear how the exported list should be structured and what it should contain exactly.
CDS-65380 Improvement

BACnet23: IEC-lib-CmpBACnet23 - remove CmpBACnet.GVL_BAC_MEM.g_BACnetExStackMemCollector

CDS-64852 Improvement

LibMan: Possibility to display the occurrences of a library within the library hierarchy

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
No longer reproducible because already implemented with CDS-72341
CDS-64423 Bug

LibMan: In customer project the compiler does not resolve included library

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-64382 Bug

Symbol Rights: Does not work as expected for the group "Administrator"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This is desired behaviour for the special adiministrator group. It always has access to all symbols and ignores any limitations applied.
This applies not only to the symbol configuration but in general to all features supporting access rights in CODESYS.
CDS-64199 Bug

Compiler: Unclear effect of expression RETURN(<Boolean value/variable>)

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The RETURN is only executed if the expression is true. So it is a conditional return statement. It's primary use case is to support special return statements in graphical languages.
CDS-63648 Improvement

Compiler: ADR & Pointer deref^ in one line

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The described use case is very dangerous, write access is limited for good reasons and it should not be possible to override that using any kind of special syntax.
CDS-63616 Improvement

BACnet23: CmpBACnet2 - add BACnet[G|S]etDeviceAddressBindingsCacheOptions / BACnet[G|S]etObjectIdNameBindingsCacheOptions bUseGlobalBcastWhoIs

CDS-63605 Bug

Library Manager: Placeholder redirection is changed in combination with container library

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-77030
CDS-63121 Bug

CFC, FBD, LD: Auto Declar does not open with old compiler version

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Usage of old compiler versions is discouraged since V3.5 SP18 and the modularization of CODESYS.
CDS-63091 Improvement

Util.lib: GetSystemTimezone function should be removed

CDS-62785 Bug

LibMan: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Error occurs when adding a library

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Usage of old compiler versions in new CODESYS versions is discouraged as of V3.5 SP18. Beginning with modularization in V3.5 SP17 projects should either be edited with the old version or updated to the new version completely, including the compiler version.
CDS-62016 Bug

The use of a variable in function "__NEW" generates the warning "C0195: Implicit conversion...."

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-61878 Bug

Compile: Generate warning if library is produced with newer compiler version than used in the project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Signed compiled libraries store the compiler version they were created with and CODESYS checks this when the library is used in a project since V3.5 SP15. If the compiler version used in the project is older than the one the library was created with an compile error is reported early on.
CDS-61435 Bug

Symbolconfig: Symbol tree is collapsed when symbol set is changed

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Will not be fixed anymore for the legacy symbol configuration
CDS-61244 Improvement

Symbolconfig: There should be an overview of all symbolsets

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This will not be implemented anymore in the legacy symbol configuration. The symbol configuration has one object for each symbol set and they can be viewed in parallel.
CDS-60153 Bug

TaskConfig Editor: Wrong error message: "Invalide core Number."

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-59412 Improvement

OPC UA and online services: Make use of new user based interface for types

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Usermanagement on type description will not be implemented. If this is needed, use the new OPC UA Server publishing editor.
CDS-59367 Improvement

NVL, DeviceApplication: allow multiple lists of network variables for different applications on same device

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Device application feature has been discontinued.
CDS-59172 Bug

Input Assistant: Not all FBs are shown in Input Assistant dialogue

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-62259
CDS-58791 Bug

Default setting of the option "Show symbols from system libraries in input assistant" have no effect

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-62259
CDS-58672 Bug

LibMan: Message "C0046: Identifier 'COL' not defined" appears when compiling a new project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-58507 Bug

Input Assistent: Own function name is not displayed

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Steps to repeat are unclear, the issue cannot be reproduced.
CDS-58118 Bug

Compiler: Monitoring of Variable values are only displayed in the declaration part and not in the implementation part

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Issue will not be fixed for V3.4 compiler version anymore.
CDS-58106 Improvement

BACnet: CmpBACnet - ensure that there is just one of the BACnet-revision-releated instances of CmpBACnet is runing

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Done creating new CmpBACnet23 CDS-78790.
CDS-57332 Bug

SmartCoding: Selections list differs between declaration and coding area

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-57313 Improvement

Changing the upper/lower case of a variable should not require an online change

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-57196 Bug

Compiler: Message "Application is up to date" is missing

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19 anymore. Rebuild command has been deprecated and is not available anymore.
CDS-57129 Bug

OPC UA Server: Subscription handling fails for priorized subscriptions

CDS-57040 Improvement

Symbol configuration: Attribute to propagate global settings needed

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The preferred solution is CDS-75368.
CDS-56632 Bug

LibMan: Example "RecipeManagement" have unresolved libraries after update the device

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18 anymore
CDS-56536 Bug

Add POU: Namespace not inserted for implemented methods in some cases

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-56535 Bug

Implement Interfaces: The command "Implement Interfaces" will handle some interfaces not properly

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-56471 Bug

Compile: Use of uninitialized value is not reported, if a variable is used as parameter in FB_INIT

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-56453 Bug

Compiler: new compiler features lead to undefined behavior in older CompiledLibs

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Signed compiled libraries know the compiler version they were created with and can will emit a compile error if an older compiler version is used in the project. This is supported since V3.5 SP15.
CDS-56173 Improvement

IecTaskDelete2: Rework usage of JobParams & New interface for status

CDS-56159 Bug

Online Mode: Go to definition should directly open the declaration of the variable

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-56109 Bug

TraceManager: Input assistant inserts wrong object for TraceState

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-56062 Improvement

LibMan: multi-selection has an untypical behavior

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-80878
CDS-55998 Bug

Messge "C0192: Input 'x' of 'FB_Init' cannot accessed outside of call" should not occur

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-55891 Improvement

LibMan: OEM customization hook for providing an opportunity to set a placeholder to the newest version of a library

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The use case can be solved by using unbound placeholders in CODESYS. They will refer to the latest library version available when the reference is inserted. Updates are recognized and offered in the Project Environment dialog.
CDS-55877 Bug

Compile: unexpected error messages for overloaded FB_Init-Method

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-55782 Bug

NVL: View the network settings create a compiler message, if we work with several sender lists

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-55761 Bug

Web-based Online Help: page opens with default Language

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]StR: Ok
CDS-55750 Improvement

SymbolConfig: change of more than one "access-rights" should be possible (multi-selection)

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Will not be implemented for the legacy symbol configuration anymore. It is already supported in the new editors as part of the communication manager.
CDS-55713 Bug

Compile: call a method differ between CFC and ST

Cannot Reproduce StR: works great.
CDS-55499 Improvement

WSTRING, Standard64.library: WSTRING-Functions should handle surrogate characters

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
New projects should use UTF-8 encoding and the new StringBuilder library.
CDS-55494 Bug

Attribute 'enable_dynamic_creation' leads to assertion failure

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-55466 Bug

Add Interface Dialog: it is not possible to extends an new interface from "__SYSTEM.IQueryInterface"

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: It is possible.
CDS-55422 Bug

CallTreeView: Does not work with "REFERENCE TO"

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V 3.5 SP19
CDS-55326 Bug

Initialization Dialog: do not show cascaded structures from library

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-55272 Bug

FBD: Exception opening a POU written in FBD

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: no exception. There is a question mark explaining the problem. Perfect!
CDS-55269 Bug

FlowControl: No value for qualified-only variable in some cases

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-55139 Bug

Project environment: When opening a library, newer library versions are not displayed

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Is now correct.
CDS-55084 Bug

Task Configuration: Changing existing POU call via manual input assistant call does not update task call in device tree

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
CDS-55066 Bug

GVL, ArrayBounds: Tooltip of global variable does not appear when used as array bounds in combination with qualified access

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: All tooltips are correct.
CDS-55040 Bug

Device Log: Components are listed multiple times

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: no duplicates
CDS-55030 Bug

Ladder: Expressions are shown without white spaces in Online monitoring

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Spaces are correct with SP 18
CDS-55012 Bug

Intellisense: creating of variables with an "point operator" requires correction within the auto-declaration

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-55007 Bug

Conditional Breakpoint: If condition uses a string comparison, an assertion fails and BP won't be hit

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Now there is a message "Condition too complex". Could be improved, but not a bug.
CDS-54986 Bug

Retain, message view: size of retain is displayed incorrectly

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-54893 Bug

SmartCoding: SUPER^. does not list methods from a library

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-54873 Bug

Package Manager: CODESYS crashes if only an empty text file is in package

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-54613 Bug

LibMan: Container Library is not resolved for POUs LibMan

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-54556 Bug

Generate Code: Using __VARINFO/__SYSTEM.VAR_INFO in library leads to compile error

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP19
CDS-54554 Bug

Monitoring: Improve the error message in the watchview for unmonitorable properties

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-54421 Bug

PlcShell: Deadlock if command is resent in short time intervals

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-54394 Bug

Error: "C0138: No matching FB_init method..." occur if a reference used in interface editor

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Compile errors are due to actual syntax errors in the declaration. This is not a specific issue of using references.
CDS-54259 Bug

Intellisense: doesn't work on return type of properties

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot reproduce with V3.5 SP18
CDS-54222 Bug

Editor, Tabular: unhandled exception on changing the Tabular view

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-54198 Bug

Undo/Redo: it isn't possible to restore the initual situation in the device tree

Cannot Reproduce StR: Ok
All 3 examples are working.
Alarmconfig Undo/Redo Ok
CNC: Undo disabled (Ok)
Device Application is no longer supported.
CDS-54175 Bug

Debug, Breakpoints: Stepping with multiple __DELETE calls in POU is skipping statements

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-54170 Bug

MethodObject: Add method dialog only listing 1st level inherited methods

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-54137 Bug

Project Compare: Library Manager is marked as changed without any changes

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
One of the referenced libraries contains a parameter list and the value of a parameter changed. This is the reason for the changed library manager. This is displayed much clearer in V3.5 SP19.
CDS-54128 Bug

Exception: Object reference not set... creating new project pressing ENTER 2 times

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-54125 Bug

LMM: Compile-Messages from interface method reported twice

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-54113 Bug

PLC Applictaion status : wrong application status

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-54106 Improvement

Compiler: checkbox for the option „with name space insert“ should be set, like the lib-developer intended

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Whether a library requires qaulified access is determined by the library developer using the "LanguageModelAttribute (Text) := qualified-access-only" project property. The checkbox is just a way for the user to enable qualified access only in cases the library does not force it anyway. But the user can never override that behaviour by disabling the checkbox.
CDS-54069 Bug

Refactoring: the type of the property in IMain is not renamed, if we renaming the Interface "IBase"

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-54062 Bug

Implements Interfaces: properties from external interfaces are missing

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced anymore with V3.5 SP18
CDS-54029 Bug

Refactoring: Input variable of FB_Init not renamed in declaration part

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-53996 Bug

Generate Code: Exception with nested implementation of interfaces in library

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok Only tested with simple project.
CDS-53995 Bug

Task Config: Undo/Redo doesn't work with added/removed POU

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] POU in tasklist has to be deleted seperately. This behaviour is correct.
CDS-53983 Bug

AutoDeclare: incomplete Namespace inserted in type declaration

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-53924 Bug

OnlineManager: Object reference not set exception when logging in

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Profiler and UI was reworked with V2.0 release. No attempt will be made to reproduce this bug anymore after several years.
CDS-53827 Bug

Online Help: Unhandled exception while searching

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-53706 Bug

Internal error on login if library manager has been removed

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-53520 Bug

Compile: Cannot convert type 'Bool' to type 'ANY_BIT'

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-53479 Improvement

Device Application: Standard project needs a bus cyclic task

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The device application feature has been discontinued.
CDS-53380 Bug

SFC: Error message doesn't lead to bug cause

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-53327 Bug

Ladder: Insertion of contact does not work correctly in this project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested with latest version and various combinations. Always worked as expected.
CDS-53236 Bug

SAL: Static analysis rule "unused variabled" does not report errors on initial generate code based on an existing compile info

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-53100 Bug

IDE crash on opening the input assistent in customer projekt

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-52974 Bug

Breakpoints: Setting instance specific breakpoint in library FB might fail

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-52907 Bug

Compiler: Message C0004 occur after update customer project

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This is the new behaviour for over 5 years now. As such it cannot be changed anymore without creating new incompatibilities.
CDS-52828 Bug

Monitoring Range: does not work if a constant in array declaration

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-52756 Bug

Refactoring/CrossReferences: Missing cross reference for parameter list declaration to compo access in init expression

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-52742 Bug

ST: Zooming by mousewheel does not work any more if text has been selected by mouse

Duplicate already fixed with CDS-67209
CDS-52739 Bug

PLCopen: ladder export/import losing elements

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] With SP 18, first export and then import of the POU works fine.
CDS-52630 Bug

Smart Coding: Inserting elements via library namespace does not work properly

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-52628 Bug

project template: configured task time have no effect

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested with SP 18.
CDS-52600 Bug

Compile: NullReferenceException due to FB call in input of FB

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-52599 Bug

Exception in global initialisation code after several application downloads

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-52594 Bug

Compile, SFC: No error generated if local Program Variable is accessed in Transition or Action

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-52531 Improvement

Debugging: The instance pointer from a function block should be in the variable list (declaration part) when a method is debugged

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-46735
CDS-52466 Improvement

Auto Declare: Global variables should be inserted with GVL namespace if declaring them on GVL with attribute 'qualified_only'

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-52448 Bug

Refactoring: Input variable is added without a comma in ST

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Tested with SP 18.
CDS-52445 Bug

LMM: Compile error if reference assignment to base type within declaration

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] no compile error with SP 18.
CDS-52290 Bug

Compile, Online Change: Area for Online Change mixes Code and Data

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
duplicates CDS-81504
CDS-52286 Bug

LD: Paintbug in a special case

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] No paint bug with latest version.
CDS-52270 Bug

Smart Coding: Insert with namespace is not working in ST

CDS-52161 Bug

Compile: Internal error in call to fb with dynamic array as input

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Works great with SP 19.
CDS-52149 Bug

CrossRef, Refactoring: No CrossReference to Object created with __NEW

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] works great with SP 18.
CDS-52096 Bug

Library Manager: update from documentation window on change of libraray incorrect

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-52092 Improvement

DeviceApplication: Re-Enable breakpoints for POUs called by parent task (programming system)

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Device application feature has been discontinued.
CDS-52086 Bug

LanguageModel: Application content on PLC not shown any more if project is not compiled

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
The LinkLabel "Generate code now to show online comparison" is now available after "Clean" was performed
CDS-51993 Bug

IecVarAccess: Access to arrays of structs with odd sizes does not work

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-51925 Bug

Wrong Precompile Error on assigning an enumeration value

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] no precompile error with SP 18.
CDS-51890 Bug

Enumeration Initial Value for DWORD > 16#800000 leads to assertion on generate code

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] no assertion with SP18
CDS-51784 Bug

Watchlist, Forcelist: Null reference exception on unforcing values

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with 3.5 SP18
CDS-51771 Bug

LMM/CrossRefs: FindExpressionAtSourcePosition returns null for Compo-Access-Index-Expression

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-51738 Improvement

Enable optional parameters on methods of FBs and functions

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-56722
CDS-51486 Bug

Profiler doesn't work with device application

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The device application has been discontinued.
CDS-51410 Bug

Wrong error message when trying to use SEH on CORTEX

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with Cortex devices based on V3.5 SP18.
CDS-51384 Bug

[TS_DeviceApp] Add tests for task mechanisms

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The device application feature has been discontinued.
CDS-51357 Bug

Compile: Confusing message when cancelling Online Change

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-51184 Bug

LMM: Unassigned IN_OUT var of dynamic array type is not reported as error

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] With SP 18, compiler shows error.
CDS-50978 Bug

CFC: 'BOOL' cannot be converted to type '__LAZY'

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] project compiles without problems.
CDS-50957 Bug

LMM: Null Reference exception when parsing certain pragma expression

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-50954 Improvement

Symbol Configuration: Symbol configuration should use LanguageModelManager.IsHiddenSignature and IsHiddenVariable.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This will not be changed anymore in the legacy symbol configuration.
CDS-50854 Bug

Operation mode switching: for the user a no conclusive error message is stated

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Operating mode "gesperrt" can always be set. This problem cant be reproduced with SP 18.
CDS-50787 Bug

Compiler: Blobinit attribute with LTIME datatype in DUT has no initial value

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] works fine with SP 18.
CDS-50746 Improvement

CAN: Give a possibilty to hide controls in CAN editor

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Issue cannot be implemented due to unclear requirements.
CDS-50637 Bug

Visu, UnitConversion: When editing a converted LREAL value it is initialy set to the unconverted value

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Homag example works fine.
CDS-50334 Bug

Wrong Literal Folding for comparisons

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-50322 Bug

LibMan: Library is not resolved after cut and paste

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Tested with SP 18. Ok.
CDS-50229 Bug

CrossRefView: values from options file not loaded on project switched

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok
CDS-50176 Bug

FBD editor, search: no results for variables in EXECUTE Element

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Text is also found within the execute block
CDS-50079 Bug

CmpSchedule.c: Schedule on IEC task cycle end leads to a larger jitter although the schedule tick is exact

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
No longer requested by the customer
CDS-50063 Improvement

Symbolconfig: change for entire groups the access right inside the symbol configuration

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This will not implemented anymore for the legacy symbol configuration. It is already supported by the new editors as part of the communication manager.
CDS-49849 Bug

SFC: Refactoring of action object sometimes produces wrong result

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested with SP 18. Ok.
CDS-49848 Bug

SymbolConfigEditor: Erroneous warning if variable is referenced by parent application

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Works fine with SP 18.
CDS-49818 Bug

Watchlist online: Monitoring values are not visible after sorting a column

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Works fine with SP 18.
CDS-49763 Bug

FBD, LD: Multiselection: delete operation produces unexpected result

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] problem one tested. Not reproduceable with SP 18.
CDS-49730 Bug

Visualisierung: Using the search functionality in the input assistant for element properties leads to errors

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-49547 Bug

Device Tree: double-click on somewhere in the device tree immediately after login then the POU is opened but it is not possible to open other Editors

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] I couldn't reproduce the problem with SP19. All editors could be opened.
CDS-49515 Improvement

Compile: Use of LOWER_BOUND, UPPER_BOUND also for arrays with fixed length

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-60871
CDS-49505 Bug

Precompile: There are false errors by library structure elements

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] No problem with SP 18.
CDS-49457 Bug

FBD/LD: Update parameters does not work correctly

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Is solved with the latest version.
CDS-49375 Bug

FBD, LD: Corrupted network leads to crash

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Behaviour exactly as expected.
CDS-49361 Improvement

Allow reinitialization of persistent vars via context menu command.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The device application feature has been discontinued.
CDS-49359 Improvement

New TargetSetting UniqueTaskNames

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The device application feature has been discontinued.
CDS-49207 Bug

Warning for "backwards compatibility" in specific project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested with SP 18
CDS-49116 Bug

Compile: Conversion of SIZEOF-Operator may be confusing

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Usage of the XSIZEOF operator is recommended to avoid this kind of issues.
CDS-49083 Bug

Compile: Global variables with attribute 'qualified_only' cannot be declared as VAR_EXTERNAL

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced in V3.5 SP18.
CDS-48980 Improvement

Compiler,Compileroptionen: customer wants a option "always use this compiler version"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The compiler version is not freely choosable since V3.5 SP18 and its usage changed fundamentally with introduction of the modularization.
CDS-48886 Bug

Generate Code: Assertion with declaration of huge array to IO address

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced in V3.5 SP18.
CDS-48868 Improvement

LMM, PersistentVars: Add application name to dialogs regarding persistent var changes

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The device application feature has been discontinued.
CDS-48856 Bug

C-Integration does not support non-top-level applications

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The device application feature has been discontinued.
CDS-48845 Bug

Debugging: Errors during setting a breakpoint in the runtime are not reported to the user

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Minor issues which has not been touched the last five years. Will not be fixed or investigated anymore. Issue never came up again.
CDS-48843 Improvement

Watchlist: Improve UI feedback when monitoring large arrays with more than 1000 values.

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-64062 and was implemented with V3.5 SP17.
CDS-48836 Improvement

DeviceApplication, Online: Query multiple IO access

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Device application feature has been discontinued.
CDS-48833 Improvement

DeviceApplication: Warn users about effects of online actions

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Device application feature has been discontinued.
CDS-48532 Bug

LMM: Handle out of memory during code generation consistently

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Minor bug closed because not touched for more than 5 years. Also an issue that only very few users might ever encounter.
CDS-48496 Bug

Precompile: A precompile error occurs if a variable of GVL has the same name as a base class

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] testet with SP 18. not reproducable.
CDS-48488 Bug

LMM: Build with non-existing compiler version does not trigger an error.

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Compilerversion can't be changed anymore.
CDS-48422 Bug

Compiler: Exception when declaring a variable with name containing just numerals

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] No object reference error, no exception.
CDS-48201 Bug

Monitoring: tooltip for online view of binary or hexadecimal values too short in FBD

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Tested according to steps to repeat. Works fine with SP 19.
CDS-47932 Bug

Intellisense, Tooltip: the tooltip is cut, for variables in the visueditor elementproperties

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested according to StR. full tooltip is shown.
CDS-47900 Improvement

SymbolConfig Editor: Improve view of hidden symbols

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This will not be changed anymore for the legacy symbol configuration.
CDS-47876 Bug

Symbol Configuration: Header in English is shown as "Maximal" instead of "Maximum"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Will not be fixed anymore for the legacy symbol configuration.
CDS-47862 Bug

SymbolConfig: Do not hide variables just because their type has members preconfigured via symbol attribute

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This will not be fixed anymore for the legacy symbol configuration
CDS-47758 Bug

Find & Replace: Switching between find and replace doesn't change text to find

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] When I close the find dialog, b is correctly inserted. To leave the dialo open is no use case 8I didn't check).
CDS-47221 Improvement

Performance LMM: The return value of "IsUpToDate()" should be cached where possible

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-57362
CDS-47159 Bug

Compiler, StaticAnalysis: The attribute 'naming' is unknown

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with Static Analysis
CDS-46790 Improvement

LibMan: Add Library: Difference of the buttons "Extended Libraries" and "Extended..." not clear

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
No longer reproducible because the button were removed with CDS-76542
CDS-46764 Bug

CODESYS Monitoring mixes up device instances

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-46623 Bug

SymbolConfig: Variables with direct Addresses in STRUCTs are not handled cleanly

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Issue did not come up for years in customer projects. Will not be fixed anymore for the old symbol configuration.
CDS-46608 Improvement

SymbolConfig: Backwards compatibility mode for BitFields needed.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Issue has not been touched in several years. It will not be implemented for the legacy symbol configuration anymore.
CDS-46473 Bug

LibMan: Button for "Download of missing libraries" is not always shown immediately

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-46457 Bug

Autodeclare: Library attribute 'qualified-access-only' is not considered in certain case

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-46241 Bug

Input Assistent: Documentation of POU does not support ReStructured text

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested and works.
CDS-46148 Improvement

Symbolconfig: Difficult to see symbols that aren't exported due to missing Access Rights

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Issue not touched for several years. This will not be changed anymore in the legacy symbol configuration.
CDS-46137 Bug

External Files: Embedded files not synchronized if original file is empty

CDS-46097 Improvement

Compiler: Rework GenerateCode to use Task API

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Technology and .NET libraries and version evolved during the last 7 years. This idea is probably obsolete.
CDS-46084 Bug

LD: Copy a Network with Drag&Drop via ctrl-Key doesn't work like expected

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Just works fine with SP 18
CDS-45972 Bug

Symbolconfiguration file: typeclass changed from BOOL to BIT

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The issue seems to be a minor problem since the addresses of BIT-Values are correct, and only the type changes from BOOL to BIT.
The old symbolconfiguration will be replaced in the future by new symbol editor.
CDS-45934 Bug

Compile: exception by handling VAR_TEMP with { attribute 'noinit' }

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Not reproducable with SP 18.
CDS-45933 Bug

Refactoring: Initial value for output variable shouldn't be assinged in call-expression

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] I checked the problem. Not reproducable with SP 18.
CDS-45880 Bug

Flowcontrol ST: call of FB shows not all values

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-45786 Bug

CmpApp: Exception in GlobalInit / FB_Init Code leads to an inconsistent application

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Application is no longer listed.
CDS-45747 Improvement

LMM: There should be a compile error for direct addresses in structures, etc.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
New compile errors cannot be introduced for compatibility reasons. Furthermore there is already a Static Analysis Rule (#48) for using direct addresses in declarations which reports this case. This is to be preferred to new compile warnings.
CDS-45560 Improvement

CrossReferenceView: Implement filters for hiding special cross references

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The use case is unclear. If certain objects provide incorrect or no positions at all that should be fixed, instead of adding special filtering options. Also not requested anymore for several years.
CDS-45426 Bug

IecTextEditor: Disappearing text and unhandled exceptions with {impl_ident} pragma

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Works fine.
CDS-45314 Bug

LibMan: not possible to add a library having been installed for the first time after opening the project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] works fine with SP 18
CDS-45211 Improvement

PowerPC, PPC: Generate external Function calls according to c-calling-convention

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This feature is not actively used on any platform is was already implemented for. Will not be done anymore for PowerPC.
CDS-45052 Improvement

Compile: Targetsetting needed to avoid memcpy in compiled code

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
A better solution is already available with CDS-73120
CDS-45038 Bug

Refactoring: "OK button" is selected but not activated if we press Enter

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Buttons are selected and active. Works fine.
CDS-44954 Bug

User Management Project: Buttons in communication editor bypass check of access rights

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-44774 Bug

Ladder, Breakpoint, Stepping: Stepping does not work in Networks ending with a Set-Statement

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Duplicates CDS-44773
Tested and also not reproducable.
CDS-44773 Bug

Ladder: Debugging: Stepping does not work if edge detection is used

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Stepping works fine in both cases.
CDS-44651 Bug

Simulation: mouse context menu item > Simulation disappears on login

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]works with the latest released version.
CDS-44617 Bug

CreateOfflineBootapplication: wording of error message not correct and it is not localised

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Message got changed in the meantime, cannot be reproduced with 3.5 SP18
CDS-44507 Improvement

Usability: Provide an easy way for users to include explicitly implemented FB_Init and FB_Exit methods

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Works as described in V3.5 SP18 already.
CDS-44386 Bug

SymbolConfig: Fix the remaining cases of shadowing

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Relevant cases already got fixed in the after implementing the namespace syntax. All other will not be fixed anymore since the symbol ocnfiguration is a legacy feature now.
CDS-44354 Improvement

Compile: new Syntax for namespace access

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-63808
CDS-44302 Improvement

LibMan: Provide "download missing Library" functionality for Scripting Engine

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
No longer reproducible since with CDS-40857 a command was implemented to launch the library download. This command is also usable from scripting
CDS-44263 Improvement

SymbolConfig: If a GVL with all variables is selected in the SymbolConfiguration new variables are not added automatically

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Will not be implemented anymore for the legacy symbol configuration. The new editors as part of the communication manager implement logic to explicitly notify the user about changed objects and configurations.
CDS-44159 Improvement

Simplified Task Configuration: Eliminate Wrapper function

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue has not been touched for several years and the problem or requirement to be solved is unclear.
CDS-44100 Improvement

LibDoc: Try to show documentation even for libraries with missing licenses

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Licensing libraries on engineering system got deprecated. All libraries have now device licenses.
CDS-44099 Bug

Refactoring,DiffViewer,ST: rejection of a change does not allways work correct

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Not reproducable with SP 19.
CDS-44059 Improvement

LibMan:It is not possible to select more then one library in the Add Library Dialogue

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-80878
CDS-44051 Improvement

SymbolConfig: Expose GetXMLFileName() method

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Issue has not been touched for years and will not be implemented anymore for the legacy symbol configuration.
CDS-43960 Improvement

Compile: Detail Application information, extra code creation required.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Issue unclear and did not come up several years anymore.
CDS-43952 Improvement

LMM: Create PrecompileCrossRef nodes in ICrossReferenceNode ICrossReferenceService2.CreateNode

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Not touched for several years anymore and issue never came up again,
CDS-43948 Improvement

SymbolConfig: Support for generating the SymbolConfig as a child application should be phased out.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Will not be implemented anymore for the old symbol configuration.
CDS-43935 Improvement

Compile: should be possible to call methods without already initialized parameters

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-56722 and was already implemented with V3.5 SP16.
CDS-43873 Improvement

LibMan:The category of a library should be visible in human readable way.

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The library categories are displayed as human readable text.
CDS-43859 Bug

UserManagement: Pattern for password fields

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] It's blank in both cases.
CDS-43795 Bug

Export/Import: "Overwrite file" message appears again

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] was solved somehow somewhen.
CDS-43751 Bug

Library: Default library resolution different to device description

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The default resolution is no longer evaluated from V3.5 SP18 onwards in the POUs library manager.
CDS-43658 Improvement

SymbolConfig: Always export all available information in the XML file

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Issue has not been touched in several years. Will not be fixed anymore for the old symbol configuration.
CDS-43521 Bug

Auto Declare: works different in declaration for selected vars

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Works fine with Sp 18
CDS-43498 Bug

Check all pool objects: 64-Bit error C0032 not detected

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-62064
CDS-43485 Improvement

SymbolConfig: It is very difficult to see the activation state of the options, like "Include Comments in XML"

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Issue not touched for several years. This will not be changed anymore in the legacy symbol configuration.
CDS-43372 Improvement

OPC UA: Implement handling of priority of subscriptions

CDS-43127 Bug

Compile: Warning 'C0200: There is no resolution for the placeholder CmpCodeMeter' should not occure

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.8 SP18
CDS-43046 Bug

Tooltip:Tooltip of variable value disappears directly under certain conditions

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Cursor is flickering, but the tooltip is visible and stable.
CDS-43025 Improvement

SymbolConfig: Better error messages when the device does not support the Symbol Configuration

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Will not be implemented anymore for the old symbol configuration. The new one has new target settings enabling the device to specifically state compatibility.
CDS-43007 Improvement

Symbol configuration: Editor should work on precompile information

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The new symbol configuration works on precompile information. The old symbol configuration will not be changed anymore.
CDS-42999 Bug

Online Help: MC_CamIn: data type of output Tappets is wrong

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Ok with SP 19
CDS-42997 Improvement

Improve Add Method-Dialog

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
In V3.5 SP18 the improvement is already implemented.
* FB_Init, FB_Exit and base methods are selectable in the Wizard and are inserted with correct declaration of parameters
* The Static Analysis does not report unused inputs or unassigned return values for FB_Init and FB_Exit
CDS-42857 Bug

SynEdControl: Exception when clicking in margin area near to the horizontal splitter

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] I clicked many times. no exception.
CDS-42835 Bug

UserManagement: Not granted Dialogue appears twice

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] behaviour is different now. Cannot repr. the bug with current version.
CDS-42690 Bug

Project Compare: device is taken, even not supported message comes before

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Tested and Ok.
CDS-42682 Improvement

Targetsettings: Mandatory target settings needed

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Exact use case is unclear and issue has not been touched for several years. Will not be fixed.
CDS-42549 Improvement

SymbolConfig: The export of not directly accessible objects should be prevented

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The new symbol configuration does not offer properties, references, pointers, etc. for export. Will not be changed for the old symbol configuration anymore.
CDS-42546 Improvement

Utilities: Performance Optimization: Replace LStringBuilder with StringBuilder

CDS-42526 Bug

PLCopenXML: error by export when a coil contact is not set to TRUE

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] is working meanwhile.
CDS-42488 Bug

Precompile, CFC: misleading precompile error C0046 if struct type is used in selector

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
Compilerversion >=
CDS-42473 Bug

Intellisense: The respective Enum-value for Inputs in FB's are difficult to find

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] working as expected.
CDS-42463 Improvement

SymbolConfig: Provide structured language model instead of textual one

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Not relevant anymore, the new objects implemented for the communication manager use structured language model creation. The old symbol configuration will not be changed anymore.
CDS-42355 Bug

Project Compare shows error message but does not cancel operation

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested according to Str. Works fine now.
CDS-42209 Improvement

CmpBlkDrvUsb: CmpUsbMpdUsbLib: Adapt driver to new LibUsb 1.0.26

To enable the CmpBlkDrvUsb to be used by 64-bit CODESYS Control runtimes or the Gateway, we updated the CmpUsbMpdUsbLib to the latest version of the libusb.dll. Due to a incompatibilty to the legacy version (before 1.0) of libusb, it is necessary to update also the libusb.sys driver, provided by the device vendor/manufacturer. According to Libusb following drivers should be used: WinUSB.sys (recommended) - libusbk.sys - libusb0.sys (latest version).
CDS-42123 Improvement

Utilities: Performance Optimization: Replace LList with standard .Net types

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Reviewing the source code of the List implementation in .Net 4.8 revealed that there is no built-in "chunking" of the list members (in contrast to StringBuilder). Switching from our chunked LList to the unchunked List implementation may result in memory allocation problems on the Large Object Heap. Therefore, we will not fix this issue.
CDS-42014 Bug

Project wizard could not be created after reuse the name of deleted project

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested and Ok
CDS-42011 Bug

Device Tree context menu some times inconsistent and selection lost

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested. Correct behaviour.
CDS-42006 Bug

Project compare tab does not appear in the opened window list

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Tested with SP 18. Is Ok now.
CDS-41978 Bug

Docu: Scrolling not possible in index-list

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] New online help is completely different regarding index list.
CDS-41791 Bug

Refactoring: Error provider in rename dialog not completely within window bounds

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] looks great with SP 19
CDS-41778 Bug

Autodeclare: Dialog not initialised after Shift+F2 in declaration part

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] works fine.
CDS-41714 Bug

Devices: Inconsistent naming of 64-Bit devdesc of ControlWin

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] is Ok now.
CDS-41532 Improvement

M4Export should recognize the c-calling-convention attribute

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Issue did not come up again for the last several years. Will not be implemented.
CDS-41447 Improvement

Compiler: Project Property to define a recommended compiler version

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The described behaviour is obsolete with the changes to compiler versions introduced with the modularization in SP17. Also libraries now store the compiler version were created with and the compiler reports an error if the version used in the project is older than the version the library was created with.
CDS-41429 Bug

Auto Declare: the "Type" information for certain inputs/outputs on the SoftMotion function blocks is non-standard

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] now SMCError is the type.
CDS-41408 Improvement

LibraryManager: it is not possible to add more then one library at the same time

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Duplicates CDS-80878
CDS-41386 Bug

RecipeManagement: Different behavior between ULINT and WORD when exceeding the range

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: works fine
CDS-41294 Bug

Symbolconfiguration: It should not possible to define a 'readwrite' attribute for Get accessor of Property

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] readwrite not accessable with SP18.
CDS-41293 Bug

Symbolconfiguration: missing access modifier and comments at user defined properties

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] not reproducable with SP 19
CDS-41168 Bug

LMM: Incorrect precompile warning C0035 for call on FB reference

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] no precompile messages.
CDS-41129 Bug

Simulation: Very unfriendly behaviour when the simulation DevDesc is missing.

CDS-40960 Bug

Find/Replace: Regular expression: Match beginning/end of string (^/$) does not work

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested with SP19. If you don't use '', just write foo$, it works perfect.
CDS-40880 Bug

Compile: Internal Error (Code386): Unsupported conversion! on compile

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Errors are caused by deactivated floating point unit for x86 in the device description.
CDS-40721 Bug

Close Project : Cancel closing of CODSYS closes CODESYS anyway

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Tested and Ok.
CDS-40569 Epic

OPC UA Server: Complete Micro Embedded Device 2017 Server Profile

Fixed [[GENERAL]]
There is a new setting to configure the maximum session timeout. The setting defaults to a timeout of 2 days.

The ServerDiagnostics have been disabled, as this is not required for the Micro Embedded Profile, and the implementation is not compliant.

The default of the security setting "CommunicationMode" has changed from ALL to SECURE_IF_POSSIBLE. This is a new option, which deactivates the unsecure "None" Policy if a certificate is available. If needed, this setting can be changed easily via the security settings dialog provided by the "CODESYS Security Agent".
As a result, on existing systems with configured certificates, OPC UA clients using "None" as security policy can not connect without either changing the setting or removing the OPC UA Server certificate.
CDS-40028 Bug

Symbol configuration: Reopen of editor required to make library objects visible

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Will not be fixed anymore for the legacy symbol configuration.
CDS-39848 Bug

Tooltip: tooltip for global instance is not displayed correctly

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] not reproducable with SP 18.
CDS-39800 Bug

LanguageModelManager: Online Change may cause assertion if application is too big for target

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Online changes are not possible anymore after changing the device type
CDS-39799 Bug

LanguageModelManager: Online Change may cause assertion if application is too big for target

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Doing an online change after an device update is not possible anymore.
CDS-39757 Bug

CFC: Run to Cursor not working between different editors

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] works fine with SP 18 P2
CDS-39741 Bug

ST: Tooltip is not displayed correctly

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested with SP 18 P 2.
CDS-39696 Improvement

Iomapping export: Make CSV file separator configurable

CDS-39433 Improvement

Symbolconfig: it should be possible to declare unused global vars

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
The new symbol configuration works on precompile information and simply supports this. The old editor will not be changed anymore.
CDS-39395 Bug

SymbolConfiguration: When the current configuration corresponds to the reference context, the XML file is not updated during code generation.

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
This issue is conceptually fixed by the new symbol configuration by providing precompile lm instead of late language model. For the legacy editor it will not be fixed anymore.
CDS-38749 Bug

Watch: Intellisense does not recognize VAR_INST variables

CDS-38456 Bug

M4 Export: Enum values that are assigned to other enum values are not exported

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Cannot be reproduced with V3.5 SP18
CDS-38444 Improvement

Intellisens: representation of the Intellisense function unfavorable

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The issue cannot be reproduced anymore with V3.5 SP18
CDS-37940 Improvement

Compile, Online Change: display the amount of data to copy

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The total amount of bytes to be copied is displayed in the online change details dialog.
CDS-37903 Bug

Cross reference: Drop down box loses focus the first time it is selected

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
The scope drow down does not exist anymore in the cross reference view.
CDS-37773 Bug

Options: mistake in spelling 'namepace' instead of 'namespace'

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested with SP 19. Perfect.
CDS-37625 Improvement

OPC Server: Secure password used for PLC login

After updating the CODESYS OPC DA Server via the setup, the new CODESYS OPC DA Server removes plain text passwords from the configuration file at startup and stores them in the Microsoft Windows Credential Manager instead.

Further password specific information can be found in the chapter "Passwords in OPCConfig" of the CODESYS_OPC_Server_V3_User_Guide.pdf, which is available in the installation directory of the CODESYS OPC DA Server. Especially the use of the CODESYS OPCConfig tool, the deployment of CODESYS OPC DA Server configuration files to multiple PCs and other compatibility aspects are described there in detail.

For more details see Advisory 2022-10, which is available on the CODESYS website: https://customers.codesys.com/index.php?eID=dumpFile&t=f&f=17129&token=1c1485c4a700c04f2069699f5be7558d276ca117&download=
CDS-37402 Improvement

Compile: Compiled library should not generate warnings.

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Warnings originating in POUs of compiled libraries are not output as warnings during compile anymore, at least since V3.5 SP17.
CDS-37080 Bug

LMM: static initialization of Array elements with references to strings are failing

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]]
Regular compile errors are reported at least since V3.5 SP18:
"C0032: Cannot convert type 'STRING(INT#5)' to type 'REFERENCE TO STRING'"
CDS-37039 Bug

OPCServer: Gateway not found if Interface changes from GATEWAY3 to GATEWAY

Cannot Reproduce
CDS-37031 Bug

ST-Editor: tool tip remains visible, although caret has been moved

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] StR: Ok with SP 18.
CDS-37029 Bug

AutoDeclare: Autodeclare does not work within a CASE loop

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Could not be reproduced with SP 18.
CDS-36708 Bug

ChangeNodeName is not working properly when using non-ASCII characters.

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] No problem with SP 18.
CDS-36672 Bug

Find&Replace: FindNext does not search through all objects

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] There are 11 findings which were all found.
CDS-36659 Bug

Online Help:"Welcome to CODESYS" page does not open

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Online Help changed completely.
CDS-36649 Improvement

Symbol configuration, settings: it should be better displayed if the "Include Comments in XML" is activated or deactivated

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
Usability improvements will not be implemented for the old Symbol Configuration anymore. Use the new editors available below the Communication Manager object.
CDS-36526 Bug

MappingEditor/TreeTableView: Pressing CTRL+ not only expands branch but also changes column width

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] tested with SP 18. works fine.
CDS-36166 Improvement

IOConfig: IO-Mapping shoud be generated in a normal VAR_CONFIG Environment

Won't Fix [[GENERAL]]
VAR_CONFIG is a very rarely used feature
CDS-36145 Bug

Project Settings, Library Categories: Assertion if description file is invalid.

Cannot Reproduce [[GENERAL]] Tested with SP 18. no crash.
CDS-32911 Improvement

Compile, 61131-3 3rd Edition: partial access to ANY_BIT types

Duplicate [[GENERAL]]
Is implemented by CDS-72903